How to Kill in Comedy: Find your Comedic Character, 20 Amazing Formulas for Great Jokes, Slay the Audience

How to Kill in Comedy: Find your Comedic Character, 20 Amazing Formulas for Great Jokes, Slay the Audience

by steve north


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HOW TO KILL IN COMEDY will take you from nowhere to somewhere in standup comedy, step-by-step: After teaching you how to create your own unique comedic character, Steve North the Comedy Coach explains the twenty best joke-writing formulas to get great material for your character, and then Steve gives you all the tricks of the trade on how to put your act together on stage, and work as a standup comedian. How to deal with audiences, hecklers, booking gigs, growing your career, techniques, and tricks of the biz. Whether you're a beginnner or experienced stand up, or someones who wants to be funner in life, business, or speaking ... use 30 years of Steve's experience in over 200 jam-packed pages.

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ISBN-13: 9780983126126
Publisher: Bfe Press
Publication date: 03/25/2020
Pages: 230
Sales rank: 945,388
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.48(d)

About the Author

Steve North, the premiere comedy coach in Hollywood for more than thirty years, has coached thousands of comedy hopefuls-in workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions-and heads up two of the longest-running standup workshops in the Los Angeles area.
He has appeared as Steve North the Comedy Coach on national television shows, at comedy festivals across the United States, in Judy Carter's Comedy Career in a Box DVD set, and he stars in the DVD Secrets of Comedy from Comedy Time. Associated with a wide range of comedians, from beginners to professionals like George Carlin, Leslie Jones, and Louis Black, he has also conducted many corporate seminars on comedy-both solo and with his comedy partner and wife, Barb North.
The team of Barb and Steve North has performed live standup comedy at the Comedy Store, the Improv, the Ice House, and in nightclubs all over the world-including colleges and conventions. Besides performing on a multitude of television shows (Make Me Laugh, Thicke Of The Night, The Mike Douglas Show, and NBC Fantasy), the Norths worked as writers and producers on The Gong Show, America's Funniest Videos, Totally Hidden Video, Make Me Laugh, and many more.
Steve trained in comedy with Second City, The Committee, Avery Schreiber, Spolin Players, Jack Kosslyn, Danny Simon, Joyce Selznick, and Estelle Tepper.
Visit Steve North the Comedy Coach at

Table of Contents


Foreword . vii

About the Author . viii

Introduction . ix

Part One: Discover Your Comedic Character

1 What Is a Standup Comedian? . 1

2 Comic vs. Comedian . 7

3 The Four Parts of Comedic Character . 11

4 Flaw . 17

5 Blind Spot . 33

6 Attitude . 41

7 Agenda . 45

8 All Four Tires and Good to Go . 49

Part Two: Develop Sure-Fire Jokes

9 Comedy Formulas and Stumbling Blocks . 53

10 The Caricature Artist . 57

11 Exaggeration . 63

12 The Switch . 67

13 Combination (Out of Context) . 79

14 The Backdown . 87

15 Comedic Revenge . 93

16 What I’ve Learned . 97

17 Something Came Over Me . 101

18 List of Three . 105

19 Analogy . 109

20 TMI (Too Much Information) . 111

21 Brag About Something Stupid . 117

22 Greeting Cards (or Sayings Gone Bad) . 121

23 The Roast (or Compliments Gone Bad) . 125

24 Mistaken Who or Where . 129

25 I Knew It Was Time . 137

26 The Reversal . 139

27 Blind Spot Jokes . 145

28 Ridiculous Bio . 149

Part Three: Knock ’em Dead

29 Putting Your Set Together . 155

30 Your Relationship with the Audience . 163

31 Now That You Have Their Attention . 171

32 What To Do When a Punchline Doesn’t Land . 177

33 Connecting with the Audience . 183

34 The Room and Who’s In it . 189

35 Venues . 193

36 The Emcee Introduces You . 197

37 Hecklers . 201

38 Be Part of the Show . 205

39 Dealing with Distractions: The Magic of Recap . 209

40 The Biz . 213

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