Introduction to FortiGate Part-1 Infrastructure: Fortinet Network Security Introduction

Introduction to FortiGate Part-1 Infrastructure: Fortinet Network Security Introduction

by Daniel Howard

Hardcover(Color Print ed.)

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Chapter One | Introduction to FortiGate
•Identify platform features of FortiGate
•Describe Security Processor Unit SPU
•Identify factory defaults
•Understand the different operational modes
•Understand FortiGate and FortiGuard Relationship
•Manage administrator profiles•Manage administrative profiles
•Manage network interfaces
•Manage basic services
•backup and restore config file
•upgrade and downgrade firmware
•Understand CLI structure
•Understand GUI navigation
•Initial Configuration

Chapter - 2 | Layer two technologies
•Configuration of layer-2 VLANs
•Describe VLANs and VLAN tagging process
•Describe FortiOS Transparent Mode
•Configure FortiOS Transparent Mode settings
•Describe Transparent Mode Bridge Table
•Describe MAC forwarding•Describe how to find MAC address on FortiOS
•Describe Forwarding Domains•Describe and configure Virtual Switches
•Describe Spanning Tree Protocol
•Describe and Configure various NAT Mode layer-2 protocols
•Describe and configure Layer-3 VLAN interface
•Describe Virtual Wire Pairing
•Describe and Configure VXLAN

Chapter-3 Layer Three Technologies:
•Configuration of Static Routes
•implementation of Policy-Based Routes
•Control traffic for well-known Internet Services
•Interpret the FortiOS Routing Table
•Understand FortiOS anti-spoofing mechanism
•Implement route failover and floating route
•Understand ECMP
•Recognize active route vs standby route vs inactive routes
•Use built in sniffer and diagnose flow debug tools,•Understand Session Table Entry.

Chapter 4 | Firewall Policy and NAT
•Identify components in Firewall Policy
•Describe how traffic matches Firewall Policy Entries
•Configure Firewall Policy Logging•Describe Policy GUI list views
•Describe Policy ID's vs Policy Sequence numbers
•Described where objects are referenced
•Explain Name restrictions on Firewall Policies
•Perform Firewall Policy re-ordering•Describe NAT and PAT
•Explain different configuration modes for NAT•Configure and Describe SNAT and DNAT VIPs
•Troubleshoot NAT issues

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781663526267
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press
Publication date: 07/19/2020
Series: NSE4 Study Guide , #1
Edition description: Color Print ed.
Pages: 326
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.75(d)

About the Author

Daniel Howard is a subject matter expert in many Fortinet technologies, and he is one of only a few hundred to obtain the prestigious Fortinet Network Security Expert 8 certification, which is a grueling 2-day on-site lab examination. He has worked in the carrier space for the past decade, highly focused on consulting, managing, and maintaining Fortinet networks for Manage Security Service Providers (MSSPs). He has managed several carrier migrations projects, deployments, served as a technical trainer and lead on the various teams that he has been a part of. He worked for Fortinet as a Technical Account Manager consulting within the carrier space, and he continues to assist various security and operation teams.

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