Island in the Sun [Bear Family Box Set]

Island in the Sun [Bear Family Box Set]

by Harry BelafonteHarry Belafonte

CD(Box Set)

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The German-based Bear Family is synonymous with serious archival releases for completists. The label's stringent attention to detail, top-shelf audio, as well as opulent packaging has earned the respect of any enthusiast lucky enough to obtain one of their titles. The five-volume Island in the Sun [Bear Family Box Set] continues that trend with their first in what is hoped to be many detailed assessments of the voluminous recording career of American entertainer Harry Belafonte. His first eight years (1949-1957) worth of recordings -- totalling nearly six hours -- have been carefully remastered from the highest-quality sources available. To match the ear candy is a coffee-table style hardbound book that contains 102 pages of previously unpublished photos, reams of memorabilia, and a comprehensive discography/sessionography. Arguably, the most flagrant misnomer plaguing Belafonte's earliest recordings concerns his association with the calypso scare of the late '50s. Major international news publications -- at the urging of overzealous promo men -- heralded him the king of calypso, for which his ravenous musical prowess was subsequently dismissed. As most of the materials on this collection are making their entry into the digital domain, the record can finally be set straight. Harry Belafonte's catalog is decidedly more derivative of American and international folk (aka, world) music, or even jazz, than of calypso, which was in fact an opaque term loosely referring to all music from the West Indies. Island in the Sun [Bear Family Box Set] begins with Belafonte's earliest sides (circa 1950) on Roost, Capitol, and Jubilee -- none of which have been available for decades prior to this collection. Also included are his first five long-players for RCA: Mark Twain and Other Folk Favorites, Belafonte, Calypso, An Evening With Belafonte (which is not a live recording), and Sings of the Caribbean. Of these, only Calypso had been issued on CD in North America, which is notable as the LP was also the very first -- in the history of the medium -- to sell over one million copies. A vast majority of Belafonte's signature material -- much of which inhabited the core of his live repertoire for the remainder of his performance career -- is from this initial eight-year period. Among the most notable of these are: "Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)," "Scarlet Ribbons," "Man Smart (Woman Smarter)," "Matilda,""Sylvie," "Come Back Liza," "Danny Boy," " John Henry," "Jamaica Farewell," "Mary's Boy Child," "Hava Nageela,""Mama Look-A-Boo-Boo," "Will His Love Be Like His Rum," and the title track, "Island in the Sun." All materials have been remastered and sourced from the best production parts available -- some of which are the original acetates and other non-tape-derived components. The sound is naturally incomparable to any of the other releases on the market, as it invalidates them all. The accompanying book is a masterwork. Among the contents are newly inked essays on Belafonte's personal and professional lives as seen by his musical cohorts. Also included are page upon page of reproduced memorabilia from Otto Preminger's Carmen Jones -- which co-stars Belafonte with Dorothy Dandridge and Pearl Bailey. Plus a 38-page complete reproduction of Harry Belafonte: His Complete Life Story, a 1957 fan magazine which originally sold on newsstands for 35 cents. While the price tag will inevitably keep some enthusiasts at bay, Island in the Sun [Bear Family Box Set] can not be more highly recommended. It is a vital transcription of the international acclaim of America's premier and pre-eminent vocalist of the 20th -- or any other -- century.

Product Details

Release Date: 03/12/2002
Label: Bear Family
UPC: 4000127162625
catalogNumber: 16262
Rank: 238159


Disc 1

  1. Lean on Me
  2. Recognition
  3. How Green Was My Valley
  4. Deep as the River
  5. They Didn't Believe Me
  6. Close Your Eyes
  7. Whispering
  8. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
  9. I Still Get a Thrill (Thinking of You)
  10. Farewell to Arms
  11. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
  12. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes
  13. Annabelle Lee
  14. Venezuela
  15. Simple, Simple, Simple
  16. Only One Like Me
  17. Chimney Smoke
  18. A-Roving
  19. Man Smart (Woman Smarter)
  20. Jerry (This Timber Got to Roll)
  21. Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)
  22. Shenandoah
  23. Man Smart (Woman Smarter)
  24. Jerry (This Timber Got to Roll)
  25. Gomen Nasai (Forgive Me)
  26. Springfield Mountain (To-Roo-De-Nay)
  27. Suzanne (Every Night When the Sun Goes Down)
  28. Matilda

