I Voted For The White Half: And, a Road Map to End Unemployment, Tomorrow

I Voted For The White Half: And, a Road Map to End Unemployment, Tomorrow

by Jim Green


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THE purpose book is to provide a road map for how we can end our unemployment crisis-tomorrow. And it needs to be said at the outset-I am a capitalist-I celebrate the concept: Build a better widget, sell it for a million buck, and retire in Florida...it is what we are doing now that is anti-market-and the suggestions, below, are to correct that....We can't fix any of our socio-economic problems, however, until we address the corruption [and sometimes just plain ineptness] which causes them-and this is also true for our unemployment crisis....The good news is that we humans do have the capacity to change and abandon often cruel, and unworkable policies and laws such as the chemical castration of male homosexuals in England, and the Jim Crow laws in America-albeit, it took almost a century to eliminate this barbarism-in time we will eliminate our current anachronistic and unworkable policies and laws, and permanently end our unemployment crisis in America....Regarding unemployment, 86% of Americans believe that "anybody wanting to work should be able to find a job"--and yet, we have almost 9 million unemployed [the official number-others report 25 million unemployed/underemployed] -and in spite of the fact that we have the "legal authorization", on the books, today-to limit our UER to 3%, tomorrow. That is, at no time should our UER in America exceed 3%. Period.

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ISBN-13: 9781511839037
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Publication date: 04/21/2015
Pages: 70
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