How to Slay Your Inner Dragons

How to Slay Your Inner Dragons

by Kirk Ellis


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Everyone has two types of inner dragons.

The fire dragons are called AngryDragon, ConceitDragon, and FrustratDragon.

The burned-out dragons are called TimiDragon, FradiDragon, and DepressedDragon.

This book teaches you how to eliminate and tame these inner dragons.

This book has the warriors’ training manual, which is extremely valuable for everyone to own. The manual contains fifteen principles that will give you the secrets of happiness and success. Since you have to deal with your inner dragons anyway, why not learn how to defeat them and become a winner in life?

This is a children’s book. This is for teenagers, adults, and managers too.

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ISBN-13: 9781524670733
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 03/15/2017
Pages: 106
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Throughout the history of mankind there have been dragons. These are not the kind of dragons that breathe fire and roust about like in the fairy tales. But these dragons are just as fiendish, fierce and foul-tempered as any in the fairy tales. And they are crafty too, capable of the most devious sneak attacks. In fact their favorite occupation is to pounce so quickly and quietly on a person that he or she doesn't know that they have been eaten until the dragon has reached for a toothpick.

People live right alongside these dragons. In fact, if there were no people there would not be any dragons either. For the odd thing is, the people themselves create the dragons. These fierce dragons are actually fashioned by the humans they victimize. People, foolishly construct their own enemy. This they do through the magic of their imagination. Awesome dragons are the result of the way people look at other people, the events and the situations in their lives.

Take, for example, a student who had to take a test. He could think only of failing the test and being criticized. He might imagine a big letter "F" on his paper and the scolding it would bring so he might start to feel nervous and afraid. Instantly, two dragons would appear at his side. These dragons would be called Fear and Nervousness. Fear and Nervousness would slip a leash (actually a noose) around his neck as proof of ownership. These two dragons would have him on a leash because he adopted them by the way that he THOUGHT about the test. He SAW the test, not as a challenge or opportunity, but rather as a threat and a means for failure.

Now the student has two battles to win: one with the dragons, and the other with the test. Even after he finished the test, the likelihood is that there would still be the dragons of Fear and Nervousness to conquer.

Or, to give another example: If a schoolgirl considered her socially popular classmates as being superior to herself, she could easily be adopting the dragons of Shyness, Anxiety, and maybe even Jealousy. Then her adopted "pet" could control how she felt about herself, her classmates and life in general.

For dragons are strange creatures. They cannot exist alone. Each of them has to have a human for a pet.

But the wonderful thing about it is that ALL the dragons can be slain, or tamed so that they can become people's pets instead of the people becoming THEIR pets.


You may think that all the dragons left this world because you can't see them. But this is not the case. They're all around just waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting. But there is a way to kill these nasty reptiles, a way to make your world safe from the dragons that accompany unwanted negative feelings. What you must do is to take control of the way you ENVISION the people, situations and events surrounding you.

In each person's life there are difficult situations. For example, there are people who are hard to get along with, there are awkward or frightening situations, problems that need to be overcome, and many day-to-day difficulties. If a person responds in a negative way to these life situations the dragons named Shyness, Depression, Frustration, Self-Doubt, Conceit, Anger and Fear are being adopted.

Once these dragons exist, there's only one way to destroy them - by changing the way that you envision the person, situation or event that gave rise to the dragon in the first place. It's the way that you look at the situation that determines whether you will be courageous and confident, or timid and insecure.

Dragons are easy to detect because all people, luckily, have built-in dragon detectors - if they will only use them. The dragon detector is Self Awareness. All a person has to do is to take note of unhappy feelings.

When you feel uncomfortable, nervous, afraid, or upset, that's the clue you need to change the way that you are thinking in relationship to the situation. When you catch a whiff of smoke that you feel uncomfortable with, realize that you've discovered a dragon. To slay him, then, you must change your thinking. You, then, young warrior, need to question your own thoughts; you need to LISTEN to what you're telling yourself about what's going on in your life.

Not that drawing the sword of Changed Th inking is always easy to do! Sometimes dragons have lived with you for years and years. You've become as comfortable with them as with your own nose. After all, they could have been with you since childhood. You adopted some negative thoughts and harmful beliefs as a non-thinking toddler. And dragons love to feed upon these kinds of thoughts and beliefs. In truth, you have become the way you think because it is your thinking that will determine your dragon quota.


Some people get a glimpse of a dragon and practically faint dead away. They pretend the dragon is not really there by denying the anger, jealousy, insecurity, or fear they are experiencing. They might even call in reinforcements like drugs or alcoholic beverages. But this doesn't help anyone to get rid of dragons. For drugs are dragon vitamins! Drugs are sources of nourishment - ways to keep dragons strong and healthy. And alcoholic beverages are not a problem for dragons because alcohol stimulates them to produce more fire, or anger, or more depression.

