Immigration and Integration: The Irish in Wales, 1798-1922

Immigration and Integration: The Irish in Wales, 1798-1922

by Paul O'Leary


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Immigration and Integration: The Irish in Wales, 1798-1922 is the first book-length study of the Irish in modern Wales. Emigration has been one of the defining experiences of modern life for the Irish, and a significant number of the Irish diaspora settled in Wales during the nineteenth century.
In this pioneering work Paul O'Leary examines the causes of emigration and seeks to understand the experience of Irish immigrants in Wales. Initially, there was little evidence of Celtic solidarity and the Irish often met with violent hostility from the Welsh. Nevertheless, by the late nineteenth century the tortuous process of integration was well underway and appeared to be relatively trouble free in comparison with the Irish experience in many other parts of Britain.
The author considers key aspects of immigrant life in depth: pre-famine immigration; the role of the Irish in the labour force; criminality and drink; the establishment of community institutions, ranging from Catholic churches and schools to pubs and bookshops, from friendly societies to political organizations; the mobilization of support for Irish nationalist organizations; and Irish participation in the labour movement. In each case the author links the distinctive experiences of the Irish to developments in Welsh society.

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ISBN-13: 9780708315842
Publisher: University of Wales Press
Publication date: 07/28/2002
Series: University of Wales Press - Studies in Welsh History Series
Pages: 340
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About the Author

Paul O'Leary is a lecturer in the Department of History and Welsh History at University of Wales, Aberystwyth. He has written several articles on Irish immigrants in Wales and is co-author of Wales of One Hundred Years Ago (1999).

Table of Contents

Editors' Foreword
List of Tables and Maps
List of Abbreviations
I     Varieties of Irish Immigration, 1798-1845
II    Pre-famine Settlement, Social Life and Politics
III   The Deluge: The Great Famine, 1845-1850
IV   'Sectional Colonists': Patterns of Irish Settlement, 1851-1871
V    The Irish in the Labour Market, 1850-1900
VI   'Thieving Like an Irishman': the Irish and Crime
VII  Friendly Societies, Temperance and Respectability
VIII A 'Devotional Revolution'? Religion and Belief in Immigrant Culture
IX   From Fenianism to Free State: Irish Immigrants and Politics, 1860-1922
X    Conclusion

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