Inspiring Quotes for the Youth

Inspiring Quotes for the Youth

by Sommer Rose


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As we grow and experience more things in life we can witness change. We see kids grow into young adults. We see different mentalities and recognize different directions this society has taken. It becomes more definite that we are becoming numb to immoral behaviors. We observe actions that show there is a thin line between good and evil. I am a person who sees the world as a diverse place, a place where it is still difficult to accept differences. The true nature of our existence is to co-exist. Life is about change and being different.

Many times when I go out in public I see bad influences. My experiences raising my own children and being around teenagers and young adults sparked my interest to do more and reveal my visions. Being adults we have a duty to better ourselves and be good examples. We know right from wrong so we should lead in the right way. In doing better the message for positive growth has to be heard. Encouragement for good decision-making has to be spoken. We are all on a journey in life. Whichever way we get through the obstacles we are faced with along the way is based on our decisions and actions. What we do cannot be taken back or done over. We should give situations a good amount of thought before making a final decision. Basically make an intelligent decision.

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