It Happened One Autumn (Wallflower Series #2)

It Happened One Autumn (Wallflower Series #2)

Audio CD(Unabridged)

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Headstrong American heiress Lillian Bowman has come to England to find an aristocratic husband. Unfortunately, no man is strong enough to tame the stubborn beauty's fierce will. Except, perhaps, the powerful and arrogant Earl of Westcliff—a man Lillian despises more than anyone she's ever met.

Marcus, Lord Westcliff, is famous for his icy English reserve and his supreme self-control. But something about the audacious Lillian drives him mad. Whenever they're in the same room, they can't stop themselves from battling furiously to gain the upper hand.

Then one afternoon, a stunningly sensuous encounter changes everything . . . and Lillian discovers that beneath the earl's reserved façade, he is the passionate and tender lover of her dreams. What neither Westcliff nor Lillian suspect, however, is that a sinister conspiracy threatens to destroy any chance of happiness. After a shocking betrayal endangers Lillian's safety—and possibly her life—will Marcus be able to save her before it's too late?

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ISBN-13: 9781491524664
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Publication date: 10/07/2014
Series: Lisa Kleypas's Wallflowers Series , #2
Edition description: Unabridged
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.00(h) x 1.37(d)

About the Author

New York Times bestselling author Lisa Kleypas graduated from Wellesley College with a political science degree. She’s a RITA award-winning author of both historical romance and contemporary women’s fiction. She lives in Washington State with her husband Gregory and their two children.

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It Happened One Autumn

By Lisa Kleypas

HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.

Copyright © 2006 Lisa Kleypas
All right reserved.

ISBN: 0061259330

Chapter One

Stony Cross Park, Hampshire

"The Bowmans have arrived," Lady Olivia Shaw announced from the doorway of the study, where her older brother sat at his desk amid stacks of account books. The late afternoon sun streamed through the long, rectangular stained-glass windows, which were the only ornamentation in the austere, rosewood-paneled room.

Marcus, Lord Westcliff, glanced up from his work with a scowl that drew his dark brows together over his coffee-black eyes. "Let the mayhem begin," he muttered.

Livia laughed. "I assume you're referring to the daughters? They're not as bad as all that, are they?"

"Worse," Marcus said succinctly, his scowl deepening as he saw that the temporarily forgotten pen in his fingers had left a large blot of ink on the otherwise immaculate row of figures. "Two more ill-mannered young women I have yet to meet. The older one, particularly."

"Well, they are Americans," Livia pointed out. "It's only fair that one should give them a certain latitude, isn't it? One can hardly expect them to know every elaborate detail of our endless list of social rules--"

"I can allow them latitude on details," Marcus interrupted curtly. "As you know, I am not the kind to fault the angle of Miss Bowman's pinkie finger as she holds her teacup. What I do take exception to are certain behaviors that would befound objectionable in every corner of the civilized world."

Behaviors? thought Livia. Now, this was getting interesting. Livia advanced farther into the study, a room that she usually disliked, because it reminded her so strongly of their deceased father.

Any recollection of the eighth Earl of Westcliff was not a happy one. Their father had been an unloving and cruel man, who had seemed to suck all the oxygen from the room when he entered it. Everything and everyone in his life had disappointed the earl. Of his three offspring, only Marcus had come close to meeting his exacting standards, for no matter what punishments the earl had meted out, no matter how impossible his requirements or unfair his judgments, Marcus had never complained.

Livia and her sister, Aline, had been in awe of their older brother, whose constant striving for excellence led him to get the highest marks in school, to break all records in his chosen sports, and to judge himself far more harshly than anyone else ever could. Marcus was a man who could break a horse, dance a quadrille, give a lecture on mathematical theory, bandage a wound, and fix a carriage wheel. None of his vast array of accomplishments, however, had ever earned a word of praise from their father.

In retrospect, Livia realized that it must have been the old earl's intent to drive every lingering touch of softness or compassion out of his only son. And it had seemed for a while that he had succeeded. However, upon the old earl's death five years ago, Marcus had proved himself to be a very different man from the one he had been reared to be. Livia and Aline had discovered that their older brother was never too busy to listen to them, and that no matter how insignificant their problems seemed, he was always ready to help. He was sympathetic, affectionate, and understanding--miraculous, really, when once realized that for most of his life, none of those qualities had ever been shown to him.

