Jardín Azul: Las Canciones Favoritas

Jardín Azul: Las Canciones Favoritas

by Linda RonstadtLinda Ronstadt



Tucson, Arizona–born Linda Ronstadt proved her versatility with Canciones de Mi Padre, a collection of Mexican songs dedicated to her father, which won a Grammy back in 1987. Two more Grammy-winning collections of Spanish-language music followed, and this set collects the best of all three discs, plus a track each from 1973's Hasten Down the Wind and 1993's Winter Light. It's a perfect time to celebrate Ronstadt's artistry. Not only is her taste impeccable, but her voice is more than up to the task. Unlike Gloria Estefan, whose tribute to her Cuban roots was slick, sugar-coated tropical music, Ronstadt's renditions of Mexican and Tejano songs are the real deal. Her rancheras -- "Mi Ranchito," "Por un Amor," and others -- are perfect examples of the form's over-the-top emoting, and Ronstadt sobs, her voice breaking in all the right places. Other tracks concentrate on the lush boleros of Mexican cinema, typified by "Perfidia," "Piel Canela," and "Verdad Amarga," and Ronstadt has no problem finding the weary, sensual core of these melancholic standards. All of the material is easily within her reach, from the huapango "Rogaciano el Huapanguero," rich with keening falsetto, to the southwestern flavors of "Lo Siento Mi Vida" (featured on Hasten) with its pedal steel guitar and bilingual lyrics. Those who haven't followed Ronstadt's Latin career are in for a treat.

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Release Date: 04/27/2004
Label: Elektra / Wea
UPC: 0081227397524
catalogNumber: 73975

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Linda Ronstadt   Primary Artist,Voices
Justo Almario   Horn
Jeff Beal   Strings
Armando Peraza   Percussion
Steve Fowler   Flute
Yomo Toro   Tres
Andrew Gold   Bass,Vocal Harmony
Pedro Garcia   Violin
Gilberto Puente   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Daniel Kobialka   Strings
Tito Allen   Coro
Jose Arellano   Guitarron
Robbie Buchanan   Synthesizer
Larry Bunker   Percussion
Gene Burkert   Horn
David Campbell   Conductor
Stuart Canin   Strings
Jon Clarke   Recorder
Jeremy Cohen   Strings
Luis Conte   Percussion
Luis Damian   Vihuela
Dan Dugmore   Steel Guitar
Jim Dukey   Strings
Joseph Edelberg   Strings
Guillermo Edghill   Bass
Kenny Edwards   Acoustic Guitar,Vocal Harmony
Yayo el Indio   Coro
Ronald Erickson   Strings
Dennis Farias   Horn
Ramon Flores   Horn
Clifton Foster   Strings
Rubén Fuentes   Conductor
Arthur Gerst   Harp
Jesús Guzmán   Violin,Choir, Chorus,Group
Humberto "Nengue" Hernandez   Guitar
Jose Hernandez   Guitar,Trumpet,Vihuela
James Hurley   Strings
Roxanna Jacobson   Strings
Dennis James   Glass Harmonica
David Kadarauch   Strings
Ron Kalina   Harmonica
Russ Kunkel   Percussion,Drums
Bob Mann   Acoustic Guitar
Juan Morales   Choir, Chorus
Sharon O'Connor   Strings
Dean Parks   Guitar,Mandolin
Felipe Perez   Violin,Choir, Chorus
Joel Peskin   Horn
Antonio Ramos   Violin
Ramón Rodríguez   Choir, Chorus
Nathan Rubin   Strings
Adalberto Santiago   Coro
Irene Sazer   Strings
Rebecca Sebring   Strings
Jim Self   Tuba
Greg Sudmeir   Strings
Mark Summer   Strings
John Tenney   Strings
Mike Turre   Horn
Arturo Velasco   Horn
Orestes Vilató   Percussion
Pedro Flores   Vihuela
Waddy Wachtel   Acoustic Guitar
Katie McElrath   Strings
Jenny Amador   Strings
Ruth Freeman   Strings
Martha Henninger Rubin   Strings
Marianne Wagner   Strings
Leland Sklar   Bass
Danny Valdez   Guitar,Vocals
Jorge Lopez   Guitar
Jesús Hernández   Guitar
Joe Rotondi   Piano
Juan Jose Almaguer   Violin,Choir, Chorus,Group
Adrienne Duckworth   Strings
Víctor "El Pato" Cardenas   Vihuela
Leonel Galvez   Guitar
Juan Gudino   Trumpet
Samuel Gutiérrez   Guitar
Laura Halladay   Flute
William Klingelhofer   Strings
Oscar Meza   Bass
Pedro Rey   Vihuela
Felipe Romero   Violin
James Shallenberger   Strings
Rafael Palomar   Guitar,Choir, Chorus
Pancho Roman   Percussion
Federico Torres   Trumpet
Jaime Alejo   Guitarron
Michael Ronstadt   Voices,Vocal Harmony
Peter Ronstadt   Voices,Vocal Harmony
Santiago Maldonado   Harp,Choir, Chorus
Nati Cano   Violin
Salvador Torres   Violin
Deborah Bellemy-Reyes   Strings
Walfredo de los Reyes   Percussion
Robert Galbraith   Strings
Charles Harrington   Horn
Ellyn Pesavento   Strings
Nora Pirquet   Strings
Nancy Stenzen   Strings
Enrigue Santiago   Guitarron
Martin Lara   Trumpet
Raul Puente   Guitar
Juan Manuel Biurquis   Violin
José "Chito" Martínez   Violin,Choir, Chorus
Nina G. Flyer   Strings
Ricardo Cisneros   Choir, Chorus
Héctor Gama   Violin,Choir, Chorus
Mario Rodriguez   Violin
Daniel Fornero   Horn

Technical Credits

Tish Hinojosa   Composer
Linda Ronstadt   Composer,Producer
Bobby Capó   Composer
Gonzalo Roig   Composer
Roberto Cantoral   Composer
Cuco Sánchez   Composer
Peter Asher   Producer
Hugh Brown   Art Direction
David Campbell   Orchestral Arrangements
Kenny Edwards   Composer
Rubén Fuentes   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Tim Fuller   Inlay Photography
Val Garay   Engineer
Nathaniel Kunkel   Engineer
George Massenburg   Producer,Engineer
Shawn Murphy   Engineer
Gilberto Parra   Composer
Paul Lundin   Engineer
Ray Santos   Arranger
Alberto Dominguez   Composer
Janet Stark   Executive Producer
Felipe Valdés Leal   Composer
Milton Leeds   Composer
Consuelo Velázquez   Composer
Augustin Rodriguez   Composer
Gilbert Ronstadt   Composer
Ray Pérez Soto   Composer
Valeriano Trejo   Composer
Felipe Bermejo   Composer
Nicandro Castillo   Composer
Emilio Catarell Vela   Composer
Jim Britt   Cover Photo
Traditional   Composer
Ignacio Piñeiro   Composer
Robin Hurley   Executive Producer
Bob O'Neill   Business Consultant

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