Home and Away: The Complete Recordings 1960-1970

Home and Away: The Complete Recordings 1960-1970

by Del ShannonDel Shannon


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Of all the early rock & rollers, Del Shannon is the hardest to classify. He came on the scene a little late -- his first hits, "Hats off to Larry" and "Runaway," arrived in 1961, five years after rock & roll came crashing in, a long enough period of time where his music felt much, much different than the three-chord ravers of the first wave of rock & roll. He arrived during the peak of teen idol pop and was handsome enough to ride that wave, but he was older than Fabian and Ricky Nelson, scoring his first hits in his mid-twenties. Shannon could be seen as a kindred spirit of Roy Orbison, favoring dramatic ballast to blues boogie, threading a sense of melancholy into his biggest hits, but he never verged on the operatic the way Orbison did. He was comfortable enough with country to cut an album of Hank Williams tunes in 1965 and hip enough to go psychedelic when the times shifted in the late '60s. He wrote his biggest hits but also had exceptional taste in other songwriters, being one of the first American rockers to cover the Beatles, along with such '60s pop hits as Bobby Hebb's "Sunny," Brian Hyland's "The Joker Went Wild" and the Lovin' Spoonful's "Summer in the City." None of this restlessness brought Del Shannon big hits -- his run peaked early, with the back-to-back Top 10 hits of "Hats off to Larry" and "Runaway," with the latter reaching number one, then he bounced back in 1965 with the Top 10 "Keep Searchin' (We'll Follow the Sun)" -- but it did result in a singularly fascinating body of work, one that's compiled in its entirety on Bear Family's box Home and Away: The Complete Recordings 1960-1970. Shannon continued to tour and, when he could, record, until his death in 1990, but this is his prime, when his creativity ran wild but never in a showy way, not even when he dove into trippy psychedelia in 1967, a career move that practically begs for extravagance. Despite that keening falsetto and taste for melodrama, Shannon never seemed over the top; he retained a Midwestern humbleness that grounds his records, even ties together all his musical wanderings. The music on Home and Away may drift from rock & roll to country to pop and back again, winding up with a lean, colorful roots rock reminiscent of Joe South, but it doesn't seems scattershot or random, there's a natural logic to Shannon's movements that keeps his music seeming like pop product that follows the changing times. There's range here but also consistency, with each phase being pretty strong on its own accord, with Shannon subtly altering his vocal style to suit whatever he's singing. Perhaps he was too adept at this, sliding from sound to sound so easily he never wound up cutting a strong overall persona, but that's also a byproduct of his Midwestern breeding; he served the song, not himself. And while that might not have made for superstardom, it did give him a remarkable run, its uniqueness easier to appreciate in one big dose as it is here, for all those phases and stages are placed in context (with Bear Family thankfully saving the alternates and demos for an extended coda, not mixing it in with the rest), making the depth and unpredictability of his work not just evident, but easy to savor.

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Release Date: 02/15/2005
Label: Bear Family
UPC: 4000127159250
catalogNumber: 15925
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Disc 1

  1. The Search
  2. I'll Always Love You
  3. Runaway
  4. Jody
  5. Hats Off to Larry
  6. Don't Gild the Lily, Lily
  7. I Wake Up Crying
  8. Wide Wide World
  9. Misery
  10. Daydreams
  11. His Latest Flame
  12. The Prom
  13. Lies
  14. He Doesn't Care
  15. So Long Baby
  16. The Answer to Everything
  17. Hey Little Girl
  18. I Don't Care Anymore
  19. Ginny in the Mirror
  20. I Won't Be There
  21. You Never Talked About Me
  22. Cry Myself to Sleep
  23. I'm Gonna Move On
  24. The Swiss Maid
  25. Dream Baby
  26. She Thinks I Still Care
  27. Runaround Sue
  28. The Search
  29. I'll Always Love You
  30. The Search
  31. I'll Always Love You
  32. Runaway
  33. Hey Little Girl

Disc 2

  1. Little Town Flirt
  2. The Wamboo
  3. Two Kind of Teardrops
  4. Kelly
  5. Two Silhouettes
  6. My Wild One
  7. Happiness
  8. Hey Baby
  9. Go Away Little Girl
  10. From Me to You
  11. Sue's Gotta Be Mine
  12. Now She's Gone
  13. That's the Way Love Is
  14. Time of the Day
  15. Torture
  16. Nothin'
  17. Froggy
  18. Pursuit
  19. Mary Jane
  20. Stains on My Letter
  21. I'll Be Lonely Tomorrow
  22. I Can't Fool Around Anymore
  23. Handy Man
  24. Give Her Lots of Lovin'
  25. Sorry (I Ran All the Way Home)
  26. Memphis
  27. Ruby Baby
  28. Crying
  29. World Without Love
  30. Twist and Shout
  31. Torture