That being said, Marcus was also a bit domineering. Well . . . very domineering. When it came to those he loved, Marcus showed no compunction about manipulating them into doing what he thought was best. This was not one of his more charming attributes. And if Livia were to dwell on his faults, she would also have to admit that Marcus had an annoying belief in his own infallibility.

Smiling fondly at her charismatic brother, Livia wondered how it was that she could adore him so when he bore the physical stamp of their father so strongly. Marcus had the same harsh-hewn features, broad forehead, and wide, thin-lipped mouth. He had the same thick, raven-black hair; the same bold, broad nose; and the same stubbornly jutting chin. The combination was striking rather than handsome . . . but it was a face that attracted female gazes easily. Unlike their father's, Marcus's alert dark eyes were often filled with glinting laughter, and he possessed a rare smile that flashed startling white in his swarthy face.

Leaning back in his chair at Livia's approach, Marcus laced his fingers together and rested them on the hard surface of his stomach. In deference to the unseasonable warmth of the early September afternoon, Marcus had removed his coat and rolled up his sleeves, revealing muscular brown forearms lightly dusted with black hair. He was of medium height and extraordinarily fit, with the powerful physique of an avid sportsman.

Eager to hear more about the aforementioned behaviors of the ill-bred Miss Bowman, Livia leaned back against the edge of the desk, facing Marcus. "I wonder what Miss Bowman did to offend you so?" she mused aloud. "Do tell, Marcus. If not, my imagination will surely conjure up something far more scandalous than poor Miss Bowman is capable of."

"Poor Miss Bowman?" Marcus snorted. "Don't ask, Livia. I'm not at liberty to discuss it."

Like most men, Marcus didn't seem to understand that nothing torched the flames of a woman's curiosity more violently than a subject that one was not at liberty to discuss. "Out with it, Marcus," she commanded. "Or I shall make you suffer in unspeakable ways."

One of his brows lifted in a sardonic arch. "Since the Bowmans have already arrived, that threat is redundant."

"I'll make a guess, then. Did you catch Miss Bowman with someone? Was she allowing some gentleman to kiss her . . . or worse?"

Marcus responded with a derisive half smile. "Hardly. One look at her, and any man in his right mind would run screaming in the opposite direction."


