Into Eden: Elements of Emancipation

Into Eden: Elements of Emancipation

by Redpanther, John F. Burnett


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Rat Race Removal

Everyone knows the "society" we live in is in deep trouble. This will only get worse, until we DO something. Here you will find a primer on taking back your life, the emancipation of working people (the "middle class"), and finally, our return to Eden.

The present mess has been called the "human condition", but it is not natural to humans. It is the result of 10,000 years of damage. Late Capitalism, the present form of economic slavery, is not at its core an economic system. It is a sick attitude about life, a radical disconnect from what life is about.

The cure will require a deep spiritual awakening, the likes of which America has never seen.

Another world isn't just possible.
It is necessary.

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ISBN-13: 9781496931429
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 11/20/2014
Pages: 218
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Into Eden

Elements of Emancipation

By John F. Burnett


Copyright © 2014 John F. Burnett
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4969-3142-9


The Return

Re: Segorea Te/Glen Cove Native American occupation

The entire Earth is being desecrated.

The children of the invaders don't know how to live here. To a sad degree, they don't know how to live at all.

Your recent ancestors had this Knowledge, and you retain, to various degrees, much of it, despite vicious, prolonged attempts by the invaders to destroy it. How we were intended to live has been called the Way. It is my understanding that the full recovery of the Way is the most fundamental task of Native Americans and your allies. This recovery, and the return to the Land, I have called the Return. What is at stake here? Nothing less than the redemption of all humans.

This will require the repatriation of serious amounts of Land to the descendants of the Original People ("Indians") who know how to live here. In Northern and Central California, serious would start with thousands of square miles, and in appropriate time, expand to at least 30,000 square miles.

Nearly all "white" people own no Land or only a pitiful debt-loaded (and often underwater) crumb. Who can live decently on a tiny city lot? Humans need wild space to be happy.

(People of European decent only have a sickly whitish pallor when imprisoned in office cubicles or factories. We are normally, when free to live like normal humans, a tawny color, like a cougar, only more red.)

Nearly all U.S. Land in the West is owned by logging corporations, large agribusiness, railroads, utilities, and mining corporations – all almost totally owned by the richest 1% of the U.S. population, wealthy individuals, and the (capitalist) State – which allows logging corporations to rape the "public" forest – to build 3000 sq. ft. yuppie houses (and even bigger McMansions.) Aren't we blessed?!

Your stolen Land is held by a class enemy, not a racial one. And only working people as a whole have the (potential) power to destroy capitalist rule.

Gray Eagle said to me, about his People "we were defeated". Not long from now, those who have bought in to the spiritually dead, greedily depraved attitude about life that is capitalism will be staring defeat in the face. This has already started. Aside from the severe structural economic problems of an (inherently) sick/depraved system, consider, for starters:

1. The degenerate way of "life" that the invaders brought here breeds a host of plagues and diseases, most of which are incurable – which will in time create a health-care mess that by itself will take down the whole economy.

2. In as little as 100 years, many of the invader's cities will be underwater.

3. Industrial civilization is unsustainable.

Not long from now, the children of the invaders will have to learn the Way. There will be no choice.

The Way we were intended to live is literally encoded in our DNA. I call this the Biological Torah. This Deep Structure has to be enabled by phase-appropriate formative experience growing up. Genes are enabled by formative experience. With the destruction of the Way, our young are not getting this, and so end up with a damaged/deformed Deep Structure. And all the resulting problems.

Damaged, but not destroyed. The Land emanates directly from Reality (God), and through this Emanation, Reality will teach even the children of the invaders directly if we open ourselves deeply enough.

Working people as a whole will need to understand all this, given what is going to come down.

My war name is Redpanther.
My tribe is Scots-Irish/redneck

If you happen to know rednecks who are Native American friendly – please pass this on. My tribe needs to git ready for the class war.


