Je Dis Oui!

Je Dis Oui!

by Pink MartiniPink Martini


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After spending a couple of years touring in support of their von Trapp collaboration Dream a Little Dream, Pink Martini cast their sights and sounds farther with Je Dis Oui! This is one of the little orchestra's most globetrotting collections, whether they're combining Japanese instrumentation with Portuguese songcraft on "Solidão" or singing in any of the other seven languages represented here, including a foray into Xhosa with a cheery rendition of Miriam Makeba's "Pata Pata." Where they flirted with kitsch on Dream a Little Dream, this time Pink Martini draw inspiration from cinematic glamour. Three of Je Dis Oui!'s songs were written for the 2016 film Souvenir, which stars Isabelle Huppert as a forgotten Eurovision contestant, and they anchor the album. "Joli Garçon" kicks things off with vibrantly optimistic French pop; "Souvenir"'s brass and swirling harp lend a sultry touch; and "Fini la Musique" sends the album into its home stretch with Édith Piaf-worthy drama. As always, in Pink Martini's world, traditional doesn't mean predictable. The band excels at bringing fresh perspectives to old favorites on Je Dis Oui! with a little help from their friends: Rufus Wainwright's "Blue Moon" is one of the most serene tracks here, while Kathleen Saadat's growling alto gives "Love for Sale" an extra urgency. The group also takes time to reflect on its own traditions, with longtime collaborator and NPR journalist Ari Shapiro taking the lead on "Finnisma Di," an Arabic version of "La Soledad" from their 1997 debut, Sympathique. Nearly 20 years later, Je Dis Oui! is one of Pink Martini's most cohesive and welcoming expressions of their globally minded pop.

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Release Date: 11/18/2016
Label: Heinz Records
UPC: 0889853689521
catalogNumber: 232

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Pink Martini   Primary Artist
Nancy Ives   Cello
Rufus Wainwright   Vocals
China Forbes   Vocals,Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Max Williams   Background Vocals
Joël Belgique   Viola
Dan Faehnle   Guitar
Reinhardt Melz   Bongos,Conga,Drums,Tambourine,Background Vocals,Bells,Shaker,cowbell,Brushes
Emily Taylor   Background Vocals
Gavin Bondy   Trumpet,Cornet,Flugelhorn,Background Vocals
Thomas Lauderdale   Piano,Celeste,Background Vocals,Xylophone,Melodica
Brian Davis   Tambourine,Triangle,Claves,Caxixi,Surdo,Chainsaw
Kenji Bunch   Viola
Julie Coleman   Violin
Paloma Griffin   Violin
Maureen Love   Harp
Timothy Nishimoto   Tambourine,Vocals,Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus,Surdo,Shaker,Shekere,Guiro
Masumi Timson   Koto
Jonas Williams   Basse
Storm Large   Vocals
Ruby Chen   Violin
Nicholas Crosa   Violin,Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Joy Fabos   Violin
Anthony Jones   Percussion,Drums
David Chen   Tenor (Vocal)
Trevor Fitzpatrick   Cello
Emily Cole   Violin
Shin Young Kwon   Violin
Ron Blessinger   Viola
Doug Smith   Claves,Shaker
Miguel Bernal   Bongos,Conga,Tambourine,Shekere
Robert Taylor   Trombone,Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Pansy Chang   Cello
Jennifer Arnold   Viola
Hunter Noack   Piano
Antonis Andreou   Trombone,Background Vocals,Soloist
Paul Nicholson   Background Vocals
Dirgham Sbait   Choir, Chorus
Karen Early   Background Vocals
Nate Overmeyer   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Ari Shapiro   Vocals,Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Luke Hartley   Basse
Patrick Driscoll   Tenor (Vocal)
Silu Fei   Viola
Kyle Mustain   English Horn,Vocals,Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Philip Emilio   Upright Bass
Denise Fujikawa   Harp
Sue Naumes   Background Vocals
Tara Palazuelos   Alto
Trish Smith   Background Vocals
Mark Wiener   Background Vocals
Marjorie Sheiman   Alto
Kylee Kamikawa   Soprano
Laura Ha   Violin
Kim Hastreiter   Melodica
Kaya Hellman   Tenor (Vocal)
Kay Hutchinson   Background Vocals
Kathleen Saadat   Vocals
Kathleen Cornett   Background Vocals
Kat Descamp Renner   Alto
Josephine West   Alto
Jinn Shin   Cello
Jacob Hungerford   Tenor (Vocal)
Iris Cohn   Soprano
Isaac Chapelle   Tenor (Vocal)
Ikram Goldman   Vocals,Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Ian Schipper   Basse
Evan Shenk   Basse
Eri Lou Nogueira   Violin
Danae Hutson-Zipinski   Background Vocals
Chloe Rust   Alto
Baby Searty Boss   Background Vocals
Caragh Coghlan   Background Vocals
Carli Brosseau   Background Vocals
Aoife Coghlan   Background Vocals
Aisling Coghlan   Background Vocals
Alicia Didonato Paulsen   Flute
Anna Sipowicz   Soprano
Antoinette Gan   Cello
Michelle Boss Barba   Background Vocals
Pansy Changàntoinette Gan   Cello
Penny Allen   Background Vocals
Philip Emilio Baker   Upright Bass
Rachel Bard   Soprano
Reuben Roqueñi   Background Vocals
Robert Marksthaler   Basse
Rosanna Butterfield   Cello
Samuel Park   Violin
Sara Sanford   Soprano
Shelley Toon Lindberg   Background Vocals

Technical Credits

Franz Schubert   Composer
Miriam Makeba   Composer
Richard Rodgers   Composer
Dave Friedlander   Engineer
Lorenz Hart   Composer
Cole Porter   Composer
Jerry Ragovoy   Composer
China Forbes   Composer
Babak Afshar   Composer
Ferrer Trindade   Composer
Frederico de Brito   Composer
Johnny Dynell   Composer
Thomas Lauderdale   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Steve Sundholm   Engineer
Traditional   Composer
Mansour Rahbani   Composer
Assi Rahbani   Composer
Robert Taylor   Producer
Pepe Raphael   Composer
Stephen Taylor   Orchestration
David Mourão Ferreira   Composer
Yildirim Gürses   Composer
Alex Marashian   Composer
Kyle Mustain   Producer
Mike King   Layout
Touradj Negahban   Composer
Valentin Hadjadj   Composer
Yves Verbraeken   Composer
Lyad Qasem   Composer
Bavo Defurne   Composer

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