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Customer Reviews

It Happened One Autumn 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 296 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
In 1843, American heiress Lillian Bowman, a card carrying member of the Wallflowers, sets her sights on marrying the ¿Ice Prince¿ Marcus. He rejects her advances as he sees her and her three Wallflower compatriots as uncouth barbarians, who think nothing about parading in front of him in their undergarments though he admits only to himself the colonist looked quite alluring.............. With his aloof put downs, Lillian concludes that her beloved is a snob who needs to be yanked down a peg or two and she, the Yank, will do so. Marcus, in turn thinks her insolence is a case of poor breeding. With all that going on it is no wonder that Lillian and Marcus are falling in love with one another, but first must put aside the boxing gloves for a moment an act neither wants to do first for fear of a low blow retaliation................ As she did with the first Wallflowers¿ historical romance (see SECRETS OF A SUMMER NIGHT), Lisa Kleypas provides her audience with a delightful Victorian tale starring two individuals in this case who detest one another at first sight. The theme is opposites might attract, but also expel as neither wants to desire the other in a classic case of reaction formation because deep inside their hearts they know they have met their soulmate, who is not the image of what they thought they wanted. The lead couple keeps the fun story line brisk as enemy combatants in love.......... Harriet Klausner
LisaKleypasFan More than 1 year ago
If you are looking for a steamy, funny, and in-depth romance novel, then this is the one for you! It does lag a little at the beginning, but soon picks up, and does not slow down. The dialogue was funny, especially Lillian's colorful language. This is a perfect book for rainy days because you will not be able to put it down, or get much done. Truly enjoyed it. Since I am reading the series, I cannot say this is my favorite of the four, but so far I prefer it to the first one - Secrets of a Summer Night.
Kiko1021 More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved seeing this other side of Marcus, Lord Westcliff, especially since he seemed really stuffy in Secrets of a Summer Night until the end of the story. What I liked most is just how astonished Marcus felt about his whole relationship with Lillian. She's the worst match for him possible - American, loud, and troublesome, yet he falls completely in love with her. He becomes utterly confused as to why he loves her and despite that, keeps finding himself in situations that end up working out quite well for him. I love how the story shows that once you fall in love, you can't fight it. Highly recommended for any romance novel fan.
Carly73 More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. I was hooked after the very first page. This book was great. It had just the right amount of romance. I wasn't expecting how funny Lillian was. There were parts that I couldn't help but laugh out loud. I was totally entertained. I couldn't put this book down. I must have read it in 2 days. A must read! You will not regret it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Yeah, I've been waiting for this book for a year and a half. Great book. Marcus was a perfect alpha hero. He has this macho air about himself, yet he knows when he's been bitten by the 'Love Bug'. He's really mature and that's what I like about Lisa Kleypas' novels. Lillian is an American - hardheaded, outspoken, and unpolished. But she completely relieves this burden of Marcus and makes him act younger. It's wonderful to read a love story like this.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
kurniawaty on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Sebagai Earl of Westcliff, Marcus sangat menyadari tanggung jawab yang diembannya sangat besar dan karenanya dia tidak bisa main-main dalam memutuskan sesuatu. Termasuk memilih calon istri. Dan Lilian Bowman sudah pasti tidak memenuhi syarat. Gadis itu bukan keturunan bangsawan, kasar, suka membantah, lancang, dan luar biasa keras kepala. Lilian jelas bukan pilihan yang layak untuk menjadi pendampingnya.Lilian sangat membenci Lord Westcliff. Apapun yang dilakukan pria arogan, sok berkuasa, sok tahu, kaku, tidak berperasaan, dan menjengkelkan itu selalu memancing kemarahannya. Ia kasihan pada siapapun gadis yang akan menjadi istri pria itu. Tapi ketika parfum ajaibnya berhasil memikat pria itu, Lilian pun gamang.Marcus dan Lilian menyadari betapa mereka bertolak belakang. Siapa pun akan mengatakan mereka pasangan yang sangat tidak serasi. Tapi pada suatu hari di musim gugur yang indah, mereka menemukan bahwa semua yang mereka pikir salah tentang diri masing-masing ternyata merupakan hal yang paling mereka sukai.
RogueBelle on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This is my favourite of the Wallflower novels because of how much I adore Lillian. I love how unapologetic she is for herself. Watching Marcus's icy facade melt is delightfully fun. This book is an enjoyable romp.
fairypenguin on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Four stars for this one. Fairly satisfying. I know that after reading the first book in this series, Secrets of a Summer Night, I really looked forward to reading Westcliff and Lillian's love story. Happily I was not disapointed.Lillian is one of four girls who call themselves wallflowers, ladies who are consistantly ignored at balls and parties. These friends have banded together to find each other husbands. Now that the first wallflower, Annabel, is happily married, attention turns to Lillian. Along with her younger sister, Lillian is an heiress to an enormous fortune--however, she is an American lacking crucial ties to nobility. She's irreverent, ill-manered, and opinionated, she is the last woman that Marcus Westcliff would consider for a wife. He's an earl possessing a very old and prestigious title, and he's grown up under parents who are demanding and bordering on abusive. As a result, he's overly self-assured, stubborn, and commanding.The romance is very good. I love the opposites attract thing. I enjoyed Lillian as a character--she is someone a modern woman can relate to. Westcliff unfortunately comes off as a bit generic, but I believe this is mostly because the author chooses to focus more on Lillian and her conflictedness. Also, this one was somewhat lacking in actual action--it's mostly dialogue based. Still, it is definately a well recommended book."
