Industrial biotechnology: an introduction

Industrial biotechnology: an introduction


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A bioprocess is any process that uses complete living cells or their components to obtain desired products. Production of a commercially useful chemical or fuel by a biological process, such as microbial fermentation or degradation. This book is divided into four modules. Module 1 deals with Bioprocess and Chemical process, Introduction to Industrial Biotechnology (IBT) or Bioprocess technology (BPT), Microbial growth, nutrition and kinetics, Microbial metabolism and industrially important microbial metabolites, Fermentation: definition, types and applications, Isolation and screening of industrially important microorganisms and strain improvement. In module 2, Media classification and bacterial nutritional requirements, Defined vs undefined media, Fermentation broth, Designing fermentation media, Effect of pH, temperature and salt concentration in fermentation, Media optimization, Fermentation starter / starter culture and Media for identifying microorganisms. Module 3 explains about Fermentor / Bioreactor, Types of Fermenters / Bioreactors, Bioreactor control, Bioreactor instrumentation and sterilization, Mode of culturing microorganisms and Downstream processing (DSP). Module 4 deals with the scope of industrial microbiology, Immobilization of cells and Industrial use of enzymes.

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