On "primitivism", or Why the human memory of Eden won't go away

(The word 'primitive' has been applied to people who lived before class society, based on their technology. When applied to mental and even physical health, this word becomes a problem. These people were healthy and we are degenerate.

Those who are appalled by this assertion may want to check out the tasteful, social-democratic version of primitivism, which is called Evolutionary Psychology. It even got a cover article in Time magazine – a noted organ of anarchist propaganda – titled The Evolution of Despair, 8-28-95.)

The paleoanthropologists of our time have been dazed and confused (for so long it's not true) by the huge brains of our ancient ancestors (by ancient I mean 50,000 to 800,000 years back) (7), given their apparent lack of what we call art. And from this we surmise a lack of symbol formation (language) as we know it – words, grammar, and syntax like we have now.

Yet their stone tools were finely made – probably in what we would call a meditative state – and are much more beautiful than they needed to be merely to function (see plate 1 - 500,000 years old).

"If these people didn't have language like we do, what were they doing with these huge brains?"

Seeing God.

Religion (and the inherently idolatrous abstraction of God) is the largely co-opted and rotted hulk of symbol-formation around what was originally, before the Biblical Fall of humanity, a direct, unmediated relationship with Reality (6).

Anyone who has been given Direct Knowledge understands directly how crude and shallow language is. And how crude and shallow even our finest art is compared to wild nature itself.

Symbol-formation, like the information technology based on it, is more efficient than direct or intuitive forms of knowledge at certain limited tasks. As pointed out by John Zerzan (in his "extremist" critique of language and art) – when words and "virtual reality" overrun directly lived reality (the disease of late Homo sapiens) – we have problems.

It is no coincidence that spiritual practice attempts to still this endless diarrhea of symbol-formation, not by moralistically trying to stifle it (and becoming attached to this campaign of stifling), but by letting go of it, so that in time we begin to have direct, unmediated experience.

Or what was normal for our non-degenerate ancestors.

"... to say we wouldn't want to live in our primitive past isn't to say we can't learn from it. It is, after all, the world in which our currently malfunctioning minds were designed to work like a Swiss watch." (Evolution of Despair, Time, 8-28-95, pg. 52)

A Swiss watch is a very, very crude analogy.

The minds of our ancient ancestors were organized very differently than ours today. Direct Knowledge is called 'mysticism' because it is mysterious to those who (in our degenerate condition) have never had this level of experience. And because those who have cannot reduce it to symbol-formation, and because the intellect cannot grasp it. The best of the Scriptures can only give clues, and these remnant clues use symbol-formation sparingly.

Our ancestors saw God every day.

We saw each other and the rest of wild nature (from which we had no separation) directly as we emanate from this inmost, final Reality.

(A fragmented or poorly translated remnant of this is the "primitive" experience or intuition that trees, animals, and rocks have spirits in them.) And so we were uninterested in the fallen things of class society. (5)

The Deep Structure of human nature (the "Swiss watch" referred to in Time) was able to unfold mostly intact (unlike today) because we had the formative experiences that enable this unfolding.

At the most material level, these experiences "switch on" the thousands of genes (many during critical effect periods) that enable the vastly complex interrelated neural structures of the Deep Structure to form. Genes are activated by experience. (1)

This was the biological substrate enabling the "primitive" communism of our ancestors. And for that matter any freely chosen, actually lived communism that will ever exist.

The scientists of capitalism, having stumbled upon a materialized pattern in our genome, will attempt to manipulate ("engineer") it to their own ends. They are already trying to map the human brain, and tweak certain genes. Thought control awaits!

It is already apparent that the advanced derangement of everyday life itself is reducing many pieces of the genetic code for the Deep Structure to junk DNA. By adulthood, much of this damage is irreparable, as so many of these genes are very difficult or impossible to "switch on" after their critical effect periods have passed. This is probably the main reason neural plasticity declines so much with age. (See Appendix 2 – Diseases of Late Capitalism. The most documented example of the critical effect period is language itself – kids deprived of human contact till age 5 or 6 never learn how to speak.)