lifeafterjane on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Lillian Bowman has many disagreeable qualities. First, she's American, something that the staunch English peerage find amusing but not to be considered for matrimony. She's crass, verbally abrasive, fiercely independent and unyieldingly stubborn- yet more traits that tend to discourage the suit of eligible English lords. But even with her penchant for enjoying a rousing game of rounders in her knickers, a lady of sizable fortune, regardless of breeding and disposition, never goes unconsidered. However, Lillian will be damned if she's going to marry some arrogant, self-important, domineering English bastard, no matter what his title may be.Lord Marcus, Earl of Westcliff wouldn't describe himself as an arrogant, self-important, domineering English bastard. With one of the oldest, purest bloodlines in England, his breeding is unquestionable, and his affections and title largely sought after by many husband hunting young ladies. He has a vast array of businesses, properties, estates and fortunes to oversee, meaning he simply is important and people naturally do what he says because he'd never entertain the notion that they'd do otherwise. So no, he wouldn't say he was any of the offensive things that Miss Bowman just happened to accuse him of. He is, however, firm in his opinion that Lillian Bowman is a crass, verbally abrasive, unyieldingly stubborn, incorrigible, American upstart and Lord help the man who is finally shackled with that insufferable girl. In short- they're perfect for each other.Here's where I gush endlessly about the absolute joy and delight that is this series. I've gushed for two books now and here's number 3. Rather this is book 2 in The Wallflowers series and each one is just as good as the last. I've read them out of order and can assure you that it doesn't matter. The Wallflowers are a group of friends who band together to support and help each other during what can be the very trying and cutthroat ordeal of husband hunting in a London Season. Each book tells a different wallflower's story and this one gives us Lillian Bowman, daughter of a rich, American businessman. Having failed miserably at finding a husband amongst the high society in New York, her parents have carted her and her younger sister Daisy off to England in hopes of catching a lord. Lillian is unapologetically outspoken and can't stomach the idea of having a husband to rule over her. Her smart mouth continuously lands her in trouble throughout the book and that trouble somehow always involves the Earl of Westcliff, who can't help himself when it comes to finding ways to provoke her. Of course their misdeeds land them in love, but not until after a thoroughly tumultuous and unconventional courtship.We are gifted with the inclusion of Sebastian, Lord St. Vincent from Devil in Winter, quite possibly the best villain/hero in a romance novel ever. If you haven't read this series, you want to just to meet St. Vincent. I adore him, even with the purely dastardly thing he does in this book. I love him all the more for doing it. He's so wonderfully evil.Kleypas writes leading ladies that are very easy to relate to, and heros that any girl would find it impossible to resist, complete with all the saucy bits. If you're a romance lover, you have to read this series, and if you're not, this will sway you.
onyx95 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Stony Cross, Hampshire, 1843The beautiful and free spirited American heiress, Lillian Bowman, needed to marry an English peer. She knew she needed a sponsor for her and her sister Daisy, the problem was finding one willing to take on the independent American girls. At Stony Cross, Marcus Marsden, Lord Westcliff knew his place and had his plans, he never planned on Lillian with all her interesting ways. After witnessing some of her antics, Marcus found his attentions being drawn to her in an uncomfortable and surprising way. Lillian thought she disliked Marcus for all his high handed orders and still she wasn¿t able to forget the feel of his hands or his kiss. This was not the best book in this series so far. This was a completely predictable and expected story, all the way up to the end. A very nice romance to bring the strong and confident Marcus to a point of laughter, nice to see that two strong characters can make a fun story without needing a real villain. ( * Spoiler * ) The twist of the `bad guy¿ being St. Vincent was a little surprising. I had liked St. Vincent as a possible for Evie, then he went and played a part in Lillians abduction. I see St. Vincents point, he just needed the money and she was dropped in his lap. I am eager to see how Lisa Kleypas can recover St. Vincent to a position that he will be worthy of the shy Evie, since that seems to be the set up for the next book.
theshadowknows on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I found this second installment of the Wallflower stories pretty bland. It wasn't bad, by any means, but nor was it shatteringly good. Lillian Bowman is the feisty American heiress destined to shake up and melt the heart of the deceptively stodgy, proper British aristocrat, Marcus Westcliff. Their romance is predictable, and I ended up skimming a lot - a bad sign. I'm beginning to become more familiar than I would like with what is rapidly cementing into a formula for Kleypas - the tone of the stories, the characters, and the events (the author seems partial to final climactic scenes in which either the hero or heroine is placed in and saved from grave danger) all are blurring together for me after reading a few of her books. Mine Till Midnight is still my favorite (mostly for Cam), but these others are sadly nondescript.