Disc 3

  1. Do You Wanna Dance
  2. This Is All I Have to Give
  3. Keep Searchin' (We'll Follow the Sun)
  4. Broken Promises
  5. Stranger in Town
  6. Over You
  7. Your Cheatin' Heart
  8. Kaw-Liga
  9. I Can't Help It
  10. Honky Tonk Blues
  11. I Heard That Lonesome Whistle
  12. You Win Again
  13. Ramblin' Man
  14. Hey Good Lookin'
  15. Long Gone Lonesome Blues
  16. Weary Blues
  17. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
  18. Cold Cold Heart
  19. Wrong Day, Wrong Way
  20. Table Reserved for the Blues
  21. Pardon Me (I Guess I'm in the Way)
  22. Queen of the Honky Tonks
  23. Break Up
  24. Why Don't You Tell Him
  25. She Cried
  26. Needles and Pins
  27. Do You Wanna Dance

Disc 4

  1. I Go to Pieces
  2. I'm Gonna Be Strong
  3. Rag Doll
  4. Running Scared
  5. Move It on Over
  6. She Still Remembers Tony
  7. I Can't Believe My Ears
  8. I Wish I Wasn't Me Tonight
  9. The Big Hurt
  10. I've Got It Bad (AKA Never Thought I Could)
  11. Show Me
  12. For a Little While
  13. Hey Little Star
  14. When You Walk in the Room
  15. Oh, Pretty Woman
  16. Everybody Loves a Clown
  17. It's Too Late
  18. Where the Action Is
  19. Lightning Strikes
  20. The Cheater
  21. Kicks
  22. Under My Thumb
  23. She Was Mine
  24. Show Me
  25. Under My Thumb

Disc 5

  1. Red Rubber Ball
  2. Pied Piper
  3. Sunny
  4. Time Won't Let Me
  5. What Makes You Run
  6. I Can't Be True
  7. Summer in the City
  8. Where Were You When I Needed You
  9. The Joker Went Wild
  10. She
  11. Stand Up
  12. The House Where Nobody Lives
  13. It's My Feeling
  14. Mind Over Matter
  15. Silently
  16. Cut and Come Again
  17. My Love Has Gone
  18. Led Along
  19. Life Is But Nothing
  20. Easy to Say
  21. Friendly With You
  22. He Cheated
  23. Runaway '67
  24. Thinkin' It Over
  25. The Letter
  26. River Cool
  27. Colour Flashing Hair
  28. Conquer

Disc 6

  1. New Orleans (Mardi Gras)
  2. Be My Friend
  3. Silver Birch
  4. I Think I Love You
  5. Gemini
  6. Runnin' on Back
  7. Been So Long
  8. Magical Musical Box
  9. Something to Write Home About
  10. Raindrops
  11. You Don't Love Me
  12. Leavin' You Behind
  13. Never Be the Same
  14. Comin Back to Me
  15. Sweet Mary Lou
  16. Colorado Rain
  17. How Can I Tell You?
  18. Southern Parts of Town
  19. She's Got Soul
  20. Sister Isabelle
  21. Good Love
  22. Sun Don't Shine (Drip Drop)
  23. Anita (I'm Walking on Fire)
  24. Reason to Believe
  25. She Even Woke Me Up to Say Goodbye
  26. He Cheated
  27. Raindrops

Disc 7

  1. Little Oscar
  2. Living in Misery
  3. Angel of Love
  4. Could Be, Can't Tell, Don't Know
  5. What's the Use (In Trying)
  6. This Feeling Called Love
  7. This Is All I Have to Give (Everything I Have Is Yours)
  8. Happiness
  9. She's Your Girl
  10. One More Time
  11. Face of an Angel
  12. Johnny's Got the Blues
  13. I Fell in Love With You
  14. Condemned to Die
  15. I Guess I'll Never Really Know
  16. A Girl of My Own
  17. Time Marches On
  18. Daydreams
  19. Wishing on a Star (Counting Stars at Night)
  20. Honey Bee
  21. Lies
  22. He Doesn't Care
  23. The Prom
  24. Honey Bee
  25. Condemned to Die
  26. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Cry Over You
  27. Runaway
  28. Jody
  29. One Kiss
  30. Pepsi Commercial #1
  31. Pepsi Commercial #2
  32. Pepsi Commercial #3
  33. Pepsi Commercial #4