Godless, soulless capitalism cannot grasp the deep, subtle, integrated totality of the Deep Structure; and so Capital will never be able to control it as a totality. But Late Capitalist culture has been able to hijack pieces of this Deep Structure, and tweak these pieces into malignant tumors. (Greed – a malignant form of storing food for winter or hard times, and status-seeking – a malignant form of needing to be valued by one's band and tribe – immediately come to mind. These malignancies are driven by the inherent fragmentation and emptiness of Late Capitalist life.)

We are not too far gone yet to be unable to intuit many or even most of the experiences needed to enable the Deep Structure.

Some likely clues:

1. A viable mother-infant bond in the first year of life (including the father and allo-parents). Science already knows (from its own stupid experience) that the absence of this kills babies – regardless of how warm, dry, well fed, and clean they are kept. (2) This holding environment continues thru the rest of life with the people we are tight with.

2. Genuinely felt encouragement for individuation, starting as early as age 1 – i.e. our kids are distinct individuals with temperaments and lives of their own, not appendages of our egos.

3. A warm, close relationship with the same-sex parent, especially between ages 2 and 12, and with other kids of our own sex between age 5 and 12. (3)

4. Immersion in wild nature, and from this seeing our belonging to it, starting at age 1.

5. Lots of opportunity for play, starting before age 1. (4)

6. Successful resolution of the "Oedipus Complex" (gender/sexual formation), around age 4-6.

7. Stable belonging to a single extended family (band) – based on both blood and blood-joining (buddies for life), most critically throughout childhood, but also throughout life.

8. Stable belonging to a single neighborhood or workplace (remnant analogue to tribe or People; class – as in working class, or nationality are extensions of this).

9. Just as ethics are taught by example, so a healthy spiritual life will tend to grow spontaneously out of the opportunities for healthy development I have mentioned here. Kids will be naturally curious; adolescents and young adults will begin having "mystical experiences" (Direct Knowledge) even without psychedelics.

(I suspect our Upper Paleolithic ancestors – 40,000-10,000 years ago – turned to psychedelics and shamen when they were already starting to lose it. Earlier people did not need them. The Fall was a slow, insidious slide towards class society during the Upper Paleolithic, then a complete rupture into it with patriarchy/Neolithic society, not a sudden expulsion from Eden.)

The Deep Structure is inherently natural/anarchist. That is, it will spontaneously self-organize given any opportunity to do so (at least during childhood and adolescence). It cannot be intellectually pre-conceived and shoved down people's throats by politically correct planners or cult-like families and churches. The outcomes of these attempts are always deranged and sometimes lethal.

The supremacy of a completely inhuman reality has intuitively gripped the imagination of people living under Late Capitalism – exemplified by the Matrix series. This will be the final stage of class society if it is allowed to fulfill its inherent nature.

Our rulers, and the "gatekeepers" they use to control us, will not at their physical core be artificial intelligence or machines. Their physical core will be the DNA of our present capitalist oligarchy, re-engineered, raised in human bodies, and fused with other bioengineering applications, artificial intelligence implants and connections, and nanotechnology applications. Having had human origins at one point, they will no longer be human. (Who but the wealthy are going to start having "designer babies"?)

These rulers will use technology we can scarcely imagine now to enforce their grip on the rest of us. And a world who's natural/biological foundation will be imploding, despite technological attempts to forestall this.

This is the world our children will be left with, should present trends be allowed to continue. And us, for those of us young enough to live another 40 years.

The great human longing for the Mesach (Messiah – Judaism), the Second Coming (Christianity), and the Revolution (anarchism and Marxism) is an unconsciously driven longing for the awakening of the Deep Structure, and the recovery of the direct relationship we once had with Reality.

