I Was Once Ashamed but I Am Now Forgiven: From Abortion to Healing

I Was Once Ashamed but I Am Now Forgiven: From Abortion to Healing

by Mary Sullivan

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Mary had so many questions for God. The questions, anger and pain intensified throughout the years and seemed overwhelming.

If God knew her life before she was even born then why did He allow her to be molested as a child?

Why did He allow her to go through with an abortion?

Could she go on living a lie the rest of her life?

Was there any hope?

Could God ever forgive her?

Could she ever forgive herself or other people that were involved?

Would she ever see her child again?

Those profound events that reshaped her life would forever be with her. She searched the bible for answers. Her story tells you how it affected her life, the babys life and others involved. With abortion there are several people involved like the father, doctors, nurses or maybe even the person that helped make the decision? I Was Once Ashamed But I Am Now Forgiven helps you find answers and forgiveness.

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ISBN-13: 9781973618850
Publisher: WestBow Press
Publication date: 02/09/2018
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 114
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

Mary Sullivan resides in Central Washington with her husband, Jack, and their shih tzu, Bella. They have a son, Mitch, who passed away from pneumonia three years ago and a daughter-in-law, Holly, who also lives in Central Washington. Their daughter Castilia and her husband, Juan, live in Florida. Mary and Jack are proud grandparents of seven grandchildren, two of whom are grandsons (Austin and Nico) and five granddaughters (Jade, Jewel, Mercedes, Tru, and Anya).

Mary enjoys being with family, camping, boating, and being around people in general. She also enjoys fishing and RVing with her husband. Her favorite pastime is painting. She loves to paint with acrylic and oil paint on canvas, tile, glass, and even rocks. She also enjoys teaching others her God-given talent of painting.

She didnt start painting until one day she woke up from a dream that she had of her mother. In this dream, she saw her mother in a beautiful garden in heaven. Mary had actually lost her mother to a brain aneurism a few weeks previous to this dream. The dream was so vivid to her with all the flowers and colors. She remembers that in her dream, her mother seemed so peaceful in Gods garden. She knew she had to try to at least draw or paint what she saw in her dream. So she did just that. She then made copies of her painting and gave a copy to each one of her seven siblings. She has been painting ever since that day and either sells or gives her paintings away. She loves to see the smile on someones face when she presents him or her with the gift that God has given her, her talents in the form of paint. Some of her drawings in this book go back about ten years or more. Her talent has improved since then, but she wanted to include some of her older drawings as they were part of her journey while writing her story.

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