Some people hide from dragons behind walls of fat. They pick up knives and forks and spoons as weapons when they experience depression, fear, or anxiety. But dragons don't care. They're immune to silverware and food. So the people get fatter and the dragons keep entertaining themselves by prompting their people pets to overeat.

Other people assign responsibility for their dragons to somebody else. You've heard people say, "He made me so mad!" Or how about, "She really hurt my feelings." The truth is "he" or "she" did NOT make you feel anything! You CHOSE to see what someone else did or said in a way that made you angry, or in a way that hurt your feelings. You could have chosen to see it in a way that brought you something positive.

Some people believe "things" are responsible for their dragons. "I'm afraid of heights" one person might say. "Spiders scare me," another might tell you. If these were realistic fears, then all people would be afraid of heights and spiders. But obviously, that is not the case. Pilots love heights. Some biologists keep spiders as pets. Problems with heights and spiders, then, are created by a dragon called Fear.

All people have to deal with trouble, problems and conflicts. That is the nature of life. All of you must cope with these adversities, because you are warriors charged with overcoming difficulties and feelings that you don't want.

Since you have to deal with problems anyway, why not do it in a way that you can win. That means becoming master of yourselves and stop adopting dragons.

Those of you who become master of yourselves must become warriors first, so that you can slay your inner dragons. Dragons will not leave you alone without a fight. So it is required that you become a warrior in order to get rid of them. In order for you to become a warrior so that you can slay your dragons and win in life, you must first learn to welcome your problems immediately, and get them over with rather than avoid them. A warrior learns that problems are opportunities to learn more about life and to become a better person. To enhance your warrior-ship qualities, it's important for you to always improve your ability to think in a more positive way, because this is how you can prevent inner dragons from ever being born. But if dragons have already come into your life, and are racing along beside you in matching rhythm, you can let them become your teachers. Dragons - ferocious as they may be - are invitations to change your thinking. The towers of wisdom and maturity are built on piles of dragon bones.




Since dragons are so important, it would behoove you to get acquainted with them. First, there is the true fire dragon that causes the spirit to burn with many emotions such as anger, hatred, frustration, jealousy, or envy, to name a few. The second type are the burned out ones. These are dragons full of soot and smoke that cause the spirit to be depressed, shy, demoralized, discouraged or disparing.

The most dangerous fire dragons are AngriDragon, ConceiteDragon, and FrustrateDragons.

The most dangerous burned out dragons are TimiDragon, DepressedDragon, and FradiDragon.

We have a picture of each dragon so that you can quickly identify them. Turn the page and get acquainted with these inner dragons.


From studying the geography in which people create their own foes, you learn that the land which is dragon free is in between the burned-out dragons and the ones that breathe fire. The space in between is safe and secure. The vegetation in the in-between land is very lush. Fruits in this land, where there are no dragons, are called Positive Values. These positive values are Harmony, Kindness, Compassion, Respect, Tolerance, Patience, Trust, Honor, plus a positive mental attitude.

These good fruits provide total nourishment and power for anyone who wishes to fight against dragons. Partaking of these fruits gives people immunity to dragon-fever.


From studying the geography in which people create their own foes, you learn that the land which is dragon free is in between the burned-out dragons and the ones that breathe fire. The space in between is safe and secure. The vegetation in the in-between land is very lush. Fruits in this land, where there are no dragons, are called Positive Values. These positive values are Harmony, Kindness, Compassion, Respect, Tolerance, Patience, Trust, Honor, plus a positive mental attitude.

These good fruits provide total nourishment and power for anyone who wishes to fight against dragons. Partaking of these fruits gives people immunity to dragon-fever.


Because you, as a wise warrior want to be free from dragons, you must take up residence in the land of Positive Values - the space between the two dragon types. Warriors live here because warriors must be able to trust themselves in spirit and emotion, acquire an unwavering mind; and to steadily improve their courage and perseverance. It is also important for a fighter to have good footing, and proper armor. And the only place to develop these necessities is within the land of Positive Values.

Good vision is also a high priority in warrior-ship. Only with correct perception will you, as a warrior, be able to perform the correct action and slay your dragons. For you "perceive" with your thinking. In fact the secret of perception is this: You see objects with the eyes, but you really see the WAY things ARE with your thinking If dragons are present, its because your vision is distorted.

Warriors know its the dragons that distort people's vision, so they strive very hard to use constructive values in order to see correctly. With constructive values, you will be able to see with clarity, rather than turn your vision over to some ugly dragon. The game with life is very simple. Those who are always in trouble, frustrated, nervous, negative, or have criminal tendencies, have poor vision.