To paraphrase the first of the Matrix series: The awakening of the Deep Structure, which will herald the destruction of Late Capitalism and all class society.

The Deep Structure is inside each one of us.

Those of us well into adulthood may be irreparably damaged, but our children could be more fortunate. If we wake up, we will intuit what they need (starting with a radically healthier social order). If we are sufficiently open spiritually, we will be shown directly how we were intended to live.

And the mind of Reality is infinite - unimaginably more intelligent and integrated than any technology the capitalist oligarchy will ever have.

"What makes Mescalito different from an ally?"

"He can't be tamed and used as an ally is tamed and used. Mescalito is outside oneself. He chooses to show himself in many forms to whoever stands in front of him, regardless of whether that person is a brujo or a farm boy."

Don Juan spoke with deep fervor about Mescalito's being the teacher of the proper way to live. I asked him how Mescalito taught the "proper way of life", and Don Juan replied that Mescalito SHOWED how to live.

"How does he show it?" I asked.

"He has many ways of showing it. Sometimes he shows it on his hand, or on the rocks, or the trees, or just in front of you."

"Is it like a picture in front of you?"

"No. It is a teaching in front of you."

"Does Mescalito talk to the person?"

"Yes. But not in words."

"How does he talk, then?"

"He talks differently to every individual."

(from The Teachings of Don Juan, Carlos Castaneda, pg. 52)


Green Anarchy on the Silver Screen?!!

Review of Avatar

I have to admit, this movie really moved me, even tho it's a Spectacle (and so Must Be Roundly Condemned By All True Anarchists). A Pagan woman, commenting on the movie, said she heard women crying when she went to the restroom at the theatre. I could barely contain myself from crying thru the latter half of the movie. I'm a guy after all, and didn't want to make a public scene. One friend of mine saw the movie 5 times.

Within all but the most severely damaged humans of our time, there is a deep longing for the Return. It is usually unconscious in most people today. The ancient Greeks and Romans had their own story of Eden and our Fall from it. Hinduism posits stages of degeneration. There is immense, largely unconscious grief behind these stories. The Fall really happened.


Excerpted from Into Eden by John F. Burnett. Copyright © 2014 John F. Burnett. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
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Table of Contents


Foreword, ix,
Introduction/about the author, vii,
The Return, 1,
Why the human memory of Eden won't go away, 4,
Green Anarchy on the Silver Screen?!!, 28,
How Normal Human Young Grow Up, 31,
The Formation of Humankind, 36,
99%'ers. The economics of our present (and future) situation, 57,
To Occupy Wall Street (7-23-12), 63,
Health "care" "cost" in the U.S.A, 72,
That bizarre conspiracy theory (and its unconscious basis in present reality), 74,
Death Panels for Capitalism!, 78,
The bankruptcy of elitist liberalism, 80,
What's in a word? "Radical", 82,
Radicalism in the U.S.A, 83,
What is anarchism? What is the Left?, 89,
What is work?, 91,
The Red Panther, 94,
Theses on Human Emancipation, 101,
Where Working People are Taking Power Now, 103,
Thought experiment: Why capitalism can't be banned, 122,
Unnatural Disasters, 125,
Rewilding sanctuary proposal, 127,
The futility of art, 131,
God's Instrument: Demystifying "Mysticism", 134,
Individual character structure and its fundamental reconstruction, 142,
Love relations during the Emancipation, 146,
"If there is a good, all-powerful God, then why does He allow ...", 150,
The path of Jesus is communist, 152,
Temptation (and envy), 155,
Ameliorate America, 157,
Trivial Riot, 161,
Differences among those who want change, 163,
What it will take to win, 166,
Race War: The final trump-card of a threatened oligarchy, 171,
Commentary on the Spanish and Russian revolutions, 182,
Re: "Is income inequality a bad thing?", 187,
Bad Kitty, 190,
A "homeless" story, 199,
Acknowledgements, 201,
An invitation, 202,

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