International Crisis and Domestic Politics: Major Political Conflicts in the 1980s

International Crisis and Domestic Politics: Major Political Conflicts in the 1980s

by James Lamare


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The essays collected in this volume examine the impact of international conflict on domestic politics through studies of events of the 1980s. The findings expand upon previous crisis theories and put them into a cross-national context. Each article presents a variant of the type of impact that international crisis may have on domestic politics. Public opinion and the conditions under which it may solidify or unravel during an international crisis is also explored. Relationships between international crisis and public opinion, political leadership, and public policy are closely analyzed by the various essayists. Also studied are the dynamics of change that result from international crisis.

The following countries and events are examined in International Crisis and Domestic Politics: The United States and intervention overseas during the Reagan years; Britain and the Falklands War; the Soviet Union and Afghanistan; Israel and the Middle East; external economic sanctions and South Africa; Northern Ireland's reaction to the British presence; and New Zealand and the ANZUS conflict. This volume will be of relevance to courses in international relations, comparative politics, and political psychology.

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Publication date: 04/19/1991
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About the Author

JAMES W. LAMARE is Senior Lecturer and Head of the Department of Political Science, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand. His most recent articles have appeared in the Journal of Conflict Resolution, the Public Opinion Quarterly, the Journal of Peace Research, and Political Psychology. He is also the author of What Rules America?

Table of Contents


International Intervention and Public Support: America during the Reagan Years by James W. Lamare

The Falklands War and British Public Opinion by Helmut Norpoth

The ANZUS Conflict and New Zealand Politics by W. Keith Jackson and James W. Lamare

Jews and Arabs in Israel: Everybody Hates Somebody, Sometime by Michal Shamir and John L. Sullivan

Community Conflict Processes: Mobilization and Demobilization in Northern Ireland by Gavan Duffy and Nathalie Frensley

The Afghan Conflict and Soviet Domestic Politics by T. H. Rigby

Self-Fulfilling Prophecies: Sanctions and Apartheid in South Africa by Martin Holland



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