aapike on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
The second book in a well-written series by Kleypas. A look into the women who were wallflowers, not popular debutatnes, and the men who fell in love with them.
reneebooks on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I liked this book better than the first installment in the series. The plot was tighter and the characters were more enjoyable. The heroine, Lillian, is a headstrong American heiress who comes to England looking for a titled husband. Marcus is a stodgy straitlaced British aristocrat. These two butt heads and the sparks fly. I enjoyed their interactions quite a bit. The characters were well drawn and interesting. A fun read but a bit longer than it need to be. The sex scene was pretty hot and steamy, always a plus for me. (My grade: B)
avernon1 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
They say that opposites attract. I'm not sure. Are these individuals truly opposites, or do they see in the other what lies beneath the surface of their own selves? Is the brazenly out-spoken female just saying what we all wish we had the guts to say? Is it this bravery that makes her so endearing and desirable to a man who plays by the rules? I believe this is the case when Marcus, Lord Westcliffe, finds himself desiring the unfathomable Lillian Bowman.Marcus is a serene, straight-laced, proper English gentleman, not to mention the most eligible and wealthy man of the peerage. A true blue-blood. Along comes Lillian Bowman, an American girl, the daughter of a self-made millionaire. Having already read book one in this series, I knew that there was a tension growing between Marcus and Lillian. They made it quite clear to one another that each did not like the other. The verbal battles between the two were numerous. Yet these arguments masked a mountain of sexual tension between the two. The reader knows it is just a matter of time before one breaks down and gives in to these desires. But who will it be? How can this distinguished man align himself for life with such a boisterous woman when he is expected to marry a truly elegant, proper English lady in order to carry on the bloodline? These opposites do attract....but can it last a lifetime? Can they ignore their obligations and follow their hearts?I loved the heroine in this book. She was no least not a properly behaved lady of the 1800's. Lillian didn't wait for a man to ask her opinion....she gave her thoughts freely at every turn. She didn't accept what everyone told her was best....she questioned all of the rules of propriety. She was brazen, bold, stubborn, sharp-tongued, and very, very funny. A wonderfully head-strong woman. A gal I would love to hang out with. As for Marcus, he was a hero that I came to love. In book one, I thought he was a pompous a__! But this talented author reveals Marcus' history and the torment he went through as a child, and soon enough, I too was falling for this straight-laced gentleman who is really crying for a reason to let loose.... to reveal some of the rebellious boy within. I couldn't help but melt when he finally uttered what lay in his heart for Lillian: "Rest. You'll need to regain your strength.....because once we're married, I won't be able to leave you alone. I'll want to love you every hour, every minute of the day." He nestled her more closely against him. "There is nothing on earth more beautiful to me than your sound sweeter than your pleasure greater than holding you in my arms. I realized today that I could never live without you, stubborn little hellion that you are. In this life and the next, you're my only hope of happiness. Tell me, Lillian, dearest can you have reached so far inside my heart?"Lisa Kleypas has an uncanny ability to create believable characters. They are humourous, lifelike, even human! They become people you want to have tea with....gossip with. The reader connects with them easily. They make us laugh and cry; we feel empathy for them and we identify with them. We fall in love with them and cheer for them when they reach their happily ever after. I thoroughly enjoyed this second installment of the Wallflowers series, so much so that number three is already awaiting me on my E-Reader. With the click of a button, I will be once again immersed into history and immersed into a romance that will sweep me away with a sigh.
mom2lnb on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
It Happened One Autumn was another great book in the Wallflowers series. As with the first book of the series though, it got off to a somewhat slow start for me. The first half or so of the book is primarily character driven relying heavily on internal conflicts. I'm not really a big fan of love/hate relationships or of the hero and heroine holding each other at arms length for an extended period of time. It seemed like the early part of the book was pretty much a circular cycle of Marcus and Lillian having a passionate encounter, fighting their feelings because they think they're wholly unsuited for one another, and then arguing a bit, with a side dish of St. Vincent occasionally thrown in for good measure. I don't mean to make it sound boring, because it really wasn't. Overall, it was well-written, but I felt like there was a dash of something missing. Once Marcus and Lillian finally stopped fighting fate, things really got going and then with the exciting plot twist in the final chapters, I was thoroughly into the story.Even though I wished there had been a little more action in the early parts of the book, there were still other things that kept the story fun and interesting. I really enjoyed the light banter between