How The Kingdom Within You Becomes The Voice Of Yahveh: Standing Still While Moving

How The Kingdom Within You Becomes The Voice Of Yahveh: Standing Still While Moving

by Jovon Lately N.B.


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The Heavenly Father loves all people! Everyone, no matter if they are an atheist, no matter if they consider themselves as good people, or even if they are labeled as an evil person; each of these types of people would love to know the Heavenly Father, but they have spiritual impediments stemming from their physical existence; which seems to be very real to their psychical minds. THIS IS NOT THEIR FAULT! People that are atheists, have BROKEN HEARTS, from ridiculous dogmas that seems to permeate the whole of existence; appearing to be that which is suppressing him or her from living their lives. People who consider themselves as good, are DREAMERS, feeling that they are completely right with the Heavenly Father; which leaves them no room for growth, no room for replacing errors and procuring new understandings. The evil people are ANGRY, they see the injustice in the world and chose not to be a victim; they feel it is better to be a predator and take care of themselves. The Author of this book moves you completely out of these impediments that came from the world, right into a more profound way of thinking. He does this by opening up those obscured concepts from the Bible, that are not explained from their original conveyance. These are concepts like: God is spirit, what is spirit? What is heaven really? What exactly is an angel? What and why is there a hell? Questions like these, and much, much, more will be irrefutably answered, and could be verified by the reader as axioms. Come into the Kingdom Within, and hear the voice of the Creator right inside YOU.

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ISBN-13: 9781986875592
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/26/2018
Pages: 224
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