Disc 2

  1. Venezuela
  2. Kukla-Mu
  3. Pretty as a Rainbow
  4. Acorn in the Meadow
  5. I'm Just a Country Boy
  6. Hold 'Em Joe
  7. Kalenda Rock (Mourning Song)
  8. The Drummer and the Cook
  9. The Fox
  10. Delia
  11. Soldier, Soldier
  12. Lord Randall
  13. Tol' My Captain
  14. John Henry
  15. The Next Big River
  16. Mark Twain
  17. Mo Mary
  18. Man Piaba
  19. Take My Mother Home
  20. Sylvie
  21. Noah
  22. Baby Darlin'
  23. Hello Everybody
  24. Troubles
  25. Matilda

Disc 3

  1. Man Smart (Woman Smarter)
  2. Waterboy
  3. Scarlet Ribbons
  4. Sylvie
  5. In That Great Gettin' Up Mornin'
  6. Jump Down, Spin Around
  7. Will His Love Be Like His Rum?
  8. Hosanna
  9. The Jack-Ass Song
  10. The Banana Boat Song (Day-O)
  11. Star-O
  12. Suzanne
  13. Unchained Melody
  14. Jamaica Farewell
  15. I Do Adore Her
  16. Dolly Dawn
  17. Brown Skin Girl
  18. Melda Massi
  19. Come Back Liza
  20. The Blues Is Man, Pt. 1
  21. The Blues Is Man, Pt. 2
  22. The Blues Is Man, Pt. 2
  23. Mary's Boy Child
  24. Merci Bon Dieu
  25. Cucurrucucu Paloma

Disc 4

  1. Once Was
  2. Hava Nageela
  3. Jamaica Farewell
  4. When the Saints Go Marching In
  5. Merci Bon Dieu (From the Haitian Suite)
  6. Once Was
  7. Hava Nageela
  8. Danny Boy
  9. The Drummer and the Cook (Cockney Air)
  10. Come O My Love
  11. Shenandoah
  12. Mary's Boy Child
  13. Cucurrucucu Paloma
  14. Eden Was Like This
  15. When the Saints Go Marching In

Disc 5

  1. Mama Look a Boo Boo
  2. Cocoanut Woman
  3. Island in the Sun
  4. Mama Look a Boo Boo
  5. Cocanut Woman
  6. Scratch Scratch
  7. Don't Ever Love Me
  8. Cordelia Brown
  9. Island in the Sun
  10. Angelique-O
  11. Haiti Cherie
  12. Judy Drownded
  13. Lead Man Holler
  14. Love, Love Alone
  15. Lucy's Door
  16. Fifteen (Theme from the World, The Flesh, And the Devil)
  17. How Green Was My Valley
  18. The Lord Is My Shepherd
  19. I'm Goin' Away

