Hustling on the Down Low

Hustling on the Down Low

by M.T. Pope

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback - Reprint)

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In the violent criminal underworld, there is no room for weakness, so the idea of a growing gay mafia in Baltimore is rejected by most people. That doesn’t stop kingpin Avery Nelson from striving to come out on top in his battle against Leroy Grant.

Avery has faced adversity most of his life, and being a gay black male only adds fuel to the fire already burning within him. After experiencing rejection for so much of his life, Avery has stopped caring about the values of anyone who makes him feel insignificant. Crime and violence are now his preferred method for getting the city’s attention. He wants everyone to see that being gay isn’t a weakness but a strength.

Leroy Grant does not want to see a gay man in charge, especially since in his mind, he is supposed to be where Avery is. A hatred grows inside of him with every mention of Avery and the moves he’s making in the streets. Now Leroy’s singular mission is to take the top spot for himself.
With so much violence and hate, there is no way to tell who will be Baltimore’s kingpin and who will be headed to the pen. Who is wiling to go down the lowest to get to the top?

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ISBN-13: 9781622861262
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 08/27/2019
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 776,755
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.60(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Born and raised in Baltimore, M. T. Pope started his literary journey in 2008 and continues to inspire, transform, and entertain readers as well as himself. He is the third youngest of ten children. He loves to spend time with family or at home, watching a great movie. He is currently working hard to get his next literary project finished and out to the world.

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There was a cold silence in the room. Only the breath that entered and exited the bodies of those in the room could be heard. Fear had made its way in the room as well. I sat in the shadows and spoke from the darkness that covered my identity. Several other people were in the room, but they were irrelevant now. We were at a secret location that was in the middle of the city; out in the open but very well hidden. Fear was in his eyes. He knew why he was here. We all knew. One would think that my reputation for the ruthless acts that I've dealt out would speak for me, but there was always and always will be a nonbeliever. Someone to try your motherfucking hand.

See, they knew that I was gay and proud of it. They called it a weakness. Sissy, faggot, come catcher, shit chaser: those were the nice names they called me ... us. I lived with it, thrived in it even. They were just names. They had no idea what it was to live in my world. They didn't care. Just call it a name and hope it goes away. Yes, those names hurt before, but I was numb now. Like I said before, they are just names.

So, this straight guy in front of me came in under the guise of a flaming sissy. I had to admit that he played the part well. He must have watched hours of RuPaul's Drag Race and the likes of it. One flaw, though. He wouldn't take or give up the dick or ass. He was close, but his ass bowed out at the last minute. See, to be a part of my crew, you had to be a top, bottom, or versatile. Gay was a must to be with me. He almost made it. I let him float around like I usually do when new recruits come into the fold. Let them get familiarized to their new environment. Then they must prove themselves. No, they didn't have to kill anyone ... at first. But they had to be good in bed in their prospective positions in bed. At the least, they had to give good head. This guy couldn't and wouldn't do either.

When I first had my suspicions, I put him in the room that I use for testing a person to see if a person is who he says he is. You can't fake being gay. Putting them in this situation only has one of two outcomes. Either way, I loved the show and got some good nuts out of the positive outcomes, which were most.

In this scene with the infiltrator I had in front of me, I had him sleeping in a room that was his own "private room." I had one of my guys that was very easy on the eyes go into the room while he was asleep and seduce him.

I watched as the scene played out.

My boy crept in like the pro that he was, stark naked and ready for whatever, even an ass whipping if that was what it came to. My men were loyal and ready for anything.

There was sound being recorded as well for my pleasure. I wanted to experience it all. Sick bastard, you say. Yes, that was me.

The guy was asleep in the full-size bed that was pushed against one side of the room, wearing only a tee shirt and boxers. His body was spread-eagle on the bed as if he was at home. He snored and grunted in his sleep.

My boy eased onto the bed with him. He didn't even flinch. I watched my boy crawl on the bed and immediately went for the guy's dick. I watched as he reached his hand into the boxers and began to massage his manhood with his mouth. I was hard and horny just watching as it all played out. He feverishly began to go up and down on the guy's dick. Then dude woke up. He popped up out of the position he was in and then began to beat my boy like a savage. I had men posted on the outside of the door waiting for my cue if the situation went left. In this case, it did. I signaled them to go in and break up the situation, and that is how I ended up with this guy standing before me.

