How to Become a SuperStar Student, 2nd Edition

How to Become a SuperStar Student, 2nd Edition

Michael Geisen
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The number one problem facing many high-school students: They haven't been taught how to learn. Because our current educational system focuses on test results, on making sure students memorize the facts and material needed to pass standardized tests, few students are deliberately taught about learning—about developing the particular mind-set and using the specific skills that can help them graduate with exemplary grades and an exemplary mind.

In fact, learning is a skill that your student can easily make a part of his or her everyday life and use as a powerful tool for success, both inside and outside the classroom. All it takes is a mastery of research-proven strategies, including

  • recognizing one's learning style, and tapping into its specific strengths;
  • taking notes effectively to avoid missing out on what's being covered in class;
  • knowing how to organize and prioritize homework and class projects;
  • solving problems with creativity and critical thinking; and
  • approaching tests with focus, thorough preparation, and confidence.

Professor Michael Geisen, the 2008 National Teacher of the Year, has spent his teaching career showing thousands of students these and other skills. And with How to Become a SuperStar Student, 2nd Edition, he can give your own student the same vital skills that will carry him or her through high school, college, and well into the challenges of adult life. This highly engaging 12-lecture course is a commonsense guide to learning, one that addresses the areas that students have the most difficulty with—and that parents show the most concern about. Packed with advice, tips, tricks, and resources, this masterfully updated version of our highly popular study guide course has the power to transform your student's education into a world-class learning experience.

A Ready Aid Designed for Any Student

Professor Geisen believes that success in school is about being a strong learner. He's designed How to Become a SuperStar Student, 2nd Edition to be a powerful reference tool for your student, whether he or she is

  • struggling in a particular subject area and looking for a new way to approach it,
  • getting by in class but looking for the boost that will turn him or her into an outstanding student, or
  • making the grade already and seeking to strengthen his or her competitive edge.

Professor Geisen knows the problems and pitfalls that can often leave students discouraged about school. Most important: He knows exactly how to counteract that discouragement and make learning not just worthwhile but fun. The course features whimsical animations, detailed demonstrations, and moments of humor—all designed to help capture your student's attention and emphasize the joy to be found in learning.

Plus—A Bonus Disc Designed Just for Parents

Every copy of How to Become a SuperStar Student, 2nd Edition comes with an additional six lectures, which Professor Geisen has designed specifically for the parents of middle- and high-school students. This Parents' Guide covers concepts and tips backed up by academic research, years of teaching experience, and input from other teachers, parents, and students. These include

  • how to help your student with his or her homework,
  • how to effectively communicate your student's needs to teachers,
  • how to prepare your student for college and the future, and
  • how to raise your student with balance, confidence, and humility.

"You're the person who knows your child best," Professor Geisen—a parent himself—remarks at the start of these additional lectures. "Therefore, you need to be an integral part of the process."

And you can start by giving your student the keys to success in learning with How to Become a SuperStar Student, 2nd Edition. Filled with all the best practices students who want to win need to know, these lectures will forever change the way your student, and even you, think about education.

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Release Date: 12/03/2012
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Scene Index

1. Understanding Your Unique Intelligence

2. Developing Effective Habits in Class

3. Working Cooperatively in Groups

4. Managing Time and Organizing Spaces

5. Taking Charge of Homework

6. Developing a Creative Mind

7. Thinking Critically

8. Diving into Research

9. Writing Well

10. Delivering Dynamic Presentations

11. Taking Control of Tests

12. Finding Balance

13. Managing Your Child's Education

14. Understanding How We Learn

15. Helping with Homework

16. Working with Teachers

17. Preparing for College and the Future

18. Parenting with Balance

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