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Harry Belafonte   Primary Artist,Vocals
Tony Scott   Flute
Max Romeo   Choir, Chorus
Conte Candoli   Trumpet
Jimmy Cleveland   Trombone
Buddy Collette   Saxophone
Maynard Ferguson   Trumpet
Jimmy Giuffre   Saxophone
Urbie Green   Trombone
Gigi Gryce   Saxophone
Mundell Lowe   Guitar
Cozy Cole   Drums
Lou McGarity   Trombone
Hal McKusick   Saxophone
Caiola   Guitar
Joe Kenyon   Choir, Chorus
Norma Zimmer   Choir, Chorus
Bobby Bloom   Oboe
Si Zentner   Trombone
Robert DeCormier   Leader
Brock Peters   Choir, Chorus
Burgess   Choir, Chorus
Victor Garber   Saxophone
Eugene Wright   Bass
Sue Allen   Choir, Chorus
Ray Alonge   French Horn
Victor Arno   Violin
Israel Baker   Violin
Clifton Best   Guitar
Maurice Bialkin   Cello
Ralph Brewster   Choir, Chorus
Paige Brook   Flute
Maurice Brown   Cello
Frantz Casseus   Guitar
Mac Ceppos   Violin
Marion Childers   Trumpet
Harold Coletta   Viola
Bill Dillard   Choir, Chorus
Jack Dumont   Saxophone
Arnold Eidus   Violin
Harry Glickman   Violin
Doc Goldberg   Bass
John Haliburton   Trombone
Henri René   Leader
Hugo Winterhalter   Leader
Jules Jacob   Saxophone
Osie Johnson   Drums
Norman Keenan   Bass
Bob Kitsis   Piano
Harry Klee   Saxophone
Irv Kluger   Drums
William (Billy) Lee   Choir, Chorus
Cliff Leeman   Drums
Jack Lesberg   Bass
Jane Martin   Choir, Chorus
Kelly Martin   Drums
Charles McCracken   Cello
R.D. McMickle   Trumpet
Harry Melnikoff   Violin
Nuncio "Toots" Mondello   Saxophone
Jimmy Nottingham   Trumpet
George Ockner   Violin
Romeo Penque   Clarinet
Jack Pleis   Piano
Raoul Poliakin   Violin
Thurl Ravenscroft   Choir, Chorus
Bobby Rosengarden   Drums
Mike Rubin   Bass
Charles Russo   Clarinet
Art Ryerson   Guitar
David Sackson   Violin
Tosha Samaroff   Violin
Eddie Sauter   Leader
Sol Schlinger   Saxophone
Lucien Schmit   Cello
Wilbur Schwartz   Saxophone
Harry Smyles   Oboe
Terry Snyder   Drums
Marshall Sosson   Violin
Nicholas Tagg   Piano
Millard Thomas   Guitar,Leader
Harry Urbont   Violin
Carlos Vidal   Bongos
Betty Wand   Choir, Chorus
Joseph B. Wilder   Trumpet
Milt Yaner   Clarinet
Jack Zayde   Violin
Ennio Bologinini   Cello
Harry Jones   Piano
Sol Kindler   Violin
Joseph Lewis   Choir, Chorus
Theo M. Nash   Saxophone
Felix Orlewitz   Violin
Stanley Webb   Reeds
Ray Charles   Choir, Chorus
Ray Kellogg   Choir, Chorus
Albert Saparoff   Violin
Eileen Wilson   Choir, Chorus
Carl Prager   Clarinet
Michael Spivakowsky   Violin
Robert Stevens   Choir, Chorus
Lois Winter   Choir, Chorus
Herman Alpert   Bass
Sidney Brecher   Viola
Joan Gilbert   Choir, Chorus
Jack Greenberg   Clarinet
Maurice Hershaft   Violin
Howard Kay   Viola
Edward Kuczborski   Trombone
Henry Ross   Saxophone
Jack Satterfield   Trombone
Zelly Smirnoff   Violin
Irving Burgie   Choir, Chorus
Arnold Fishkind   Bass
Frank Guerrero   Bongos
Charlie Margulis   Trumpet
Julius Schacter   Violin
Eddie Wasserman   Saxophone
Myor Rosen   Harp
Dorothy McCarty   Choir, Chorus
Gil Mershon   Choir, Chorus
William F. "Bill" Reeve   Choir, Chorus
Joseph Reilick   Viola
Alan Sokoloff   Choir, Chorus
Max Tartasky   Violin
Gloria Wynder   Choir, Chorus
Maurice Wilk   Violin
Miriam Workman   Choir, Chorus
William Rodriguez   Drums
Buster Davis   Piano
William Lorin   Leader
Eddie Powell   Clarinet,Saxophone
Charles Schroeder   Choir, Chorus
Louis Singer   Percussion
Mary Dean   Choir, Chorus
Abel Antonio Villa   Clarinet,Baritone
Abram Borodkin   Cello
Alexander Fishman   Viola
Ada Beth Lee   Choir, Chorus
Art Lambert   Choir, Chorus
Attilio DePalma   French Horn
Bart Wallace   Trumpet
Jack Brown   Choir, Chorus
Julius Shaier   Viola
Betty Allan   Choir, Chorus
James Chambers   French Horn
Betty Noyes   Choir, Chorus
Audrey Marsh   Choir, Chorus
Bob R. Hamlin   Choir, Chorus
Ned Wright   Choir, Chorus
Sylvan Schulman   Violin
Victor Messer   Guitar
Ivor Lloyd   Trumpet
Jacqueline Allan   Choir, Chorus
Donald Alpert   Drums
Hal Hidey   Piano
Bernard Ocko   Violin
John White   Choir, Chorus
Virginia Rees   Choir, Chorus
Gene Lanham   Choir, Chorus
Marjorie Call   Harp
Herb Levy   Human Whistle
Burt Dole   Choir, Chorus
Gilbert E. Adkins   Choir, Chorus
H. Barnett   Violin
Winslowe Daniel Barranjos   Conga
Edwin Brown   Oboe
Felix Buldrini   Violin
Alexander Cambrelen   Conga
Mario Castillo   Conga
Charles Colman   Choir, Chorus
Rudolfo Curbelo   Drums
James DeMeo   Reeds
Sylvia Deutscher   Bassoon
Faye Devlin   Choir, Chorus
John DiJanni   Viola
James R. Eby   Choir, Chorus
Robert Jack Eddleman   Choir, Chorus
Carter Farriss   Choir, Chorus
Wally Ferenz   Conga
Nathan Foodman   Drums
George Fisher   Choir, Chorus
J. Hamilton Grandison   Choir, Chorus
Stephen Harbachick   Choir, Chorus
Jay Harnick   Choir, Chorus
Jasha Herzog   Violin
Charlotte Holloman   Choir, Chorus
Jerome G. Kasin   Violin
Martin Lake   Cello
Mel Larned   Choir, Chorus
Robert S. Levine   Violin
Edwin Lindstroem   Choir, Chorus
Donald Lipsey   Trumpet
Milton Lomas   Violin
Modesto Doran Martinez   Conga
A. Materazzi   Saxophone
Thora Mathiason   Choir, Chorus
Tony Parris   Choir, Chorus
Robert Pownall   Tuba
W. Rauch   Trombone
Frank Raye   Choir, Chorus
Elizabeth Rinker   Choir, Chorus
Noah Rodriguez   Bongos
Earl Rogers   Choir, Chorus
Rafael Rosario   Conga
Gustave Rosseels   Violin
E.C. Shank   Saxophone
Edwin Shawker   Drums
Armen Stepaanian   Choir, Chorus
Richard L. Stokes   Choir, Chorus
Herbert L. Stubbs   Choir, Chorus
Leroy B. Thompson   Choir, Chorus
Rodester Timmons   Choir, Chorus
Luverne Tuttle   Cello
Margaret Tynes   Choir, Chorus
Robert Walker   Choir, Chorus
Paul Kruesi Westbrook   Choir, Chorus
Elvira Woloschuk   Violin
William Stewart   Choir, Chorus
Rudy Williams   Choir, Chorus
Robert Cole   Choir, Chorus

