I Just Need a Helping Hand ... and then I'm Going to Make It!

I Just Need a Helping Hand ... and then I'm Going to Make It!

by Joelle Lewis


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UNBLOCK YOUR POWER TO GET WHAT YOU WANTTransform your life today with this life skills toolbox!

The secret: The first step to living the life you want is finding out why you're not living it already. With the help of this life skills toolbox, you'll move from being a victim to a victor, and turn tragedy into triumph. You'll also:

• overcome despair, depression, exhaustion, and resentment;

• raise your self-esteem and confidence;

• motivate yourself with enthusiasm for what you want;

• take effective action to accomplish your goals.

Whether you're struggling at your job, fighting with a lover or just generally dissatisfied, this guide helps you solve your most personal problems.

Get Real-Aid not Band-Aid & empower yourself to live the life you've always wanted. Your new life begins with I Just Need a Helping Hand ... And then I'm Going to Make It!

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ISBN-13: 9781452527109
Publisher: Balboa Press Australia
Publication date: 02/05/2015
Pages: 106
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.25(d)

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I Just Need a Helping Hand ... and then I'm Going to Make It!

By Joelle Lewis

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2015 Joelle Lewis
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-2710-9


Life Is a Journey of Discovery

You are an adventurer, a pioneer!
No one has ever lived your life before,
nor will they again.
Every moment is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Sometimes, in order to value life fully,
we need the experience of dissatisfaction,
even illness or accident,
to jolt us out of a previous pattern of behaviour
that was not serving our best interests.
If we heed the message within these experiences,
we will then make necessary changes
to ourselves and our lives.

We have both an inner and an outer world,
containing unexplored territory, infinite riches,
and treasures beyond measure.
We have so much living,
being, and doing to experience!

Activate the explorer within yourself;
animate your interest
in the myriad possibilities for experiencing life.
Get fascinated by the world out there
and within you,
and choose to make your life
a gloriously satisfying experience.

Make your life an adventure you'll enjoy!

Why Am I Not Where I Want to Be Now?

Do your expectations reflect your true
desires? Have you set goals
that will result in your personal fulfilment,
or are they to please someone else?

When we define clearly
what constitutes fulfilment for us,
we have a clear target.
Once we have a clear target,
we can easily take aim and fire!

When we find we aren't really motivated
to achieve a goal we've set,
it's generally because that goal
will please someone else but not us.
We each have our own desire,
our gift, our talent, our mission here on
Earth—sometimes more than one.
If you hate being a banker,
if you find your university classes don't
engross you, if you don't like your job,
it means you're probably on the wrong track.
You may also find
that something you once enjoyed
no longer thrills you;
it may be time to move on.

Don't be afraid of changing your life;
choose what pleases you.
The life you really want
is just around the next corner;
aim for fulfilment!

Choose your future to really please you!


There is always hope and scope for improvement.
Whatever your problem or situation,
you can recover, rediscover, rebuild, reinvent.

When we feel we have hit rock bottom,
when we want to give up or give in,
when we can't take anymore and we've had enough,
we are actually poised on the brink of succeeding!
You can choose to turn the light on yourself, or to
wait for dawn but there will be light either way.
So it is with the end of our dark moments as well.

Often, we put off acknowledging
our need for change until it is long overdue.
Begin with small steps to do something about it.
The first step towards positive change
is to acknowledge the need for that change.

When we find ourselves fed up
with the way things are,
this is the turning point
when we will take action
to effect change for the better.
We make the decision
to do something about our problem,
and we take positive action
towards the life we want.

We are now setting out on the road to recovery.

Understand Beliefs

Our beliefs shape our world.
Whatever we believe, it will be so for us.
If we believe that we are clumsy or
undeserving, then that will be our world.

Conversely, if we believe we are worthy,
deserving, capable, and acceptable,
then that will be our world.
What sort of world do you want to live in—
remembering that it is only your beliefs
that need to change
in order for your whole world to change?
It matters not what others think;
what you think
is what makes the difference for you.
You cannot be teased, insulted,
belittled, or humiliated
unless you believe
that what is being said about you is true.
You are whatever you believe yourself to be.

So how do we begin to change our beliefs?
The tools in this book
will help you question and reassess your beliefs,
to understand where they came from
and how to change them
to something that works better for you,
freeing you to be the best you can be!

Our beliefs about ourselves
govern our thoughts, our actions,
and our interactions with others.
Changing our beliefs will change our world.

You Have the Power

You are the controller of your life—
once you become aware and fully
understand this, you can change
whatever is not the way you want it.

