Hommage à Jane Bathori: The Inspiring Muse

Hommage à Jane Bathori: The Inspiring Muse

by Dawn Upshaw



Dawn Upshaw is not only one of the most versatile singers around, she's also one of the smartest. This ingenious recital program (recorded live in Paris) pays tribute to Jane Bathori (1877-1970), the great French mezzo-soprano who championed the music of Debussy, Ravel, Milhaud, Honegger, and other great composers of her era. Upshaw's crystalline soprano is perfectly suited to this repertory, and she's remarkably sensitive to every poetic and musical nuance of these lovely, fragile songs. Listen to the dark desolation in her voice at the beginning of Milhaud's "L'Abandon" (The Desertion), or the whimsical grace she gives to Satie's mischievous "Trois méllodies de 1916." There are some marvelous discoveries here, too. Roussel's "Adieux" -- a brief "catalog aria" of farewells -- has a quiet yet devastating power, while Charles Koechlin's "Amphise et Melitta" floats on air intoxicatingly, like perfume. Although he's only in his mid-20s, pianist Jérôme Ducros is an ideal partner; the breathtaking delicacy and consistent poise of his playing reveal a major talent. As an encore, Upshaw and Ducros present "San Francisco Night" by Henri Dutilleux, a mysterious, exquisite work not associated with Bathori, but which pays perfect homage to her adventurous spirit.

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Release Date: 02/15/2000
Label: Elektra / Wea
UPC: 0639842732925
catalogNumber: 27329


  1. Poèmes juifs (8), songs for voice & piano, Op. 34: Chant de nourrice

    1. Chant de nourrice  (04:49)
  2. Poèmes (4), for voice & piano, Op 8: Adieux

    1. Adieux  (06:30)
  3. Poèmes (6) D'Apollinaire for voice & piano (or orchestra), H 12

    1. À la Santé  (01:35)
    2. Clotilde  (01:25)
    3. Automne  (02:33)
    4. Saltimbanques  (01:23)
    5. L'Adieu  (01:15)
    6. Les Cloches  (02:01)
  4. Poèmes de Léo Latil (4), songs for voice & piano, Op. 20: L'Abandon

    1. L'Abandon  (04:12)
  5. Mélodies (3), songs for voice & piano

    1. La Statue de bronze  (01:49)
    2. Daphénéo  (01:14)
    3. Le Chapelier  (01:12)
  6. Amphise et Melitta  (05:55)
  7. Histoires naturelles, song cycle for voice & piano

    1. Le Paon  (04:44)
    2. Le Grillon  (03:34)
    3. Le Cygne  (03:25)
    4. Le Martin-Pêcheur  (02:48)
    5. Pintade  (03:39)
  8. Le promenoir des deux amants, song cycle for voice & piano, L.118

    1. Auprès de cette grotte sombre  (02:19)
    2. Crois mon conseil, Climène  (01:49)
    3. Je tremble en voyant ton visage  (02:30)
  9. Spoken introduction to the encore, San Francisco Night by Dutilleux (in French)  (00:38)
  10. San Francisco Night  (04:34)

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