"Who do you work for?" I asked him in an even-toned voice. He was already scared. I didn't have to push him to fear me or the situation.

There was silence on his part. He was an average-built guy, not too heavy or thin, and he was very easy on the eyes. The person who sent him thought that we were as superficial as many gay men lead folks to believe. They were wrong. Dick and ass had no face, and most men would fuck or be fucked by anything that could pleasure them. Most lied and said they had standards, but they didn't. Many would let you poke them in any hole, including a nostril.

Anyway, since he didn't want to talk, I motioned to my men a signal that they all knew. They began to fully undress him. I had some big brute gay men on my force, but he didn't care. He fought even though he was thoroughly outnumbered.

When my guys first brought him in the room, they threw him into the middle of it.

"All of y'all are just a bunch of faggots." He then spit at one of my men. It infuriated my guy, which caused him to step to the phony. The guy positioned himself to fight. I smiled from the shadows. I loved fighters that I knew were going to lose in the end.

"Take your best shot at this faggot." My guy taunted him like he was a bull. The guy didn't hesitate and threw a blow that landed and could be heard. But my guy didn't even flinch. Instead, he laughed.

One of my other men repeated the last scene with the same results, leaving the guy baffled and angry, so he charged one my men, and then the inevitable happened.

One forceful punch to his midsection and all his fight abruptly ended. I watched in delight. Two of my men held him up as he was now dazed and weak. He was naked, and his head hung low. He was now silent.

"Lift up his head," I instructed one of my men.

His eyes were glossy and struggling to focus, but he tried.

"Are you going to answer me, or am I going to have to persuade you?" Spit laced with blood flew toward me but fell just before reaching me, giving me his answer. I was seething on the inside, but I didn't let it force me to respond. I just reached for the remote on my desk that opened a secret compartment in one of my walls. It was my "trophy case."

I pushed the button and watched as it opened and revealed my cherished collection. I let the doors open fully, and then I spoke.

"Sit him in the chair and turn him toward the wall."

His eyes were now fixed on the dozen jars that were on my mantles. Six large jars sat on each mantle with dates written underneath them. I smiled. They brought me great pleasure to look at them.

"Bring one close to him so we can see if he can guess what's in the jar." I motioned to one of my men, who carefully retrieved a jar. I saw the horror and fear cover his face instantly. His reaction was like most. First, he lost his bowels, and then he collapsed. My men hoisted him back to his feet. He was now willing to talk. But it was too late. He took the assignment to try to infiltrate my business, and there were always repercussions for actions. They say life is a gamble. I had the dice, and he was out of luck.

I pressed the button on my remote to release a screen from above, and then one of my men hooked up the video of the hour. I loved this video. We all did, but there was one person in the room that wouldn't enjoy it at all.

I pressed PLAY and the movie began. The sobbing began, and then the crying. This wasn't the sound from the movie, though. This was live theatrics from my latest infiltrator. Then there was the sheer shrieking of his voice that let me know that he knew his fate would be sealed. You see, I was a special kind of maniac. I wanted you to remember me for a lifetime. So early on, I enlisted the services from one of Baltimore's best plastic surgeons, one who happens to be gay, and brought him on my team. He showed up when I called without hesitation or fail. He was very good at what he did, and I had the proof on my mantles, and pictures too.

"You see, I hate wasting a good piece of dick, and God surely blessed you in that area." I looked at his plump and ample manhood savoring it for a moment; then I continued, "But I have ways, and those ways will not be aborted for one person. I don't give second chances. So off with the head," I laughed; then he began to beg and plead like any man would when threatened with the loss of their family jewels. There are a few men walking around with flaps like real live Mattel Ken dolls because of me. I'm sure they aren't talking about their situation because what man is going to reveal that type of information? Yes, some have killed themselves, but most just live on in shame and pain-filled flashbacks of what used to be. A memory of their last ejaculation did keep some alive.

The doctor came in and with the assistance of my men, wheeled him into the room that would forever change his life. It didn't take long, for the sounds of his pain could be heard throughout the compound. I had speakers in every area so I could make announcements and play warning sounds such as this one, reinforcing fear in the hearts of the ones that have pled loyalty and those with envious eyes. There is always someone waiting in the wings for your demise or a slipup, even the ones you trust.

