The Light's Way

The Light's Way



A beautifully illustrated tale of the power of light, which brings color and life not only into our visual world but also into the emotional realm of our hearts and minds.

The Light's Way is artist Judy Pelikan's wonderful companion to The Heart's Journey. In twelve original illustrations, Pelikan reveals the life-giving force of light by relating sunlight to color: without sunlight, our natural world is gray, consisting only of patterns, shapes, shadows, and at times, shadows. At the same time, The Light's Way shows how the nurturing inner light of the spirit has the power to make our lives colorful and blessed with happiness. The Light's Way is an inspirational lesson that urges us, or someone we care about, to choose light and bring color, physically or emotionally, into the world.

Other Details: 12 full-color illustrations 32 pages 4 x 4" Published 1997

Author Biography: Judy Pelikan is the author of The Heart's Journey. She is also the illustrator of the best-selling series Grandmother Remembers, Grandfather Remembers, and Mom Remembers.

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UPC: 9780789201386
Manufacturer: Abbeville Publishing Group
Publication date: 01/28/1997

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