Hindered ''The Fall and Impending Rise of Black America''

Hindered ''The Fall and Impending Rise of Black America''

by Mark Allen Young


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Hindered is an empirical look at Black America and the myriad of problems it faces. In his first book, author Mark Allen Young looks at the cumulative effect of the deadly 74 Mortality Metrics and Afflictions and how they are pummeling Black America into extinction. From the Killer Systems and Industries to the battle with entertainment technology to the proliferation of HIV/AIDS, Hindered addresses the state of Black America directly and honestly.

Hindered boldly and systematically breaks down the demise of Black America, which will have approximately one-fourth of its population either in prisons and jails or infected with HIV/AIDS by the year 2050. The identification of the one group of people that can immediately lead Black America to a more promising existence is made, in addition to the only institution that can make the turn around of Black America a reality.

This entire metamorphosis of Black America lies within a national plan of recovery to be known as the Ascension Movement, one that is as important as the Civil Rights Movement itself. Read how the Ascension Movement states its case for educational reform and the challenge to all of Black America to strive for and meet the goal of N.U.M.B.E.R. O.N.E.: The ascension of Black American students to the top of the educational achievement ladder in every city across the entire United States of America. Hindered is definitely a book that must be reasoned with by every person that has a stake in the future of America.

Although a new author to the writing scene, Mark Allen Young addresses a problem that seems to go back to the beginning of time: The survival and prosperity of Black America. Hindered is the first in a line of books and undertakings by Mr. Young, all of which have the same ultimate goal of uplifting not only Black America, but all of America as well.

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ISBN-13: 9780980100716
Publisher: City Books & DVDs
Publication date: 10/31/2007
Pages: 252
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.57(d)

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