Integration wholeness

Integration wholeness

by Michael J Mitchell


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I have always been a problem solver - curious about how things worked. Starting as a child figuring out how to be good at math, and swimming, and seeing how things were built. In my twenties these skills led me to remodeling and building homes which was very creative and rewarding.

But as life would have it CHANGE into play. Health issues surfaced, I was out of balance, stressed, and afraid to deal with my emotions. Anxiety, depression, and hurt, to mention a few. (Like many men I was conditioned not to appear weak, or to express uncomfortable emotions).

For me these were challenging problems to be solved - but as I found out these emotions were not a problem to be avoided, but a symptom. My body was giving me feedback an a wake up call, and when I did not listen to this message, it got louder until PAIN got my attention.

I see people in my practice who have physical pain or emotional pain. So often these two types of pain are very connected. Any type of pain can cause a host of other troubles that affect all areas of life. But many people have learned to use their pain as a path to awareness. Pain motivated them to make real and lasting lifestyle changes.

So now a positive thought, what if we have the absolute ability to work through the challenges that inevitably come our way. And what if we can use that experience to mature and realize a potential and power in ourselves we never thought possible?

Your potential is why I wanted to share these gems of wisdom. These thoughts and reminders represent wisdom and a similar belief system held by many influential persons throughout history. (Hint - learn from others common sense and enlightenment).

These subjects are the stuff of meditation and communication that stimulates our Mind, Heart, and Actions. Think of the conversations, learning, and growth that can be had!

The best relationships start with how you experience yourself.

So choose a good one!

Michael Mitchell


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