Marcus and his sister, Olivia, as well as the sisterly exploits of Lillian and Daisy. There were a couple of amusing side plots that had me grinning from ear-to-ear, one involving a supposedly aphrodisiac perfume and its effects on a couple of the ladies' love lives, and the other involving a conversation between the men about how often was often enough to have sex. The dynamic of the wallflowers was delightfully breezy, continuing the lighter tone of the series. I still adore Evie and if things work out for her the way I hope, I still think she will probably become my favorite wallflower. I also enjoyed Daisy with her love of books and a more cerebral curiosity. The sexual tension between Marcus and Lillian was very nicely done. I also thoroughly enjoyed seeing Annabelle and Simon (Secrets of a Summer Night), and Gideon and Olivia (Again the Magic) still madly in love. Marcus is definitely going to be awarded a spot near the top of my favorite romance heroes list. He was very protective of Lillian right from the start, and although he didn't always address his concerns for her safety in the most diplomatic way possible, he wasn't averse to apologizing and behaving in what I would characterize as a very magnanimous manner once his temper cooled. I was very impressed with how intuitive Marcus was in recognizing when Lillian was feeling ill, and the gentlemanly way that he helped her. In fact, there were a number of times that Marcus cared for Lillian in a tremendously sweet and tender way, and he was also a thoroughly attentive lover, all of which was quite swoon-worthy. Marcus was a man whose heritage and responsibilities as an earl weighed very heavily on his shoulders, but when he opened his heart, it was like opening a floodgate of passion that was buried beneath his reserved surface which was absolutely irresistible. The way he handled his horrible mother had me cheering him on every minute, and I loved the soft spot he had for both of his sisters and how he treated them with such kindness and respect. Overall, Marcus was a near-perfect romance hero, and in my opinion, one of the best Lisa Kleypas has ever penned which is saying a lot since all of her heroes have been pretty yummy so far.As with Annabelle in the first book of the series, it took a little while for me to warm up to Lillian. Early on, she could be pretty stubborn and difficult, even resorting to doing something flat-out stupid merely to rebel against Marcus's perceived intrusion into her life, even though he was only looking out for her well-being. There were times when she still didn't seem to be above doing whatever it took to get what she wanted which seemed a little childish to me. I realize that she became f
Jenson_AKA_DL on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
It had been animosity at first site between willful American Lillian Bowman and English Lord Marcus Westcliff. Now with the prospect of returning to Westcliff's estate so that she can comply with her mother's wishes to find a husband of suitable peerage Lillian, along with her younger sister Daisy, are determined to do their best to comply. However, capitulation has never been in their blood and the sisters find themselves sneaking about only to be caught by Lord Westcliff himself. To Lillian's surprise he not only helps them in their transgression she suddenly finds herself in the arms of the one person she had hated more than any other. I can't say enough about how much I have enjoyed this book. Unfortunately I read the Wallflower series, of which this one is the second volume, completely out of order which spoiled some of the surprising twists and turns for me. I would certainly never have guessed the nature of the climax unless I had already read the other books. It was surprising to me just how much I enjoyed Lillian and Marcus as characters because they have always been my least favorite of the series. I guess you just have to see things from their perspective. And what a wonderful perspective it is. This story is certainly adventurous and romantic and I cannot recommend it, and the rest of the series, enough to lovers of historical romances.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Lillian, the heroine is annoying. I like the characters to have spunk but she is obnoxious.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Really am enjoying this series. Marcus and Lillian are featured in this book-love strong women!
Darlene491 More than 1 year ago
You always hope & cross your fingers that the second book in a new series will live up to the successful first. With It Happened One Autumn Lisa Kleypas has happily given us a wonderful sequel & stand alone story. Lillian Bowman is a typical New Yorker, brassy, blunt, untitled and rich. The Ton would rather eat dirt than befriend our poor heroine. Marcus Westcliff has a long revered title, property, wealth, looks & is stiff as a board. Lillian's social scheming Mother has, through her rich Father, secured a place at the upcoming Westcliff house party. Marcus & Lillian spark off each other each time they speak or yell. It's a wonder Stoney Cross hasn't caught fire & burned to the ground. With one successful match taken care of it's now time for Lillian's happily ever after. With Marcus? What? Ugh, no. Well maybe, ok yes. Their game of come here I want you, go away I can't stand you will keep you amused. Lillian's parents will make you cringe more than once. One of the funniest scenes I've ever read involves Lillian, Marcus and a bottle of Pear Brandy. Don't miss a chance to continue with the wonderful Wallflower series. There's two more ladies to go & Lisa Kleypas is sure to deliver.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Did it again with a another great romance!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great characters. Love the series
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I knew I was going to love this book, especially since Lillian was my favorite of the wallflowers. I was not disappointed.