Homemade Body Butters: Enjoy beautiful skin with natural and easy homemade body butters

Homemade Body Butters: Enjoy beautiful skin with natural and easy homemade body butters

by J. D. Rockefeller


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Body butters are an essential part of every man's or woman's beauty regime. It keeps your skin smooth, soft and glowing. It also protects you from dry, flaky skin, a huge problem for many of us, especially in the cold, dry winter season.

There is no doubt that there are a lot of lotions available in the market for keeping your skin soft, silky and youthful. Thousands of such products are sold on a daily basis around the country.

But just because these body lotions and butters are popular, doesn't mean that they are good for us too. One look at the ingredients and you will know why they may not actually be that good for your skin and your well-being.

But you probably have never taken a look at the ingredients. Or maybe you have, but never knew what they were. Or even if you did know about the ingredients, you probably just ignore the fact that these chemicals may be harmful for your skin in the long run.

Yes, most of the body butters sold in your nearest supermarket are made with chemicals that may cause various physical disorders. These chemicals are absorbed by the skin and enter your bloodstream and can cause various diseases, especially skin cancer, immune disorders, and nerve and muscle problems.

So, should you stop using anything on your skin? No, that's not the solution actually. What you should do is make your own body butters right at home.

Body butters are quite easy to make. When you make them yourself, you control the ingredients that you use on your skin. Homemade body butters are completely natural and do not cause any allergies on your skin. Even when they are absorbed into the bloodstream, they don't cause any harm.

Homemade body butters also keep your skin looking youthful much longer compared to the beauty products sold in the supermarket. They make your skin suppler and softer and that too by using completely natural things. Furthermore, you can add your own fragrances to get that amazing smell on your skin.

If you are worried that you won't be able to make your own body butters, don't be. They are pretty easy to make. You rarely need to cook anything although you may have to melt a few things. You can actually make your body butter within a few minutes!

In this book, you will find easy and quick recipes to make your own homemade body butter. Pick one or all, store them in a jar, and get glowing and gorgeous looking skin.

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