Hopelessly Devoted to You, Vol. 6

Hopelessly Devoted to You, Vol. 6

CD(Digi-Pak / Bonus DVD)

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As with previous installments, Hopeless Records' sixth volume of their Hopelessly Devoted to You series is a fine sampler of bands from their roster (and sister label, Sub City) that includes album tracks alongside multiple unreleased and acoustic versions. This time around there's more to love, though, as the label took special care to make plenty of room for both new and old bands by dishing up two audio discs and an accompanying DVD of music videos. The first disc boasts most of the fresh blood. Pop-punk up-and-comer Amber Pacific presents two particularly delectable tracks; Ever We Fall offers sweet and shimmering indie pop (and a weird techno remix); Royden provides some post-hardcore aggression; Kaddisfly bring their own brand of eccentric funk-rock to the table. Various active label veterans also account for strong disc one showings, including the snotty, ska-infused styling of Against All Authority and an unreleased Thrice track. Disc number two is more of the fun history lesson, as the ghosts of Hopeless' musical past have all come out to play. With Guttermouth, 88 Fingers Louie, Mustard Plug, the Queers, Common Rider, Fifteen, Dillinger Four, and Samiam, to name a handful, there's a lot to like here. Material from early Avenged Sevenfold and Thrice efforts show up, alongside two helpings of the Weakerthans (the rousing "Aside" is especially tasty). A politically oriented and acoustic guitar-armed Mike Park also makes a notable appearance, while Atom & His Package proves his quirky skills were in place well before MC Lars first brought his laptop to the attention of the "iGeneration." Overall, the collection is a good introduction to the Hopeless of today and yesterday for interested punk revival parties and well worth picking up.

Product Details

Release Date: 06/06/2006
Label: Hopeless Records
UPC: 0790692068524
catalogNumber: 685
Rank: 102080


Disc 1

  1. Gone So Young
  2. Break out! Break Out!
  3. Tension
  4. Broken Star Satellite
  5. For the Ejection of Rest; They'll Dance
  6. Schoolyard Crush
  7. Lullaby
  8. Crossing the Rubicon
  9. Radio Waves
  10. Over the Edge
  11. Hollywood Reckless at the Knights of Columbus
  12. Bring 'Em in Billy
  13. Just Don't
  14. Poetically Pathetic

Disc 2

  1. Hopeless
  2. Blink
  3. You
  4. All Fall Down
  5. Doublewhiskeycokenoice
  6. 100 Proof
  7. Tamara Is a Punk
  8. Stolen Life
  9. Diagnosis
  10. Pestilent Existence
  11. Maximum Piss & Vinegar
  12. Aside
  13. Mud Hill
  14. T & C
  15. Undercover, Funny
  16. Deadbolt
  17. Darkness Surrounding
  18. Small Pebble
  19. Unholy Confessions
  20. The War
  21. Always You
  22. Blue Marble

Disc 3

  1. Poetically Pathetic
  2. 30 Second Spot
  3. Gone So Young
  4. Tension
  5. 30 Second Spot
  6. The Curse
  7. New Moon Over Swift Water
  8. Who Said All Punk Sounds the Same?
  9. The War
  10. You
  11. Over the Edge
  12. Asian Prodigy
  13. Deadbolt
  14. 30 Second Spot
  15. Betrayal Is a Symptom
  16. Unholy Confessions
  17. 30 Second Spot
  18. We Come out at Night
  19. Undercover, Funn
  20. Dinkas When I Close My Eyes
  21. Hopelessly Devoted to You, Vol. 3
  22. Watermark
  23. Diagnosis
  24. All My Friends Are Ghosts
  25. Space Cadet
  26. Tamara Is a Punk
  27. A Girl Like You
  28. I've Won

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