Too many have come up against me and tried to take me and my organization down, but I won't be stopped. I had just about every illegal entity and activity on lock. Yes, there was a gay man on top, and that's how I intended it to stay. I would fight until the end. Nothing was off-limits to me or my crew. Baltimore was in for a rude awakening. We were taking dicks, and the city with it.




"These dick chasers are fucking everywhere." I banged on my steering wheel as I pulled in the gas station. A car full of them was right at the pump in front of me. Music was blasting in the car, and they were gyrating and shaking their bodies. It made my stomach twitch. Other people around found it amusing, but I didn't. It was downright disgusting to me. Nobody wanted to see that shit.

I blew my horn, alerting them to my presence. They paused and looked at me, and then burst out into laughter. They commenced to continue their show and paid me no mind. I was seething on the inside.

I unbuckled my seat belt and went to unlock the car door when my wife reached over and touched me on the arm.

I turned and looked at her.

"Roy, what is up with you and gay people? They're not doing anything to you. Let them live," she said with pleading eyes.

"What the fuck you mean let them live?" I spat back at her. "This shit is just disrespectful. I don't want my son growing up seeing this shit. Shit is wrong as fuck."

"Roy, all of that tension and anger is not good for our son either. What about that?" She looked at me like she just checked me.

"Who the fuck side are you on?" I looked at her like she was crazy.

"Side? There are no sides, Roy. They just like you and me. Human."

"That shit ain't human or natural. That shit is nasty. They not real with all that shit going on. Real men don't act like that. Real men carry themselves with some fucking dignity and go hard for their family. Like I do and shit."

I unlocked the door and got out of the car and proceeded to do what I was about to do before she interrupted me.

"Roy, don't do nothing stupid," she warned me as I walked toward the Texaco payment station. One of them was in line waiting to pay. He looked me up and down as I walked up behind him.

"What the fuck are you looking at?" I barked at him.

He looked me up and down again, and then turned back around in line. His punk ass must have known better. He moved up to the counter and paid for his gas. As he left, he mugged me, and I mugged him right back. The look on my wife's face as she watched me watch him walk over to his car pleaded with me not to take it any further. Then I looked at my son in the backseat and cooled it down for him. He was my champ and my prince. I didn't want him to see me acting out over a faggot. I was going to get even later.

The only reason I was even at this gas station pumping my own gas was because my wife wanted to feel like a "real family" and not the great drug king's family that I was on my way to becoming. She wanted to go out on a "family outing" and not have one of my drivers with me. She didn't know that I always had someone on watch. She just couldn't see it. I had things on and popping, and my life was moving in the best direction possible.

The streets of Baltimore have always been my way of living since I could remember. I didn't have a sob story or a victim mentality. I just took shit as it came my way. I didn't punk out. When things got tough, I got tougher. I rolled with the punches. Life was not for no losers and wimps. I have taken lives and some more shit. I was in for the long haul. I looked at my family, and that shit drove me to let nothing stop me.

There was one problem that was keeping me from a full-fledged takeover of Baltimore City. These muthafuckin' faggots got some good shit going on, and it's dipping into my finances. I wasn't strapped for cash, but I knew that I was supposed to be making more money than I was bringing in. In fact, I was feeling the squeeze in several areas where I was normally bringing in big bucks. I did the normal shit like other drug lords do. I threatened a few of my lieutenants and even killed one or two that I presumed was skimming. I knew my men feared me, but they weren't my problem. My problem was with the addicts. They had a new drug of choice that was getting the best of my supplies. These days and ages, crack had taken a backseat to the real drug market. This new drug was something called Drank. It hit the city like crack in the eighties. This new generation is getting high any way they can. The thing is, nobody can track this guy that is at the top of this new Gay Mafia. I know a few police are watching me, but they can't get me on anything. But this guy is virtually invisible. I have a few police on the inside, and they are clueless as well. They have tried to get a picture of him, but he is elusive and cunning. Which lets me know that the money he's making is what I should be making. My main objective in life now is to find something better than what this guy is selling or get his spot and take his shit from him. I'm praying for the latter. There is nothing like taking what is rightfully yours. Real men should be running this city, not these he-shes.



