Horse Soldiers

Horse Soldiers

by Caleb Glass

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With Horse Soldiers, winner of the 2001 John Esten Cooke Award as the best of Southern Fiction, Caleb Glass has produced an epic novel that carries the reader on an absorbing journey through a pivotal period of American history. The novel presents the Civil War from the perspective of Southerners trying to preserve their way of life against the voracious greed of Northerners bent on political and economic domination of the south.
The dynamic story takes the principal character, Robert Thomas, through his early years and military education. Then, as war clouds darken the horizon of his world, Lieutenant Thomas resigns his commission in the U.S. Cavalry and returns to North Carolina to help raise and train a regiment of mounted infantry. Through Robert Thomas's stirring narration the reader follows the regiment through the major Civil War campaigns in the east all the way to its surrender in 1865.
Though fiction, the novel is faithful to historical fact. It will undoubtedly be controversial and various groups of readers will be offended. Northerners, of course, will take offense at the facts regarding the origins of the Civil War. These facts, though accurate, go against the perceptions with which they have long been indoctrinated. They are also sure to find objectionable the true, but less than heroic, depiction of Union soldiers' conduct during that war. African-Americans will more than likely find fault with the the story because of the novel's politically incorrect depiction of their ancestors' lives in slavery. They will also disapprove of the well-documented but seldom mentioned participation of their forefathers in the armies of the Confederacy. Southerners, however, will be gratified that someone has produced a literary work that correctly portrays the historical circumstances leading to the Civil War--an event more correctly termed the War for Southern Independence.

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Publisher: Caleb Glass
Publication date: 09/01/2011
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About the Author

Caleb Glass is a native of North Carolina who grew up in the Concord area which is the story's locale. His family were major landowners and residents of the area since the early 1800's. The descriptions of the homestead and locality are authentic. As an amateur historian, the author studied the Civil War and its precursors for more than half a century. He developed this passion for the subject at the knee of his grandfather, a survivor of that war.

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