In the Steps of Saint Paul

In the Steps of Saint Paul

by Peter Walker


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In this highly engaging book, Peter Walker uses his expertise in Biblical studies and his extensive experience of leading tours around the Mediterranean to bring the world of Saint Paul vividly to life. Following Luke's account in the Book of Acts and using evidence from Paul's own letters, he reconstructs the apostle's wide-ranging travels and describes the many places Paul visited as we encounter them today. In doing so he helps us to appreciate the issues that Paul confronted and to understand the motivation that drove him on. Enriched with boxed features outlining key timelines and topics, and supplemented with maps and street plans, this book is an ideal introduction to Paul and his travels for scholars at all levels of study.

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ISBN-13: 9781506457895
Publisher: Augsburg Fortress, Publishers
Publication date: 05/22/2019
Series: In the Steps of...
Pages: 216
Sales rank: 495,975
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Peter Walker studied Classics and Early Church History at Cambridge University and has done extensive research at a post-doctoral level on Christian attitudes to Jerusalem. Peter is now Professor of Biblical Studies at Trinity School for Ministry (near Pittsburgh, USA), having previously taught at Wycliffe Hall within the University of Oxford. He has led many study tours to the Holy Land. His books include: In the Steps of Jesus, In the Steps of Saint Paul, The Lion Guide to the Bible, and The Story of the Holy Land.

Table of Contents

Introduction 7

Map of Paul's Journeys 8-9

Key Dates: The Roman World 11

Paul's Letters: Date and Location 13

Key Dates: Luke and Paul 17

1 Damascus 21

Drama on the Road 21

Paul's Conversion in Later Christian Thought 23

Key Dates: Damascus 32

Damascus Today 33

Plan of Modern Damascus 35

Visiting Modern Syria 36

2 Tarsus 39

Reflections at Home 39

Key Dates: Tarsus 46

Tarsus Today 49

Visitors to Asia Minor: Past and Present 50

3 Antioch on the Orontes 53

City of Commissioning 53

Key Dates: Antioch 59

Antioch after the New Testament 63

Antioch Today 64

4 Cyprus 68

First Adventures 68

Map of Paul's first "Missionary Journey" 69

Plan of Ancient Paphos 72

Key Dates: Cyprus 74

Cyprus Today 75

Plan of Ancient Salamis 76

Barnabas and the Byzantines 77

5 Pamphylia 84

Divergent Paths 84

Map of Ancient Pamphylia's Southern Coast 85

Key Dates: Pamphylia 89

Pamphylia Today 92

Plan of Ancient Perga 94

Visiting Modern Turkey 95

6 Galatia 98

Into the Interior 98

Paul and Thecla 103

Map of Asia Minor's road Systems 107

Key Dates: Galatia 108

Galatia Today 110

Plan of Ancient Pisidian Antioch 111

7 Macedonia 116

First Steps into Europe 116

Paul's Developing Strategy 117

Map of Paul's Second "Missionary Journey" 125

Key Dates: Macedonia 130

Macedonia Today 132

Plan of Philippi Ruins 134

Plan of Wider Philippi Area 135

Plan of Ancient Sites in Thessaloniki 137

8 Athens 139

At the Center of Culture 139

Key Dates: Athens 145

Visiting Modern Greece 147

Athens Today 149

Plan of Ancient Athens 150

9 Corinth 155

A Cosmopolitan City 155

Map of Corinth's Ports and the Isthmus 158

Key Dates: Corinth 159

Later News from Corinth 162

Corinth Today 165

Plan of Ancient Corinth 169

10 Ephesus and Miletus 171

Teaching and Farewells 171

Key Dates: Ephesus and Miletus 177

From the Aegean to Jerusalem 181

Map of Paul's Third "Missionary Journey" 183

Ephesus and Miletus Today 183

Plan of Ancient Ephesus 186

Ephesus and the Two Johns 187

Plan of the Wider Ephesus Area 192

Plan of Miletus' Harbor Area and Its Ancient Coastline 193

11 Jerusalem 195

In the Master's Steps 195

The Collection for Jerusalem 196

Key Dates: Jerusalem 205

Jerusalem Today 206

12 Caesarea 210

Place of Waiting 210

Key Dates: Caesarea 215

Caesarea Today 217

Plan of Ancient Caesarea Maritima 219

13 Malta 221

Haven from Shipwreck 221

Ancient Sea Travel 223

Map of Paul's Final Journey Toward Rome 227

Malta Today 230

Key Dates: Malta 231

Plan of St Paul's Bay 232

14 Rome 237

The Goal at the Center 237

Map of Paul's Final Approach to Rome 239

Plan of Ancient Rome 244

Key Dates: Rome 245

The Developing Church in Rome 250

Rome Today 251

Visiting Rome Today 254

Epilogue 263

Further Reading 266

Index 268

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