The Deep End

We were supposed to be having a nice outing with just us as a family, and I couldn't even enjoy it because of the hatred that was brewing inside of my husband. Being the wife of a very powerful drug dealer and even a legitimate business owner was not a problem for me. I grew up in various parts of Baltimore, but mostly the very dangerous parts. I've seen killings, robberies, and drug activities extensively in my lifetime. I was now as close to immune as one could get to it. My husband was very passionate about his family, and he does what it takes to keep us comfortable and happy. But as of late, he has been going off the deep end. He was awake most of night, meeting with his men at strange hours, and had just plain erratic behavior. I could deal with all of that if he didn't start pacing the house and talking to himself. Plus, he has guns in almost every room of the house. He didn't even care if my son saw them or not. He was starting to scare the shit out of me. When my eighteen-year-old son came up to me and told me about the conversations that his father was having with him, that's when I truly became fearful. I couldn't get the thoughts out of my mind.

"Ma, Dad said I could kill a guy if he comes on to me." He looked up to me. I was bringing him his breakfast at the kitchen table.

"What!" I looked at him like he had lost his mind. "Your father didn't say that to you," I laughed, trying to make light of the situation. I didn't want my son to see that what he just said had rocked me to the core. Leroy was slowly losing his mind.

"No joke, Ma." He looked at me intensely. "He said all them faggots need to die a slow, painful death. When I was playing my Halo games, he was telling me how to shoot them in the head like I was doing while I was playing the game. He said just like those cops are killing us, we should be doing the same thing to them punks."

"Corey, your father was probably drunk or playing with you when he was saying those things. Don't take him serious." I looked him in the eyes to let him know that I was serious.

"He looked serious to me." The stony expression on his face matched that of his father's on the average day, so I knew that he wasn't joking. I joined him with my breakfast. We ate in silence. After about fifteen minutes, he got up from the table, put his empty plate in the sink, and walked off.

I shook my head because I didn't know what else my husband would do or tell my son. Shit, I don't know what the hell he was going to do to anyone. He was like a walking time bomb.


Excerpted from "Hustling On The Down Low"
by .
Copyright © 2017 M. T. Pope.
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Table of Contents

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Copyright Page,
Prologue - Corey,
Chapter 1 - Avery,
Chapter 2 - Leroy,
Chapter 3 - Monica,
Chapter 4 - Corey,
Chapter 5 - Clayton,
Chapter 6 - Avery,
Chapter 7 - Leroy,
Chapter 8 - Monica,
Chapter 9 - Corey,
Chapter 10 - Clayton,
Chapter 11 - Avery,
Chapter 12 - Leroy,
Chapter 13 - Monica,
Chapter 14 - Corey,
Chapter 15 - Clayton,
Chapter 16 - Avery,
Chapter 17 - Leroy,
Chapter 18 - Monica,
Chapter 19 - Corey,
Chapter 20 - Avery,
Chapter 21 - Leroy,
Chapter 22 - Monica,
Chapter 23 - Corey,
Chapter 24 - Clayton,
Chapter 25 - Avery,
Chapter 26 - Leroy,
Chapter 27 - Monica,
Chapter 28 - Corey,
Chapter 29 - Clayton,
Chapter 30 - Avery,
Chapter 31 - Leroy,
Chapter 32 - Monica,
Chapter 33 - Corey,
Chapter 34 - Clayton,
Chapter 35 - Avery,
Chapter 36 - Leroy,
Chapter 37 - Monica,
Chapter 38 - Corey,
Chapter 39 - Clayton,
Chapter 40 - Avery,
Chapter 41 - Leroy,
Chapter 42 - Monica,
Chapter 43 - Corey,
Chapter 44 - Clayton,
Chapter 45 - Avery,
Chapter 46 - Leroy,
Chapter 47 - Monica,
Chapter 48 - Corey,
Chapter 49 - Clayton,
Chapter 50 - Avery,
Chapter 51 - Leroy,
Chapter 52 - Monica,
Chapter 53 - Corey,
Chapter 54 - Clayton,
Chapter 55 - Avery,
Chapter 56 - Leroy,
Chapter 57 - Monica,
Chapter 58 - Corey,
Chapter 59 - Clayton,
Chapter 60 - Avery,
Chapter 61 - Leroy,
Chapter 62 - Monica,
Chapter 63 - Corey,
Chapter 64 - Clayton,
Chapter 65 - Avery,
Chapter 66 - Corey,
Epilogue - Corey,

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