Holy Book Of Revelations

Holy Book Of Revelations

by Bishop Bassey Effiong Orok


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ISBN-13: 9781456749552
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 01/10/2012
Pages: 520
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By Bassey Effiong Orok


Copyright © 2012 Bishop Bassey Effiong Orok
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4567-4955-2

Chapter One


Let the profound peace and blessings of the Holy Spirit of Almighty God abide with the entire nations and people of the continent of Africa, in the name and power of the Universal Identity. Amen.

The position of truth as concerning this continent is so thick, high, heavy, and complex that only through pure spirituality can anyone be allowed to see all that is in her.

The first thing man is supposed to know is himself, even before knowing his mother's name, but unfortunately man has forgotten all about himself, going after those things that are not even important for existence on the Earth.

Let the entire people and dwellers of Africa rise and clean their ears to listen to the voice of the Almighty God. The glory of the Holy Spirit is coming like the whirlwind, to sweep all spirit of mischief away from the midst of the sons and daughters of Africa.

Oh you, the children of Africa, the Holy Spirit has taken your detractors and those that humiliated you captive. You shall forgive them and follow the way of your Creator, who is in your midst.

Africa means the blacks. Her origin has the complexity of good and evil, suffering and enjoyment, sadness and happiness, negative and positive, and above all, death and life.

The African continent is the continent that holds in custody the essential part of human life. Based on pure spiritual information, Africa is the Mother of the Earth. Any nation of Africa is Africa, though it depends upon the original spirit of the portion of the land that is in her thereof.

The Spirit of our Creator and Almighty God is upon us to speak to the people of this continent, and we shall relay accurately His command and instructions to the Sons and Daughters of this continent. It shall come to pass that the glory of the Holy Spirit, who is our Guide and Instructor, shall dwell with us.

The glory of the Almighty God is in the continent of Africa, and above all the Almighty God has found His abode in the soil of Africa.

It is revealed by the authority of the Almighty God that the continent of Africa is the natural soil of the spirits. The position of Africa in the natural order shall be the force that will put other continents toward the perfection of the glory of the Almighty God.

When men fail to identify with their Creator, it becomes obvious that the consequences of such actions will be courted by evil mentality.

Africa is not supposed to be the continent of hardship; the reason why permission was granted by the Almighty God for Africans to go into slavery is that as those vested with the responsibility of salvaging humanity from impediment, there was a need for her to first experience hard times.

Listen, oh you Africans, to the voice of the Holy Spirit: "If through the coming of the Son, the White race ascends to their present day experience in science and technology, what you think shall be your future position now that the Father has come?"

According to the information, this explains why Africans shall rise above human imagination. The Almighty God shall cause you to get taller, and your brother, whom you have been serving without recourse, shall be at your feet. This is truth and needs no negotiation.

Based on pure spiritual information, the various forms of slavery experienced by Africans were not evil but the divine plan of the Almighty God.

As a chosen group, Africans must first pass through tribulations before they can get to their glory.. Even without apology, there is no need for the Custodian of Divinity to stop the natural potentiality bestowed on Africa. Let the nations and people of Africa come closer to their Creator, for good news has arrived.

Based on pure spiritual information, there are certain spiritual events that are going on in the continent of Africa without the knowledge of the world, including the scientists and spiritualists.

It has been made known to us from the spirit world and by the authority of the Almighty God that the Supreme Being has visited the world. This visit, which is the first ever to be known in the history of creation, occurred on the African continent.

We are directed by the command of the Almighty God to inform the entire human race that the head of all universal spirits is now stationed in Africa. There are absolute reasons for those of this continent to rejoice and follow peace with all men.

After listening carefully to the Spirit of the Almighty God, we were to know that the Eternal Kingdom of the Almighty God and His Most Highest of all creations is in Africa, and at the fullness of time, all eyes shall see His glory. Let the name of our Creator and Almighty God be praised.

Africa shall be the home of technology. Her invention shall become the first and best experience of man in science and technology, which will cause the inheritance of the Earth. Let the lost house of Gentiles come unto their Father, for the time has come for them to know their fortune and abide by it. Let the Gentiles assemble themselves, for their Master has come, and He shall bring the entire world under one canopy of perpetual unity. Bring no former religion before the Master of the Gentiles, for He that is in the color of the Gentiles has made all things new.

According to the Revelations from the Almighty God to the entire the Earth, through the object of His choice, an invention that was never known by man since the foundation of the Earth shall be found in Africa. Africa will become the giant of technology and invention. This is the voice of the Almighty God.

