Jerusalem and Washington: A Life in Politics and Diplomacy

Jerusalem and Washington: A Life in Politics and Diplomacy

by Zalman Shoval, Anthony Berris

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Diplomat and raconteur Zalman Shoval leads readers behind the closed doors of Jerusalem and Washington in this memoir, into the rooms where prime ministers and presidents made decisions about the first Gulf War, the fate of Jonathan Pollard, the role of the PLO, and Israel’s responses to international criticism and hostilities.

As a member of Israel’s Likud party, an early ally of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and a two-time ambassador to the United States, Shoval has navigated the complicated relationships among Israel’s various ministers and political parties. But none was more fraught than Jerusalem and Washington’s in the 1990s, when Israel’s financial dependence on the U.S. ignited tensions that threatened Shoval’s diplomatic expulsion.

Since Israel’s founding seventy years ago, Shoval has championed its independence, survival, and global reputation. His public life began as a child relocated from 1930s Europe, throwing rocks at Palestine’s British occupiers and living alongside Arabs and Jews whose backgrounds differed greatly from his own. As a college student in the U.S. and Switzerland, an intelligence officer in the Israeli Defense Force, a member of Israel’s governing majority in Jerusalem, and Israel’s ambassador in Washington, DC, Shoval’s cosmopolitan background has influenced his hopes for Israel, and his ability to negotiate with others.

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Publication date: 11/30/2018
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About the Author

Zalman Shoval is an Israeli politician and diplomat who served as Israel’s ambassador to the United States during the George H. W. Bush presidency and, later, during the Clinton administration. He resides in Tel Aviv and regularly visits the United States.

Table of Contents

Foreword Dennis Ross xi

Preface xv

Acknowledgments xxi

1 A Tel Aviv Boy 1

2 Nahalal, San Francisco, Geneva 19

3 "Why would a young man like you want to go into the foreign ministry?" 24

4 Banking and Politics 33

5 The Six-Day War: Egyptian POW Interrogator 42

6 Splits and Unifications 47

7 War and Turnabout 61

8 Dayan Joins the Begin Government; Shoval: The Public Diplomat 72

9 Camp David, 1978: Stalemate and Breakthrough 84

10 Begin and Dayan: No Longer 91

11 Hurwitz: Finance Minister; Weizman Seeks to Depose Begin 98

12 Breakup of La'am and the Founding of Telem; Death of Dayan 100

13 The First Lebanon War 106

14 Twice Unity 111

15 "Mr. Ambassador" 123

16 "Money is fungible." 131

17 "We are not considering a preemptive strike." 136

18 "Zalman, the war will start today." 145

19 Bargaining and Crisis 158

20 "I want to begin the peace process-together with you." 170

21 "Israel must choose between guarantees and settlements." 177

22 The Madrid Conference: "The United States will not support the creation of an independent Palestinian state." 184

23 Couch Talks and Coffee Diplomacy 190

24 Stalemate with the Palestinians, Progress with Jordan 202

25 Shamir and George H. W. Bush Leave the Stage 208

26 Other Troubles 213

27 "The Israeli Cronkite" 218

28 The Guarantees: Happy End 225

29 Rabin: "I want you to stay." 235

30 "You have brought honor to Israel and the United States." 242

31 "Your guy won." 244

32 Washington for the Second Time 254

33 The Wye River Conference; Pressure and a Near Blowup 259

34 Efforts to Block the Iranian Nuclear Program 282

35 Another New Boss: Ehud Barak 286

36 Return Home; Barak Is Defeated by Sharon 296

Notes 313

Index 317

About the Author 333

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