Hope, An Anchor to the Soul

Hope, An Anchor to the Soul

by S. Michael Wilcox

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'Hope is lodged deep in the human spirit and manifests itself in various ways for different people,' writes author Michael Wilcox, 'but we all need it, and our souls demand it, just as our bodies crave sleep and nourishment.'

Citing the scriptures, the writings of latter-day prophets, and his own tender experiences as a husband, father, son, counselor, teacher, and Church leader, Michael Wilcox shows us that despite the hardships we must endure in life, we have ample reason to be hopeful. He assures us that because of our Savior Jesus Christ and the far-reaching effects of the Atonement, life is good, success is possible, and eternal blessings are obtainable.

This book is a practical guide to more purposeful and happy living. The examples and stories the author uses to illustrate his ideas are as familiar as climbing a mountain trail, running a race, struggling to make a grade in school, learning to swim, overcoming an irrational fear, and dealing with adversity in our relationships. And yet they are new, too, for they are combined powerfully with eternal insights to comfort and inspire us.

Writing in his characteristically warm and personal way, Michael Wilcox provides ample evidence that God will not forsake us or give up on us. Hope, an Anchor to the Soul calms our fears and reminds us of the myriad reasons each of us has to be cheerful, optimistic, and happy—the many reasons we have to be filled with hope.

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