Java and XML

Java and XML

by Brett McLaughlin, Justin Edelson

Paperback(Third Edition)

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Java and XML, 3rd Edition, shows you how to cut through all the hype about XML and put it to work. It teaches you how to use the APIs, tools, and tricks of XML to build real-world applications. The result is a new approach to managing information that touches everything from configuration files to web sites.

After two chapters on XML basics, including XPath, XSL, DTDs, and XML Schema, the rest of the book focuses on using XML from your Java applications. This third edition of Java and XML covers all major Java XML processing libraries, including full coverage of the SAX, DOM, StAX, JDOM, and dom4j APIs as well as the latest version of the Java API for XML Processing (JAXP) and Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB). The chapters on web technology have been entirely rewritten to focus on the today's most relevant topics: syndicating content with RSS and creating Web 2.0 applications. You'll learn how to create, read, and modify RSS feeds for syndicated content and use XML to power the next generation of websites with Ajax and Adobe Flash.

Topics include:

  • The basics of XML, including DTDs, namespaces, XML Schema, XPath, and Transformations
  • The SAX API, including all handlers, filters, and writers
  • The DOM API, including DOM Level 2, Level 3, and the DOM HTML module
  • The JDOM API, including the core and a look at XPath support
  • The StAX API, including StAX factories, producing documents and XMLPull
  • Data Binding with JAXB, using the new JAXB 2.0 annotations
  • Web syndication and podcasting with RSS
  • XML on the Presentation Layer, paying attention to Ajax and Flash applications

If you are developing with Java and need to use XML, or think that you will be in the future; if you're involved in the new peer-to-peer movement, messaging, or web services; or if you're developing software for electronic commerce, Java and XML will be an indispensable companion.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780596101497
Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/28/2006
Edition description: Third Edition
Pages: 482
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.19(h) x 0.85(d)

About the Author

Brett McLaughlin is a bestselling and award-winning non-fiction author. His books on computer programming, home theater, and analysis and design have sold in excess of 100,000 copies. He has been writing, editing, and producing technical books for nearly a decade, and is as comfortable in front of a word processor as he is behind a guitar, chasing his two sons and his daughter around the house, or laughing at reruns of Arrested Development with his wife.

Brett spends most of his time these days on cognitive theory, codifying and expanding on the learning principles that shaped the Head First series into a bestselling phenomenon. He's curious about how humans best learn, why Star Wars was so formulaic and still so successful, and is adamant that a good video game is the most effective learning paradigm we have.

Justin Edelson is the Vice President of Platform Engineering for MTV Networks. He was the co-author (with Brett McLaughlin) of Java & XML, 3rd Edition, published in December 2006.

Table of Contents

Conventions Used in This Book;
Using Code Examples;
We’d Like Your Feedback!;
Safari® Enabled;
Chapter 1: Introduction;
XML 1.0;
XML 1.1;
XML Transformations;
And More...;
Chapter 2: Constraints;
XML Schema;
Chapter 3: SAX;
Setting Up SAX;
Parsing with SAX;
Content Handlers;
Error Handlers;
Chapter 4: Advanced SAX;
Properties and Features;
Resolving Entities;
Notations and Unparsed Entities;
The DefaultHandler Class;
Extension Interfaces;
Filters and Writers;
Chapter 5: DOM;
The Document Object Model;
Modifying and Creating XML;
Chapter 6: DOM Modules;
Checking for Module Support;
DOM Level 2 Modules;
DOM Level 3 Modules;
Chapter 7: JAXP;
More Than an API;
Parsing XML;
Processing XSL;
XML Validation;
Chapter 8: Pull Parsing With StAX;
StAX Basics;
StAX Factories;
Parsing with StAX;
Document Output with StAX;
Factory Properties;
Common Issues with StAX;
Chapter 9: JDOM;
The Basics;
More JDOM Classes;
JDOM and Factories;
Common Issues with JDOM;
Chapter 10: dom4j;
Reading and Writing with dom4j;
Document Traversal;
Special-Purpose Factories;
Chapter 11: Data Binding with JAXB;
Data Binding Basics;
Introducing JAXB;
Using JAXB;
Other Binding Frameworks;
Chapter 12: Content Syndication with RSS;
What Is RSS?;
Creating an RSS Feed;
Reading an RSS Feed;
Modules with ROME;
Chapter 13: XML As Presentation;
XML and the Model-View-Controller Pattern;
Transforming to HTML with JSP;
Using XSLT;
Chapter 14: Looking Forward;
XML Appliances;
XML Databases;
Fast Infoset;
And Many More...;
Appendix 1: SAX Features and Properties;
Core Features;
Core Properties;

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