When you were a child,
you were dependent on others to provide for
you, and you were basically at their mercy.
You were less able to choose
the influences in your life.

Now that you are an adult, your life is
your own, and the choices are endless.
You are the creator of your life.

If you don't like something about yourself,
your job, your relationships, or your life,
you are free to take steps to change it.
You may need to take a class, move house,
change jobs, or find new friends,
but you can do it if it's what you want.
You are the power in your own life.
Exercise that power by taking steps that
move you towards your happiness,
your desires, and your goals.

Reclaim your power, reclaim yourself and
your life. It is yours to do with as you wish.
You have the power to fulfil your desires.

Happiness Is Your Birthright

We learn unhappiness; it is not our natural state.
As babies, we assumed we were okay,
until someone told us by words or deeds
that we were not okay.
At that point, we may have started to wonder.

Newly arrived in a strange land,
with little or no power of discernment,
we believed what others told us
or showed us about ourselves.
Not all babies are immediately welcomed
by their families.
The new baby may bring financial hardship
or restraint or the loss of freedom;
either way, the birth of a baby
means big change
that is not always welcomed unrestrainedly.
This is not any reflection on you personally
and should never be interpreted as such.

Whatever your beginnings,
your family circumstances or upbringing,
you are here because you are meant to be here.
You are here because the universe wants
you to be. See the bigger picture.
The whole world is your home and your true family.

You are always a wanted child
in a bountiful and benign universe.
Happiness is your birthright.
Know this to be true, and act on it.

Miracles Abound

We are surrounded by the miraculous:
the air we breathe, the sun that shines,
the flowers and trees that grow,
and the rain that refreshes.

Children are born and grow;
broken bones and hearts mend;
ailments are cured;
new technologies are invented,
and new relationships formed.
Look around you
and see the miracles everywhere, every day.

Within us lie even more miracles.
We breathe, we think, we feel;
our skin renews, our blood pumps;
our hair grows, our muscles move us around.
Every cell in our body is renewed regularly.

When you focus on the miraculous,
any changes you want to make
can be seen as possible and attainable.
You can grow bigger, smaller,
younger, different, better in any way you wish.
You control your body,
and you can choose to treat it well or poorly.
Learn how your body works;
learn its rhythms and its needs.
Listen to your body.
It will tell you everything you need to know
about whatever's wrong with you.

It's up to you how you grow and renew!

Give Thanks for Your Life

Be grateful for the gift of life.
Not every soul gets the chance to be here;
some do, but for a very short time.
You are here because you deserve the gift of
life. Therefore, you also deserve happiness.

Count your blessings.
Look for other things you can be grateful for.
Do you have a roof over your head?
A job? Family? Friends? Health? Talent?
Some will have more than you,
and some will have less.
It matters not what you have;
it's what you do with it that counts.
Be grateful that you are here at all.
In being here, you have choices about what
to do, who to be, and where to be.

When you desire change, you must be that change.
Change your actions, your words, and your thoughts
to something that will more positively move you
in the direction you want to go.
Give thanks for those things you do have.
Focus on the good in your life, in the world,
and then imagine better.

Giving thanks for what we have and are
given ensures that we are given more.

Gratitude helps us grow in love.

You Are Already There

You have everything you need within you now
to be whoever or whatever you want to be!

You may also have within you a lot of
blocks, negative views, and hang-ups
preventing you from achieving your dreams.

Often they are the result of years of conditioning
by society, culture, and family.
Our beliefs about ourselves
also came from our own childhood reactions
to events and influences,
from interacting with
other people's unresolved wounds and problems.
Sometimes even a chance remark by someone else
is enough to set us back.
We don't have to accept what others say about us
or the way they treat us as being the truth about us.

Like digging for buried treasure,
obstructions need to be removed
to reveal your true self in all its glory.

The purpose of the obstructions was once protective.
It is now safe and necessary to remove them,
to find, heal, reveal, and free the real you.

Transcend Limits and Limitations

Think of all the barriers that have been broken
by those who don't accept limits on achievements.

The three-minute mile, crossing the ocean,
flight, the space race, computers,
organ transplants, and so on.
People everywhere are doing things
others said couldn't be done!

What a wonderful thing to do—
something others said couldn't be done!
Wouldn't you feel wonderful if you did something,
anything that someone said could never happen?
Have you done anything wonderful yet
that you previously thought you couldn't?

Do it!
Transcend the belief in limitations of any kind,
and go for your dream.
Give it everything you've got,
and never doubt for a moment
the possibility that it can happen.
Do it for you!

Anything can happen, anywhere, anytime.
Why not make that work for you
by imagining what you want to happen for
you. There really are no limits to what you can
achieve, except those in which you believe.

