It's All God, Anyway

It's All God, Anyway

by Jennifer (Jinks) Hoffmann


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This book of reverent and irreverent poetry invites you to rethink what is sacred. Beginning with a thought provoking essay, It's All God, Anyway, is a map of a spiritual life, and offers guidance on how to awaken to, and listen for, the divine in our everyday lives.
Rooted in ordinary life, the poems are readily accessible. They are simple stories about how the author listens for the hidden dimension of existence revealed through the commonplace; demanding neighbors, dinners with loved ones, blazing sunsets, impatient mothers; even the rabbit who has adopted the neighborhood. By immersing yourself in these reflections, you will discover you are thinking of the divine and your own life differently. You are being invited--by recognizing that It's all God, anyway--to live with a different intention, with meaning, purpose, and deliciousness, even if you may sometimes be rooting around in the muck.
By joining the author on her journey, you will deepen your own spiritual practice, and connect with the unique language that the divine has for you. The Holy One has innumerable ways of singing us closer.

""Our job is to be a living psalm, Jinks observes, and this luminous collection of poetry points the way.""
--Diane M. Millis, PhD, Author of Deepening Engagement: Essential Wisdom for Leading with Purpose, Meaning, and Joy and Conversation--The Sacred Art

""It's All God, Anyway is a collection of prayerful poems that invite us to see the mysterious, loving unity that underlies all of reality.""
--Jacob Staub, Rabbi; Professor of Jewish Philosophy and Spirituality, the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College

""These are poems to experience, because they are invitations to see and celebrate, to taste gladness and delight, to embrace and be embraced by the presence of God and the sacred in the exquisite and unadorned present moment; yes, even in the shmutz.""
--Terry Hershey, Protestant Minister; author of Soul Gardening and Sanctuary: Creating a Space for Grace in our Life

""Jennifer (Jinks) Hoffmann . . . helps you recall what your heart knows but has forgotten: that the rush of mystery frightens a little, that we are called to love not only when life is gentle. If you open the door to the worlds contained within this book's covers, chances are good that indeed . . . God may walk in.""
--Howard Avruhm Addison, PhD, Rabbi; Associate Professor for Instruction, Temple University; Director, Jewish Spirituality Program, Graduate Theological Foundation

""This book invites you into a sacred conversation between Jinks and her ever present God, in the ordinary and the everyday.""
--Kristen Hobby, spiritual director; retreat leader; meditation teacher; author of Nurturing a Gentle Heart


Jennifer (Jinks) Hoffmann's loving and lingering attentiveness to the wonders of the world around her suffuses every poem in this deeply reverent but always earthbound book. While her own perspective is rooted in Judaism and Jungian psychology, her heart and mind are open and welcoming to the ways of others. The poems, with their profound respect for mystery, passion for connection, and gratitude for the lavish gifts of existence, will surely beguile readers into accepting Hoffmann's embracing invitation: ""deepen your own covenant with life.""
─Judith Viorst, author of Necessary Losses and other non-fiction, fiction, and poetry books for adults and children

Jennifer (Jinks) Hoffmann is a poet who stands with one foot firmly planted in the Eternal, and the other in the joys and sorrows of daily life. With an extraordinary breadth of poetic vision, Hoffmann unifies these two realms in a state of being she calls ""God."" This is not the biblical deity of Sunday or Sabbath school, but the thread of mystery that illuminates the mundane, that invites us to ecstasy, that penetrates and disturbs the ego's hardest armor. In her unpretentious and available style, Hoffmann spurs us to seek and find God in the most unlikely pla

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ISBN-13: 9781532611018
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication date: 10/12/2016
Pages: 160
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.34(d)

About the Author

Jennifer ( Jinks) Hoffmann was born in South Africa, and has lived in Canada, with her husband Alan, since 1966. Jinks is a Spiritual Director and a retired psychotherapist. She is the poetry editor of Presence: an International Journal of Spiritual Direction, and has numerous poetry and prose publications. Poetry writing and working with her dreams are two of Jinks' most loved ways of listening for life's Mystery.

Table of Contents

What Now, my Love? Listening for Mystery ix

Section 1 A Way of Being in the World 1

Melody of the Ocean 3

Rachmaninov and the Elephant 4

The Rush of Mystery 6

December 14th, 2012 7

Portrait of the Heart in Darkness 9

Raising the Sparks 11

Reality 13

Theology 14

A Bird on a Bicycle 16

A Feather 18

Section 2 Mysticism 21

Everything and Everyone 23

The Same Thing 25

Just Everything Slowing 27

The Empty Room 29

Just When I Think 31

A Rabbit from a Hat 33

A Love Poem to God 35

Psalm 42 at 2 a.m. 37

The Cycle 40

A Football as Instrument of Spiritual Transformation 42

It's Just Plain Good 44

A Perilous Path 46

Section 3 The Work 49

A Poem 51

The Chase 53

One Line 55

Stafford as Companion, Dolphin as Mentor 56

The Work 58

Who is Driving the Bus? 60

HaMakom 62

I Don't Believe in God 64

No Jackson Pollock 66

The Path 68

The Grandeur of the Individual in the Smallness of Life 70

The Deep End 72

Speaking of Wild Pigs 74

Second Nature 76

Section 4 Family and Friends 79

A Caesural Moment 81

Sacred Conversation 83

Marriage 84

Advice on How to Create a Good Enough Relationship 85

The Mystery of Blue Eyes 87

Shiva 89

Home 91

One of Those Days That Could Break Your Heart 93

Open the Door 95

Grass Blades and Flies 96

There Was a Time 98

Section 5 Roots 101

Hidden and Revealed 103

Lamed Vuvnik 105

Ein Od Milvado 108

Mount Sinai Morning Meditation 109

Be a Living Psalm 111

Reflection on Psalm 90 113

Anything 114

Hospitality 116

Eden 117

Faithfulness, not Faith 119

Belief in God 121

The Sand-Coloured Homes of Jerusalem 123

Now I Know Why I Sing When I Walk 124

Worship in S'fat 125

Yirah 126

You Cannot See the Face of God and Live 128

Epilogue 129

Acknowledgements 131

About the Author 135

Testimonials 137

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