His Star in His Heavens: A reasonable explanation for the Star of Bethlehem

His Star in His Heavens: A reasonable explanation for the Star of Bethlehem

by Richard Balogh


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We will learn that the Magi already knew before they began their trip to Jerusalem that the birth of Christ would be announced by two very bright astronomical conjunctions - close passes - of Jupiter and Venus. The first in 3 B.C. just before sunrise and the second in 2 B.C. after sunset; this second one led them to Bethlehem. Between those two conjunctions Jupiter also passed the Star Regulus three times; all five conjunctions occurred in the years 3-2 B.C. in the constellation Leo. These 5 conjunctions will provide reasonable explanations for all attributes of the Star stated in the Bible. They came to Jerusalem knowing that He would be born in Bethlehem, not Jerusalem. They also knew what to expect to see in the Sky because what they saw in the sky in 3-2 B.C. occurred 62 sabbatical years earlier in 430-429 B.C., observed by their ancestors who kept meticulous records of the position of planets in the Sky. Both nearly identical series of conjunctions over 400 years apart occurred on two dates that were prophesied by the Angel Gabriel in Daniel 9:25 which gives a very interesting, straight forward understanding of the 7 week and 62 week Messianic prophecy in Daniel 9:25. In short the Magi in 3-2 B.C. understood what to expect because their ancestors saw the same conjunctions 427 years earlier. By examining the "flip book" portion of this book you, too, will see those two nearly identical sets of conjunctions side by side. Since the same five conjunctions occurred in the same constellation of Leo on two specific prophetic sabbatical years (Daniel 9:25) raises the most amazing conclusion of all: that the Earth, Venus and Jupiter were initially placed in their specific orbital locations when they were created to account for this amazing correlation of the astronomical with the theological. This was, by far, the grandest Birthday announcement ever made - authored by the Creator Himself - announcing the grandest gift ever given to mankind, for by receiving this gift the doors to heaven have been opened to all who accept it.

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About the Author

Richard Balogh is a retired Professor of Physical Science and Christian Club Advisor at Antelope Valley College, Lancaster, California. He is a popular speaker on scientific principles in the Bible.

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