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Introduction to Law for Paralegals, Third Edition / Edition 8

Introduction to Law for Paralegals, Third Edition / Edition 8

by Neal R. BevansNeal R. Bevans


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Introduction to Law for Paralegals covers not only the theory but also the practical aspects of every day legal practice. This text prepares students for the transition from classroom to courtroom, offering balanced coverage of procedural concepts along with an introduction to specific areas of the law.


  • devotion to practical applications, such as legal research, ethics, trials, and appellate issues as well as substantive legal issues, ranging from personal injury and contracts to intellectual property
  • clear, engaging writing style
  • emphasis on practical skill acquisition which is discussed in conjunction with substantive legal issues
  • reader-friendly design, with marginal definitions of key terms and phrases, inset boxes that explore various concepts, and chapter features such as and#34;Skills You Need in the Real Worldand#34; and and#34;Issues at a Glanceand#34; that encapsulate important concepts. The text also includes numerous examples, figures, tables and hypotheticals to help students understand various legal issues and make effective use of different student learning styles
  • excellent end-of-chapter activities, with chapter summaries, review questions, discussion questions, web references, ethics discussions,suggestions for further reading, sample documents, and and#34;personality quizzesand#34; that help students determine what area of the law is right for them shorter length and level of material makes this text the perfect choice for Associate's level paralegal courses

New to the Second Edition:

  • new developments and new case law
  • more in-depth coverage of substantive law areas
  • more coverage of computer technology in the law office

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Publication date: 01/29/2015
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 452
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. INTRODUCTION §1.01 The Readers for Whom This Book Is Written §1.02 Seven Key Terms of Art Central to This Book §1.03 The LLC Business Organization Form §1.04 The Forms in This Book

Chapter 1A. FREEDOM OF CONTRACT §1A.01 Introduction §1A.02 Section 18-1101(b) of the DLLC Act §1A.03 The Relationship of the “Freedom-Of-Contract” Rule and the “Enforceability” Rule in §18-1101(b) §1A.04 The Limits of Contractual Freedom Under §18-1101(b) §1A.05 Section 18-1101(b) as a Source of Rules for Interpreting the Other Provisions of the DLLC Act §1A.06 The Elf Atochem Case §1A.07 The Delaware Supreme Court's Rulings in Elf Atochem

Chapter 1B. THE PRACTICE GUIDES IN THIS BOOK: INTRODUCTION AND COMPILATION §1B.01 Introduction §1B.02 Departing from Practice Guides; Practice Guides as Distillations of Theoretical Principles §1B.03 Atul Gawande's The Checklist Manifesto and the Practice Guides Compiled in this Chapter

Chapter 1C. TAKING ADVANTAGE OF LLC FLEXIBILITY AND AVOIDING LLC PITFALLS IN DRAFTING OPERATING AGREEMENTS §1C.01 Introduction §1C.02 LLC Agreements—Basic Concepts §1C.03 The Flexibility of the DLLC Act §1C.04 Avoiding Pitfalls in DLLC Act LLC Formations

Chapter 1D. THE SELF-STUDY QUESTIONNAIRES IN THIS BOOK §1D.01 Introduction §1D.02 The Importance of Long-Term Active Memory in Using this Book; Ten Traditional Guidelines for Learning That Enhances Memory §1D.03 The Karpicke Article; Using “Learning By Taking Tests” as a Means to Master the Chapters in this Book §1D.04 Summary and Conclusion

Chapter 2. THE 28 TAX AND NON-TAX LEGAL TASKS IN FORMING LLCs §2.01 Introduction §2.02 The 28 Tasks

Chapter 2A. HANDLING INITIAL CONTACTS WITH LLC FORMATION CLIENTS—GUIDELINES AND SUGGESTIONS §2A.01 Introduction and Summary §2A.02 Choosing the Right Model Operating Agreement for an LLC Formation Client §2A.03 Competence and Scope in Providing LLC Formation Services §2A.04 Handling Questions Raised by Potential LLC Formation Clients

Chapter 3. INTRODUCTION TO LLC STATUTORY LAW §3.01 What Does It Mean to “Know” an LLC Act for LLC Formation Purposes? §3.02 Definitional Provisions §3.03 Mandatory Provisions §3.04 Default Provisions §3.05 Self-Enabling and Non-Self-Enabling Permissive Provisions §3.06 Statutory Gap Issues

Chapter 4. LLC BUSINESS ORGANIZATION LAW §4.01 Introduction § 4.02 Ten Key Statutory Characteristics of LLCs, Their Members and Their Managers

Chapter 4A. CHARGING ORDER PROTECTIONS §4A.01 Chapter Overview §4A.02 LLC Charging Order Protections §4A.03 The Federal Income Tax Implications of Charging Order Protections for Creditors and Member-Debtors-in-Default §4A.04 Issues of Client Service, Legal Ethics and Malpractice Law Raised by LLC Charging Order Protections §4A.05 Miscellaneous Legal Issues Concerning Charging Orders §4A.06 FTC v. Olmstead §4A.07 The Implications of LLC Charging Order Protections for the Planning and Drafting of LLC Operating Agreements §4A.08 Bibliography

Chapter 5. SERIES LLCs §5.01 Introduction §5.02 Series LLCs under DLLC Act §18-215 §5.03 Unresolved Legal and Tax Issues Concerning Series LLCs §5.04 When to Use Series LLCs §5.05 Bibliography of Articles and Other Writings about Series LLCs

Chapter 6. THE GENERAL-PURPOSE FORMS IN THIS BOOK §6.01 Introduction §6.02 The “Alteration Factor” as a Critical Factor in Determining the Number of General-Purpose Forms Necessary in an LLC Formation Practice §6.03 LL9780735587755 "

Summary of Contents

Part I. Enforcing Private Agreements

Ch. 1. Introduction to Contract Law

Ch. 2. Damages for Breach of Contract

Ch. 3. Other Remedies and Causes of Action

Part II. Mutual Assent

Ch. 4. Reaching an Agreement

Ch. 5. Discerning the Agreement

Ch. 6. Written Manifestations of Assent

Ch. 7. Multiparty Transactions

Part III. Enforceability

Ch. 8. Principles of Enforceability

Ch. 9. The Doctrine of Consideration

Ch. 10. The Intention to Be Legally Bound

Ch. 11. The Doctrine of Promissory Estoppel

Part IV. Performance and Breach

Ch. 12. Performance

Ch. 13. Conditions

Ch. 14. Breach

Part V. Defenses to Contractual Obligation

Ch. 15. Lack of Contractual Capacity

Ch. 16. Obtaining Assent by Improper Means

Ch. 17. Failure of a Basic Assumption

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