Technical Credits

Pete Rugolo   Contributor
Joe Carlton   Producer
Herman Diaz   Producer
Colin Escott   Liner Notes,Illustrations,Essay
Dennis Farnon   Producer
Dennis Ferrante   Track Mix
Henri René   Producer
Dave Hepburn   Liner Notes
Hugo Winterhalter   Producer
Bob Jones   Metal Transfers
Dave Kapp   Producer
Monte Kay   Producer
Fred Norman   Arranger
Joe Reisman   Producer
Alan Stoker   Tape Comparison
Ray Funk   Liner Notes,Illustrations,Essay
Phil Wells   Tape Comparison
R.A. Andreas   Illustrations
Richard Weize   Reissue Producer,Tape Research
Holger Von Bargen   Art Direction
Jack Rollins   Producer
Fred Brooks   Composer
J. Lewis   Producer
Brian Henson   Tape Comparison
Wolfgang Taubenauer   Artwork
Traditional   Composer
Donald R. Hill   Liner Notes
Erich Hüsenbeck   Photo Scanning
Anne E. Knoll   Liner Notes
Robert R. Metz   Liner Notes
Walter Nixon   Liner Notes
Hy Steirman   Liner Notes
Carlo Stevan   Metal Transfers
Edward O. Welker   Producer
Frederick Edward Weatherly   Composer
Marshall Barer   Composer

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