I Am Poet....Listen to My Words!

I Am Poet....Listen to My Words!


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From the poet who brought you "From The Basement Of Depression To The Attic Of Hope" comes a collection of rhythmical works defining Life, Love, And
Everything in between. You'll laugh, cry and be amazed with every page...every poem.

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ISBN-13: 9781456474164
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/25/2010
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.51(d)

About the Author

Born in Memphis, TN, Jerome Spencer Hackworth has taken the art of poetry to a new level. His poetry requires you to believe, to feel, to express amusement, to shed tears...to be human. Hackworth's first book of collected poetry, "From The Basement Of Depression To The Attic Of Hope," forced readers from all walks of life to take their minds, turn the ignition and drive into a new and better life despite life's highs and lows.
In the poem, "Black," Jerome wrote about being in the core of the squall of depression. With lines like,
"I feel closer to death than life
Because my life is slowly fading away
The pain and agony of my tortured soul
I struggle to stand, I forgot how to pray"
But Jerome takes a detour out of the world of hopelessness, learns how to love himself and forces others to do the same. In the poem, "Happiness," Jerome wrote about learning how to come out of his storm with victory, not because victory was actually gained at that moment in a visual aspect, but victory was established first within his heart and soul. With lines like,
"I believe I've been lifted from this curse
No more drowning tears or sadness unrehearsed
I'm smiling now with a smile from ear to ear
I think God has finally relieved me of my fear"
In this particular book, Jerome takes his poetry and his readers to a brand new level. This collection has some great poetry that makes the readers think about the dangers of the world, the ups and downs of love and the beauty that life brings despite the many awful and disturbing things that we witness everyday.
Jerome Spencer Hackworth I Am Poet...Listen To My Words!
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In, "The Fight of Life," Jerome brings reasonable concerns and questions with reference to sins and the continuous fight that we all have to battle. One line states:
"As a child we have to be taught how to be good
But sinning involuntarily comes with the territory
If all sinners are said to ultimately burn in hell
Then should we all have to worry?"
In, "Never Meant to Be," Jerome wrote about another failed attempt at love. One line states:
"I can only hope, wish and pray
That you will find love somewhere else...maybe in another man
Because being with you has not been a dream come true
Maybe everything I couldn't...maybe the next man can"
Now Jerome is more determined than ever to continue writing about his life through his gift of poetry. He is known around the world for his capability to convert average words into a masterpiece. You will enjoy this book and beg for more.

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