The Revelations from the Almighty God through His Spiritual Ambassador state that Africa is the Pyramid of Salvation. The mounting of the Salvation Pyramid in Africa was done even before the creation of Man. However, it is noted as seen from the spiritual world that the Salvation of Africa will cut across the Earth. The spirit of falsehood and pretence shall not be seen again.

The Revelations continue that Africa will be the best ever with the natural power of reality since the history of the Earth. In this case, therefore, according to the message to us from the World of Spirits, humanity is yet to experience the real science, technology, and invention.

It is revealed from the Almighty God that all forms of the present day science, technology, and invention will at last be invalid, giving way to the factual ones to take effect. This is the voice of the Almighty God and therefore needs no contest.

The Prophet of the Almighty God must speak with a tone that Africans will understand. But if there is one that does not understand the words of the Almighty God spoken through him, let him call the attention of the spirit that he speaks on the interpretation of the word of the Spirit, for only those from the Spirit Home can understand such.

Time shall come when only in Africa shall the Earth have peace. Peace shall be withdrawn from other continents to Africa. At this point, Africa shall be the only place where peace will be found throughout the Earth. Then shall men run to Africa to establish their home and make their living comfortable there.

When peace shall be taken away from other parts of the Earth, it shall come to pass that a certain religious place of worship shall be the only avenue for peace to return to any nation where the revealed religious center is established. The revealed religion can be identified with the language of Peace as the symbol of her greetings.

According to the Revelations from the Almighty God through His Prophet, the Earth should not hope of the glory from man, but it shall come to pass that the dependent continent shall soon become the source of natural power. You will be the lifeline of all continents of the Earth. Do not worry about the nature you now experience, but go after the word of the Holy Spirit and all will go well with you.

The story of peace will never be complete without mentioning Africa, because time shall come when nations will seek refuge in Africa. Oh, you people of Africa, you will witness the reign of theocracy, and those that have not quality of leadership shall have nothing with the staff of office. The spirit of dictatorship shall depart from you, oh Africa. The sons and daughters of your continent shall see the truth of the Personified Holy Spirit and will go His way according to His command. People shall not scramble for position, neither will there be any more contest for elective position, but those that shall follow and practice the teachings of the Holy Spirit Personified, the very Great Comforter, will be given positions of honor.

Naturally, Africa being the Mother of the Earth will rise taller than any other continent. On this note, the knowledge about the presence of the Almighty God in Africa will compel the natural power of this continent to rise above human expectation. This means the continent of Africa shall rise in all ramifications above the desire of man.

According to the original arrangement of nature, each Nation, Group, Region, Continent, and Race has her specific assignment on the surface of the Earth. In this regard, therefore, one of the duties of Africa is to feed the entire human race. Other duties of Africa include establishing Peace on Earth, producing wealth to humanity, and above all taking over the Dominion of the Earth.

Oh, you Africans, listen unto the words of the Almighty God, for it is by the authority of the Holy Spirit that we use our mother's tongue in speaking unto this generation, but if there seems to be no interpreter, then shall we remain quiet until he that can interpret comes.

In this regard, therefore, and based on Pure Spiritual Information from the Almighty God, the route to the Spiritual World from the Earth is in Africa.

The natural power of this continent is yet to be exposed. Man will see the truth in order to be saved. In the same way, man must also practice the truth to gain the life of profit. Other than the Salvation from the Holy Spirit, there is no way a man can be saved. Those that understand this truth should abide by it.

The people and continent of Africa should prepare to witness a great winter in various parts of the continent. According to the Revelations from the Almighty God spoken through the mouth of His Prophet, Africa will in distant time witness a serious winter; snow shall cover part of the continent, giving her a new look. The situation will be terrible but shall not be harmful, for the power of great change shall come upon the atmosphere that controls the continent.

The continent of Africa was established with all the needed Spiritual potentials that can sustain humanity, even unto perpetuity. Through Africa, the wealth of the Earth is known. Based on pure spiritual information, no physical mechanism can be used to ascertain the wealth in Africa. Minus Africa, the Earth remains the poorest world in the entire Universe.

According to a spiritual partner who never discloses his identity in the World of Spirits, we were informed that the position of the Earth in the Congregation of Worlds lies with Africa. The interpretation of the statement from this spiritual being indicates that the Earth is known through the soil of Africa.