Develop Enthusiasm

Nothing will change for you unless you change.
The hardest part of getting out of a rut
or getting off your butt
is taking the first step!

Motivate yourself
with enthusiasm for what you want.
Inspire yourself to achieve your goals and
desires. Take a walk, get a study buddy,
read inspirational books, watch inspiring
movies, talk with others, ask for help, pray,
sing, dance, listen to rousing music,
or rub yourself all over with a rough towel.
Do what you must. Get that blood flowing.
Get that body moving. Get those eyes sparkling.
Get that mouth smiling. Strut your stuff!

Up and at it!
Nothing is going to drop into your lap;
you are going to have to do something
to bring about change.
Brainstorm your problem with creative
thought. Can you go over or under it, around
or through? There is more than one solution for
any problem. Begin, and it will soon be done.
Believe in yourself, have courage, and persevere.
Trust in the best possible outcome,
believe that you can and will
succeed in your endeavours.

You are more than a match for any problem!

Write Your Recipe for Life

In a journal,
set out your headings
for each area of your life:
How would you describe you, as you want to be?
What are your dreams for your career?
What do you seek in a relationship?
Who is your perfect partner?
What sort of lifestyle do you crave?
What are your ideal living arrangements?
What qualities do you treasure in a friend?
Where would you take your dream holiday?
And anything else you can think of.

Use pictures (either drawn or cut out of
magazines), words, and colours to illustrate your
ideals for each. Be as specific as you can.
Describe yourself and your life
as you would want it to be.
What would happen if your most cherished,
and deeply desired dreams and dearest wishes
came true?
Note a date on your entries,
and don't be afraid to change your mind
as often as you like.
Your wants, needs, and desires
will change as you grow.
This is as it should be.
We can change our goals and set new ones.
We can have short-term and long-term goals.

The universe really does want you to
have everything you want,
so ask for what would fulfil you,
enable you to feel happy,
and make you supremely content
at every stage of your life.

Dream big, completely fulfilling dreams!

You Are Perfect

In the great scheme of things,
you are always perfect
just the way you are
at any given time.

Whoever, whatever, and wherever you are now
is a stage in your journey.
You don't have to stay that way forever,
but you can if you want to.

You may want to change something
about yourself or your life,
and that's what this book is about.
It is important to first accept yourself
totally as you are now.
Learn to love and accept who you are
at every stage of your journey.
We are human beings,
all God's children born of woman,
yet we are different from each other.
Our individuality is what makes us
so interesting and loveable.
To find and express the best of your being
is the path of growth to success,
happiness, and fulfilment.

You will always be you,
even as you change and grow.
If you don't love you,
you won't believe that anyone else can or will.

Give yourself your unconditional acceptance.
Your foibles and individual traits
are what make you—
a unique and unrepeatable being.

Expect a Positive Outcome

Sometimes we sabotage our own best efforts
for positive change by worrying
about what could go wrong.
We limit our own potential
when we surrender to the fear
that whatever can go wrong, will.

Nothing in life is all smooth sailing.
Even if you stay where you are,
the way you are now,
you will still have problems and issues to
deal with; that is not going to change.
In all probability,
none of us will ever have a life
that is free of any problems!

Maybe you are just used to worrying
because you've had time to worry.
Make yourself too busy or too mellow instead.
If it's going to happen,
it'll be something you haven't thought of
anyway! Focus on the best possible outcome,
give up worrying, and spend your time
getting, doing, being, having, and enjoying
what you really want to be or do.
You can deal with anything that comes up
more easily if you remember
that you are on your way
to who and where you want to be.

Remember that
often the things that can go right
will go right.

Think, Speak, and Act Positively

If it's not already your habit,
practice thinking and speaking of yourself,
and others, events, and experiences
in positive terms.

Look for and find the positive
in everyone and everything.
It is possible to choose what we say and think.
For example, "She has a vibrant personality"
is so much more positively focused
than "Her clothes were not ironed."

Aim to help yourself and others feel good.
"I have lovely hair" is more positive than
"I don't like my fat bottom."

Every experience can be seen in a positive
light. Rain is not depressing, it's refreshing!
Your partner didn't leave you
because there was something wrong with you;
it was because
you were not the right one for him or her.

By changing our words,
we change our thoughts and vice versa.
When you focus on the positive
and think and speak positively,
your whole world will change.

You'll find yourself becoming
the sort of person people just love to be
around. You'll like yourself better too!


Excerpted from I Just Need a Helping Hand ... and then I'm Going to Make It! by Joelle Lewis. Copyright © 2015 Joelle Lewis. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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