How to Swim: Swimming Lessons, Swim Lessons and Learn to Swim with Butterfly Stroke, Backstroke and More Swimming Exercises

How to Swim: Swimming Lessons, Swim Lessons and Learn to Swim with Butterfly Stroke, Backstroke and More Swimming Exercises

by Don Schiffer

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“Everyone Can Learn to Swim.

SWIMMING is a healthful and rewarding sport. It provides as much fun and exercise for young people as it does for grownups. And anyone can learn — some babies have been taught to swim before they were one year old!

If you don’t know how to swim, then now is the time to start learning. And even if you already swim, you can always learn to be a better, more proficient swimmer with added practice.

The best way to learn is through personal instruction. Many communities have learn-to-swim programs where instruction is given by experts. You can easily obtain information about these classes — where and when they are held, and how you can join them. If you do join such a class, you can use this book as a study aid at home.

If a learn-to-swim program is not available in your community, or if you don’t want to wait until one is held, then you can learn by carefully following the instructions in this book. But there is one rule in learning to swim that you must never break: Always have someone with you when you take a lesson. This person must know how to swim so that he can help you practice and correct anything you are doing wrong.

This book is divided into three main parts. The first tells you about the fundamentals of swimming — such things as water safety, breath control, kicking, and floating. The second will tell about the different strokes — that is, the ways of moving yourself through the water. The third discusses swimming in organized racing.”


Everyone Can Learn to Swim 1
First Learn the Safety Rules 2
One Step at a Time 4
Meet the Water 5
The Four Steps to Swimming 6
Treading Water Is Easy 17
The Dog Paddle – a Simple Stroke 18
The Crawl Stroke 20
The Backstroke 30
The Racing Backstroke 33
The Breaststroke 34
The Sidestroke 36
The Butterfly Stroke 39
Now You Must Practice 40
Simple Diving 42
The Racing Dive 48
Why Not Be a Racing Swimmer? 50
How a Swimming Meet Is Run 54
The Events in a Swimming Meet 56
How to Score a Meet 60
A Final Word 61
Index 63

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