Innovation Age Learning: Empowering Students by Empowering Teachers

Innovation Age Learning: Empowering Students by Empowering Teachers

by Sam Sakai-Miller

Paperback(New Edition)

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Ready or not, education has entered the Innovation Age, where it's not about what students know but what they can do with what they know. To be truly engaged, students need to go beyond content, skills and relevance. They need to feel empowered to make a difference with their learning. In Innovation Age Learning, author Sharon "Sam" Sakai-Miller shares her vision for active, constructivist-based learning, infused with innovation skills, which leads to proven student success. Offering practical ideas organized by essential skills, including collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking, the book encourages educators to intentionally design learning environments that: Foster collaboration in class, beyond class and beyond school. Promote self expression, interactive communication and three-dimensional communication through words, data and graphics. Encourage creativity by building creative confidence, and associational thinking and empathetic thinking skills. Boost critical-thinking skills by supporting the iterative learning process and building questioning and experimentation skills.

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ISBN-13: 9781564843555
Publisher: International Society for Technology in Education
Publication date: 01/22/2016
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 198
Product dimensions: 5.80(w) x 8.80(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Sharon “Sam” Sakai-Miller is the director of Technology Integration Services at the San Lorenzo Unified School District near Oakland, California. After teaching for more than 10 years, she served at three Bay Area County Offices of Education and as a curriculum coordinator for math, science, and instructional technology. As an educational consultant, Sakai-Miller presented in 18 states and published the MentorToGo Technology Literacy Kit for Teachers.

Table of Contents

Foreword ix

Introduction 1

Part I Education in the Innovation Age

Chapter 1 Thriving in the Innovation Age 5

What Do We Mean by "Innovation?" 6

The Information Age Gives Way to the Innovation Age 7

Innovation Process 8

New Demands on Students 10

New Demands on Education 15

Supporting Future Innovators 16

Chapter 2 Teaching at Three Levels: What, So What, and Now What 21

Exposure, Engagement, Empowerment 23

What: Exposure 25

So What: Engagement 29

Now What: Empowerment 30

Chapter 3 Systemic Classroom Changes 35

Closing the Learning Environment Gap 36

Systematic Technology Integration 37

Iteration-Friendly Assessment 40

Part II Empowering Students through the 4Cs

Chapter 4 Collaboration 49

Creating a Culture of Learning Together 50

Collaboration in Class 54

Collaboration beyond Class 56

Collaboration beyond School 58

Chapter 5 Communication 63

Audience, Observation, and Openness 65

One-Way, Presentational Communication 68

Two-Way, Interactive Communication 73

3D Communication through Words, Data, and Graphics 91

Chapter 6 Creativity 101

Having a "50 Solutions Mentality" 103

Associational Thinking 104

Lotus Diagram Graphic Organizer 106

Empathetic Thinking 108

Chapter 7 Critical Thinking 113

Questioning 114

Reflection and Reflexivity 116

Graphic Organizers 116

Experimentation 119

Iterative Learning Process: Mastery Learning 121

Part III Teachers' Innovation Age Challenge

Chapter 8 Vision: Collective Needs and Actions 127

Serendipity 129

Vision 130

The Promise of Technology 131

Comprehensive Technology Plan 138

Chapter 9 Professional Learning and Leadership 143

Collaboration 144

Technology Academies 146

Project LEAN In 153

TSA by Committee 156

Mini-Conferences 156

Teacher Leadership 158

Chapter 10 Ending Digital Isolation 161

Equity 163

Consistent Student Access at School 164

Appendix A Summary and Findings of Dissertation Study 169

Appendix B References 175

Index 183

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