Fortunately, a solution to the dragon problem is at hand. In the beautiful land of Positive Values, A GREAT MANUAL exists which teaches people how to become good warriors and have perfect vision. This Manual is available only to those, like you, who really want to rid themselves of the dragons which have been dominating their lives for such a long time. The Manual, consisting of fifteen Principles is called "The Warriors' Training Manual of Wisdom." It is left in its original form here, as the information it contains has been tested for many years and found to be infallible.

This Manual is the one you would study in order to graduate as a warrior from a Warrior Training Center. Now you can study this Manual in the comfort of your own home and become a Class 1 Warrior.




The Warriors Manual of Wisdom

Principle I

Careful - A Fire Dragon Lurks Nearby

Dragons are well hidden. If you look for them, they can quickly disappear. But dragons are not always active. Sometimes they lie asleep waiting for the right moment to attack you. Because they are asleep, you might think that they are gone. Not so! This is only a dragon trick. Surprisingly, under the right circumstances, sleeping dragons can emerge in full power. They will breathe anger and discontent upon you to the degree that you might run about hitting and kicking everything in sight: tables, chairs, people's legs, or anything else. The way of the Fire Dragons can be very damaging to objects, and painful to people. You simply can't trust yourself if you are vulnerable to a surprise dragon attack. And once fire dragons attack you, it's difficult to suddenly slay them by drawing your sword of tolerance, wisdom, and love.

So, it's important to constantly train yourself beforehand to be tolerant, objective, and kind. Also to be trustworthy, enthusiastic, harmonious, and supportive so that you can slay your destructive dragons while they are sleeping.

Remember that dragons hate any kind of positive emotions, like happiness or enthusiasm. Dragons dislike these qualities so much that they will remain asleep forever when these good qualities are always used.

Principle II

Don't Create Your Own Dragons

It is easy to become confused when you are chumming around like the best of friends with dragons like AngriDragon or TimiDragon, because you start seeing and feeling exactly like these wicked parasites. The more time you invest in your dragons' point of view, the harder it will be to separate yourself from it. Keep in mind you are not your dragons. Be very clear about that fact. Rather, you create your own dragons. If it were otherwise, in slaying the dragons you would be slaying yourself as well. But the reverse is true: in slaying the dragons you are enhancing yourself. You become more vital. By ridding yourself of shyness or anger you multiply your potential and experience life more abundantly.

Principle III

Be Careful Of Twisting The Truth

Dragons focus their attention only on the bad aspects of what is happening. Dragons do not like truth or reality; they are too temperamental, narrow-minded and self-serving to care about the truth. They try desperately to twist the truth to fit their point of view, rather than adjust themselves to fit the truth. They even encourage people to nurture and protect them. Dragons do such a good job that people actually believe that it is appropriate to feel angry or fearful in certain situations. Dragons will constantly alter someone's perception in such a way that everything seems to be against them. And they are relentless in trying to get their own way and proving themselves "right."

You can be assured of this dragon theory: No one can be miserable without a dragon friend, and they cannot find peace of mind unless they are free of them.

Principle IV

"You To The Rescue" Keep Them From Blaming Everything and Everybody

Dragon behavior causes inappropriate actions and poor perception, thus, people will get confused, surprised, yes, and even startled. For those who are dragon-lovers everything will appear to be normal, then wham all of a sudden everything is out of order. There is no harmony. Life is shocking. When everything suddenly gets out of order, this is the moment to take the opportunity to comfort these people and help them see their dragons. The best time to teach people dragon awareness is when they have gotten themselves into trouble.

But, it will be difficult for people to challenge their dragons, because they will be focusing their attention on external things. They might even think that something is wrong with you rather than with their inner dragon.


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by .
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Table of Contents

Introduction, 1,
Caution: Dragons Near By, 7,
Fear Of Dragons, 11,
There Are Two Types Of Dragons, 17,
A Land That Is Dragon Free, 25,
Where Do Warriors Live, 27,
The Warriors Manual, 31,
Principle I Careful - A Fire Dragon Lurks Nearby, 33,
Principle II Don't Create Your Own Dragons, 35,
Principle III Be Careful Of Twisting The Truth, 37,
Principle IV You To The Rescue, 39,
Principle V Don't Allow Dragon Behavior To Become The Norm, 41,
Principle VI Don't Delay - Slay Your Dragons Immediately, 45,
Principle VII Walk Through Fear - Challenge Those Dragons, 47,
Principle VIII Slay LaziDragon And His Friends, 51,
Principle IX Set Goals So That Dragons Wont Get Your Undivided Attention, 55,
Principle X Let Your Positive Attitude Be A Dragon Slayer, 57,
Principle XI Be Done With The Dragons Of Depression And Frustration, 61,
Principle XII See It A Better Way, 67,
Principle XIII Make Adversity Take An About Face, 71,
Principle XIV Free Yourself Of WorriDragon, 75,
Principle XV Quit Dragon, 79,
Epilogue, 83,

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