The African soil is so thick that it can carry the weight of two other worlds. This is one of the Hidden Mysteries of the Earth plane, which supersedes the knowledge of the scientists. Their knowledge is limited as directed by the Sole Spiritual Head of the Universe. The capacity of knowledge is the Begotten Son of the Almighty God, who has also come down with His Heavenly Father. They and the Host of Heaven are found on Earth.

As the Mother of the Earth, Africans need to seek for their black goat while it is still day. This is the position of the Spirit. The Spirit is the Almighty God. This then means that it is high time the African continent follows accurately their Creator and stops the worship of idols and fetish images.

By the power vested upon us as the Prophet of the Almighty God and the Instrument of the Holy Spirit, we are instructed to inform all Africans to stop in entirety the worship of fetish gods.

The position of the Holy Spirit in this matter from the World of Spirits is that the worship of idols was never an African spirit. Based on pure spiritual information, the worship of fetish gods has nothing in common with African spirit. Man must understand the ways of his Creator in order for him to have a lasting solution to his problem.

Man must understand the cause of his problem before he can think of the solution. By pure natural and spiritual information, Africa is the storehouse of the Earth.

One of the major problems of Africans is that they allow the adulteration of their natural practice, which was to adhere strictly to the voice of the Almighty God.

But according to the Revelations received by the permission of the Almighty God, it is stated that the time shall come when evil worshippers shall not be allowed to rule as the head of any government in Africa; during such time the spirit of purity shall dominate various governments of Africa.

There will be a mass acceptance of the Eternal Kingdom of the Almighty God in Africa. The power of the Almighty God shall, during this time, be the backbone of Africa.

The truth of Africa is the Holy Spirit; the truth of the Holy Spirit is the Almighty God. This is the natural link between the Creator and the creations.

There is a need for man to be respected by other creations of the Almighty God, because though weak, his position cannot be given to any other creation. The voice of the Almighty God must be well understood by the creations concerning this matter.

Snow will fall in different parts of Africa, giving rise to surprise and fear. The people shall experience this with shock, and only the living shall see the days of the manifestation of the Revelations of the Almighty God. Let the dead hold their peace, for the glory of the Holy Spirit has come upon the land that was known for misfortunes. The northern part of Africa shall witness great changes in climate, and wonders shall take effect in the region.

According to the Revelations of the Almighty God spoken through the mouth of His Prophet, snow shall fall in the northern part of this continent, causing many to panic, but this will be nothing to worry about, for the glory of the Holy Spirit Personified has come to transform the land unto Himself. When you shall see the manifestation of this Revelation, know you that the time has come for great changes to take place there.

Based on Pure Spiritual Information, Africa is the glory of the Holy Spirit. She is the Storehouse of the Almighty God on Earth. After being made to see those things of the spirits and understand the rhythm of nature, we were told that the Spiritual Power of the Earth is Africa.

Based on the Revelations made available to us in the World of Spirits, it is stated that the time is coming when the largest city of the continent shall experience an unstable political uprising that results in ritual killings. At the manifestation of this Revelation, many security agencies shall be employed, but they will not control the tension until the cause of the crisis is arrested. The nation housing this city shall put all efforts and shall finally succumb to the demands of the people.

The authority of the Supreme Creator of the Universe has chosen the Dark Continent of the Earth to make His abode. Let the spirit of jealousy not take chances in the action of the Creator, for it is His Wish to be so. Let all honor and glory be given unto the Almighty God.

Let the glory of our Creator and Holy Spirit shine upon Africans. According to words from the Congregation of the Spirits, Africa the Great is the essence of natural life brought to man by the Creator.

It is revealed that the continent of Africa needs no contest before she ascends to her glorious position of greatness. Her manifestation of greatness shall be wonderful, and the imagination of man on African soil shall be of no avail.

It shall come to pass that Africans shall remember their suffering no more, and the authority of the Holy Spirit shall be in them, and forever shall He abide with them.

Through Africa, the Earth is blessed, and the blessings of the Almighty God upon the Earth shall have neither beginning nor end.


Excerpted from HOLY BOOK OF REVELATIONS by Bassey Effiong Orok Copyright © 2012 by Bishop Bassey Effiong Orok. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Author's Declaration....................v
Author's Note....................vii
1. AFRICA....................1
2. ANTARCTICA....................111
3. ASIA....................115
4. EUROPE....................165
5. MIDDLE EAST....................251
6. AMERICA....................285
7. OCEANIA....................347
8. DIVINE PROVERBS....................371
9. GLOBAL REVOLUTION....................415
10. TIMELY WARNINGS TO FORMATIONS....................469

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