Disc 8

  1. The Things She Said
  2. I Can't Let You
  3. Just You
  4. If She Were My Girl
  5. For a Little While
  6. This Feeling Called Love
  7. It's Funny
  8. She
  9. Where Is She
  10. I've Got Eyes for You
  11. Did I See What I Think I Saw
  12. Makin's of a Heartache
  13. I'm Going Through It Too (Table Reserved for the Blues)
  14. Pardon Me (I Guess I'm in the Way)
  15. Pardon Me
  16. The Jury
  17. Deep in the Valley
  18. I Never Caught Her Name
  19. Thunder and Lightning
  20. The Wedding (There Goes Billy)
  21. Rest Your Mind
  22. Lorrayne

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Del Shannon   Primary Artist,Rhythm Guitar,Kazoo,Vocals
Ray Kelley   Cello
Dr. John   Keyboards
Brian Hyland   Guitar,Leader
Jordanaires   Choir, Chorus
Jimmy Page   Guitar
Leon Russell   Piano,Leader
Frank Capp   Drums
Victor Feldman   Percussion
Bucky Pizzarelli   Guitar
Don Randi   Piano
Caiola   Guitar
Dennis Coffey   Guitar
Tommy Allsup   Guitar
Madeline Bell   Choir, Chorus
James Burton   Guitar
Nicky Hopkins   Piano,Harpsichord
Grady Martin   Guitar
Charles Wright   Guitar
Louie Shelton   Guitar
Doug Brown   Leader
Larry Taylor   Bass
P.P. Arnold   Choir, Chorus
John Audino   Trumpet
Hal Blaine   Drums,Leader
Joe Benjamin   Bass
Tommy Boyce   Choir, Chorus
Harold Bradley   Guitar
Dennis Budimir   Guitar
Jerry Carter   Bass
Roy Caton   Trumpet
Jules Chaiken   Trumpet
Joe Clayton   Conga
David Cohen   Guitar
Gary Coleman   Percussion
Leroy Cooper   Saxophone
Max Crook   Piano,Leader
Frank DeVito   Percussion,Drums
Harold Diner   Trombone
Jesse Ehrlich   Cello
Wayne Erwin   Guitar
Panama Francis   Drums
Bryan Garofalo   Bass
Tommy "Snuff" Garrett   Leader
Ed Greene   Drums
Buddy Harman   Drums
Bobby Hart   Leader
Jimmie Haskell   Leader
Freddie Hill   Trumpet
Milt Hinton   Bass
Osie Johnson   Drums
John Johnson   Saxophone
Larry Knechtel   Bass
Billy Knight   Guitar
Bob Kreinar   Bass
William Kurash   Violin
Edgar Lustgarten   Cello
Leonard Malarsky   Violin
Lew McCreary   Trombone
Larry Moss   Organ,Keyboards
Earl Palmer   Drums
Donald Peake   Conductor,Leader
William R. Perkins   Reeds
Bill Peterson   Trumpet
William Pitman   Guitar
Ray Pohlman   Bass
Jim Pulte   Bass
Boots Randolph   Saxophone
Uan Rasey   Trumpet
Morris Repass   Trombone
Hargus "Pig" Robbins   Organ,Piano,Harpsichord
John Rotella   Reeds
Michel Rubini   Keyboards
Tony Terran   Trumpet
George Tipton   Leader
Terry Woodson   Trombone
Tibor Zelig   Violin
Gerry McGee   Guitar
Dick Parker   Drums
Vito Mumolo   Trumpet
Bill Ramal   Saxophone
George Katsakis   Organ,Piano,Clavioline
Greg Popoff   Saxophone
Mike Popoff   Saxophone
Royaltones   Choir, Chorus
Sidney Sharp   Violin
A.P. Brisbois   Trumpet
Ralph Osborn   Trumpet
Joe Osborn   Bass
Bob Jung   Reeds
Charles Blackwell   Drums
John Peter DeVoogt   Violin
James Gordon   Drums
Bob Jones   Bass
Clifford E. "Bud" Shank   Reeds
Lonnie Mitchell   Reeds
Marcus Terry   Drums
Bob Benay   Guitar,Harmonica
Alvon W. "Al" Casey   Guitar
Jim Cliburn   Guitar
Loren Dugger   Bass
Buddy Gibson   Steel Guitar
Ronald James "Jim" Horn   Reeds,Saxophone
Bill Lewis   Drums
Joe Marshall   Drums,Timpani
John David Martin   Guitar
Oliver E. "Ollie" Mitchell   Trumpet
Young Sisters   Choir, Chorus
Bob West   Bass
Thomas Scott   Trumpet
Bob Evans   Percussion,Drums

Technical Credits

Jimmie Davis   Composer
Mickey Newbury   Composer
Tim Hardin   Composer
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Lou Christie   Composer
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Del Shannon   Arranger,Composer,Producer
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Dennis Coffey   Composer
Mort Shuman   Composer
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Dee Clark   Composer
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