Jamie and the Angel: Meeting Her Guardian Angel

Jamie and the Angel: Meeting Her Guardian Angel


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Many children are gifted in the psychic area, but fail to be taught that it is OK to see things that others may fail to see or acknowledge.
Jamie and The Angel is a story for children and people of all ages who may be experiencing psychic and "intuitive insights." This delightful book helps children to know they are not alone, and that what they are experiencing is a gift.

It also helps parents to nurture and encourage their children's psychic and intuitive abilities.
Once children understand that their angels are there to always help them, they can learn to get in touch with their guardian angels, and other help from the spirit world. This beautiful book also has a Parent's Guide to help them teach their children about their special
"God Given Gifts."

Jamie is an 8-year-old girl from a military family who's been having a hard time making friends because her family moves around a lot and her parents are busy trying to make things work. She struggles with her gifts and prays for help in her life. When her Angel appears,
will Jaime's prayer's for understanding and guidance be fulfilled? Read this book and find out!

Parents and Psychics Praise for Jamie and The Angel

"What a beautiful story! Jamie and the Angel isn't just for children, it is for us all to see the magic that is within us and how we all can open our heart to the Divine realm where angels do live.
It is Purely Divine. I recommend this beautiful book to everyone."

--Michele Blood, co-author Become A Magnet To Money Through the Sea of Unlimited Consciousness and Self Esteem For KIDZ

"A wonderful book that all children should read on the path of self-acceptance and to know that being different is perfect to allow their imagination to flow in life."

--Steven L. Hairfield, PhD author, The Twelve Sacred Principles of Karma

"Wow! What a wonderful book for both children and adults. Children must be encouraged and supported in understanding their relationship with God and the gifts they have been blessed with. Jamie and The Angel addresses these concerns admirably well. I
recommend it as a must read for both children and adults."

--Lawrence T. Bond, PhD co-author, Deeper Metaphysics

"This inspiring book, is a special light in the world for these rare gifted children and their parents! Carol Guy's sensitive expression touched my children deeply and led to discussions we've never had before. I am grateful for this gem!"

-- Traci Amos. Singer/Songwriter, founder of OPOLnow.org

"Jamie and The Angel is a comfort for children learning to accept their gifts. Carol Guy captures the essence of connection between spirit and children."

Robin Marvel author, Awakening Consciousness: A Girl's Guide!

"All children should know their personal angels and/or guardians from the beyond.
Jamie and The Angel shows us that it is alright to feel different as a child. As demonstrated in this colorful story by Carol Guy, children together with their parents, can acknowledge their unique gifts and feel OK about contact with their personal helpers from God."

--Jules Kennedy author, Dimensional Ascension: Multi-Dimensional Living for Light Workers

Learn more at www.CarolGuy.com

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Body, Mind & Spirit : Angels & Spirit Guides

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ISBN-13: 9781615990023
Publisher: Loving Healing Press
Publication date: 09/17/2009
Pages: 20
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.05(d)
Lexile: 590L (what's this?)
Age Range: 4 - 8 Years

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Jamie was different than most girls her age. She was shy. Afraid that other children would laugh and make fun of her, she held back and didn't speak up in class. Jamie spent most of her time alone and didn't have any friends to play with. She was sad inside and felt like a dark cloud was covering her heart. She longed to have friends and play like all the other children.

Jamie felt like she was looking through a window at the other children. She saw things in a different way than they did. Even when all the children went out for recess, she would just stand off to the side and watch. She could see them all laughing and having fun, but she could also see how sad and lonely they were.

Jamie had a hard time understanding what she was seeing. Sometimes she would see other things too, like people standing over the children trying to help them. No one else seem to see what Jamie saw. And, because she was different, the other children called her names and said that she was weird. This hurt Jamie's feelings.

At home, Jamie didn't talk very much and stayed to herself. She had an older brother, but he didn't pay much attention to her. He was already in High School and always busy. Even when she did see him, he would just tell her to "get lost."

Jamie's mother and father were always working and taking care of everything around the house. Her father was in the military, so he had to spend a lot time away from home. This made her mother even busier, so she had less time to spend with Jamie. Her family often moved around to different military bases, which made it difficult for Jamie to settle in and make friends.

Jamie tried to tell her parents about the things she saw, but they only told her it was only her imagination. Because they didn't understand it either, they didn't like her to talk about it. Since she never heard anyone talk about things like she was experiencing, she felt alone.

She wondered if there was something wrong with her. Why could she see these things when others couldn't? Was God punishing her? Unsure of herself, she felt cursed and very alone. This would make Jamie cry. She didn't know what to do.

One night when she was going to bed, she knelt down beside her bed and prayed to God. She asked Him to please help her. She wanted to know what was wrong with her.

She poured out her heart to God and after she finished praying, she thanked Him for listening to her. Jamie then went to bed, but she couldn't sleep.

Tucked under her sheets and blankets, she hoped God had heard her prayer and would help her. She didn't know who else to turn to. Her mother and father had told her that God always answers prayers and helps people. She knew God was busy helping many people, but she still hoped that He had time for her.

As she lying in bed, thinking and hoping, something started to happen. A bright light appeared in her room. She sat up in bed looking at this light, her eyes growing wider and wider. She was afraid, but she couldn't move

Watching as the light came closer and closer, she began to see a shape--a shape that grew into a beautiful Angel. The Angel had big wings made of feathers, long golden hair that blew in the wind, and the most loving eyes she had ever seen.

Jamie knew it was an Angel because her parents had read stories to her about them. Still, she was a little frightened because she had never actually seen one before.

Coming closer to Jamie, the Angel told her not to be afraid. She told her that her name was Monica. She said that God had heard her prayer and had sent her to help Jamie.

Monica gently told Jamie that nothing was wrong with her, that she was gifted. She told her that God had given her the gift of seeing the truth of things--the way God sees, with God's eyes. The Angel told Jamie that everyone is born with gifts from God, and this gift belonged to Jamie.

Jamie asked Monica why others didn't see things that she saw. Monica told her that most people, by the age five or seven, choose to turn away from their gifts. They are afraid of what they see because they don't understand it. No one wants to talks about these experiences and even if they do, they are told that it is just their imagination.

"Why didn't I close off my gifts?" Jamie asked Monica.

"Because," Monica replied, "you came here to help others to see. You know that it is okay for them to see and that they are safe." She told Jamie that this type of seeing is a gift from God, not a curse. God loves everyone.

Knowing now that God did love her, Jamie was happy. She thanked Monica for coming and helping her.

Monica told Jamie that she was there to help guide her, and that she would always be with her. She also told Jamie to trust in what she sees, because trusting is a very big part of believing in God. The Angel give Jamie a hug and told her that she loved her.

Jamie closed her eyes and went to sleep with love in her heart.


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