Issues in Web-Based Pedagogy: A Critical Primer

Issues in Web-Based Pedagogy: A Critical Primer

by Robert A. Cole


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There has been an explosion of Web-based courses in higher education. Aiming at an interdisciplinary audience, the contributors draw upon diverse philosophical and empirical backgrounds to make claims about Web-based pedagogy. Among the points they raise is the concern that education is more easily commodified through Internet technologies, implying that traditional faculty roles in teaching (and research) are at risk. Moreover, current understandings of what it means to be a teacher or a student are undergoing redefinition as a result of these new distance-learning technologies.

The contributors note that Web-based pedagogy is associated with sound instruction when particular strategies are adopted. As a corollary, this form of teaching is least effective when attempts are made to directly translate traditional styles of teaching. Political, social, and economic interests are competing to shape the direction that online education will take. The authors argue that opportunities exist for administrators and faculty to define the terms under which Web-based learning will occur in their institutions.

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ISBN-13: 9780313321580
Publisher: ABC-CLIO, Incorporated
Publication date: 07/30/2001
Series: Greenwood Educators' Reference Collection
Pages: 432
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About the Author

ROBERT A. COLE is Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Studies, State University of New York at Oswego./e

Table of Contents


Philosophical and Theoretical Considerations

Expectations Exploded by R. Stanton Hales

Using the Internet for Teaching and Research: A Political Evaluation by Michael Margolis

The Web, the Millennium, and the Digital Evolution of Distance Education by David C. Leonard

Critical Reflections: Political Philosophy and Web Technology by John Steel

Communication Technologies in an Educational Environment: Lessons from a Historical Perspective by Patrick B. O'Sullivan

When and Where Appropriate: Lessons from "Foreign" Contexts for the Pedagogical Use of Web-Based Technologies in the United States by Julian Kilker

From Rhetoric to Technology: A Transformation from Citizens into Consumers by Laura Blasi and Walter Heinecke

Is There a Professor in This Class? by David C. Paris

Where Is Every-body? by Paulette Robinson

Transforming Professionals via the Web: Promoting Social Justice in Web-Based Ethics Education for Counselors by Marvin J. McDonald

The Roles and Interrelationships of Presence, Reflection, and Self-Directed Learning in Effective World Wide Web-Based Pedagogy by Sherry Wulff, Joan Hanor, and Robert J. Bulik

Using the Web to Create Student-Centered Curriculum by Bijan B. Gillani

The Scholarship of Web-Based Teaching by Martha Daugherty, Autumn Grubb, Jude Hirsch, and Lee Gillis

Empirical and Practical Considerations

Creating an Environment for Successful Technology Integration by Kay S. Dennis

The 'Time' Factor in On-line Teaching: Implications for Faculty and Their Universities by Claudine Schweber

Seven Principles for Good Practice in Teaching and Technology by Alec M. Testa

Copyright and Web-Based Education: What All Faculty Should Know by David Throne

Using the Web in Live Lectures: Examples and Issues by Graeme Lang

Untangling the Web: Developing Web-Enhanced Instruction for Political Science by Donald L. Goff

The Promise—and Potential Pitfalls—of Cyberlearning by Peter Navarro

Preparing Higher Education Learners for Success on the Web by May Lowry, Christine Thornam, and Cason White

A Hierarchy of Access Issues Affecting On-line Participation by Community College Students by Allan Craig Lauzon, Tricia Bertram Gallant, and Susan Rimkus

On-line Is on Target for Motivated Learners by Michael S. Ameigh

Teaching Research Skills Using the Internet by Mark Gellis

Tearing Down Barriers and Building Communities: Pedagogical Strategies for the Web-Based Environment by Autumn Grubb and Margaret Hines

Facilitating On-line Discussion in an Asynchronous Format by Tisha Bender

Web-Based Instruction and People with Disabilities by Sheryl Burgstahler


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