How Can I Inspire my Painting Class? (Black and White Edition): Lesson Plan Ideas for Oil Painting in Post Compulsory Education & an Essential Guide to Teaching

How Can I Inspire my Painting Class? (Black and White Edition): Lesson Plan Ideas for Oil Painting in Post Compulsory Education & an Essential Guide to Teaching

by Rachel Shirley


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How can I inspire my art class? A question many art teachers may ask themselves at one time or another, either because of lack of experience or a mental block.

Indeed, having comprehensive knowledge of oil painting or being an eminent artist does not necessarily make a good art teacher or one that inspires students to paint. The important matter of how people learn is equally as important, and for this reason, this book is really in two parts: a guide to oil painting and a guide to teaching.

This book is designed for the oil painting teacher in post compulsory education, whether a newbie or one searching for new ideas for lesson plans. With 75 chapters divided into 14 sections, everything the oil painting teacher needs to know is covered, whether in context of an art institution or teaching privately.

A preliminary chapter offers a comprehensive guide to the art materials required for oil painting, enabling the teacher to offer students advice on what to buy and how to save money. The next section covers students' needs, explaining multi-sensory lesson planning, writing the individual learning plan, motivating students, differentiating the art activities and making provisions for students with special needs.

The third section prepares the teacher to teach, giving clear information on writing objectives, designing a coherent scheme of work, conducting assessments and writing briefs. Essential learning theories such as Bloom's Classifications of Thought, Ausubel's Subsumption Theory and strategic use of Behaviourism and Cognitivism within the class are also explained.

The main body of the book gives ideas for around 60 lesson plans, beginning with ideas for preliminary lessons that underpin painting, moving on to colour use and oil painting techniques. Ideas for teaching landscape art, still life, alfresco painting and life painting ensure the art teacher will find lesson plans to fit most modules.

The final section covers end of course matters, such as preparing work for assessment, the assessment itself and teacher evaluation.

With plenty of images and easy to read format, this book offers the busy teacher snap ideas for oil painting lessons to suit the class and the curriculum.

Book statistics: 46,000 words; 90 black and white images 220 pages.5.5inx8.5in (140mmx220mm)
5.5x8.5 in.

Colour version of this book is also available if preferred.

Briefly, I have a BA Hons in Fine Art from Kingston University Surrey, and attained my PCET teacher training from Warwick University. This book condenses what I have learned from the perspective of the teacher and the oil painter.

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