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Jin Shin Healing Touch: Quick Help for Common Ailments

Jin Shin Healing Touch: Quick Help for Common Ailments

by Tina Stümpfig

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A full-color, step-by-step guide to the simple two-point touch method of Jin Shin Jyutsu for quick relief from many common conditions and injuries

• Details the 52 energy points of Jin Shin Jyutsu, called Safety Energy Locks (SELs), where energy is most likely to become blocked along the body’s energy pathways and where it is also most easily released

• Explains the sequence of points to hold and the appropriate finger mudras (positions) to address specific ailments, conditions, and injuries as well as stimulate the body’s self-healing response and harmonize energy flow

• Includes concise yet detailed instructions and clear illustrations of the energy points and sequences

A gentle self-help method for harmonizing energy flow, strengthening the immune system, and stimulating the body’s self-healing response, Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient Japanese healing art akin to an easier form of acupressure. The system centers on the 52 Safety Energy Locks (SELs) of the body’s energy pathways, points where energy tends to become stuck easily and thus can also be released easily, usually by holding just two energy points simultaneously.

In this full-color guide to Jin Shin Jyutsu, complete with detailed step-by-step illustrations, experienced practitioner Tina Stümpfig explains how to hold the SEL points in easy sequences to address specific ailments, conditions, and injuries. She also details a variety of finger mudras (finger holds) that can serve as shortcuts for bringing awareness to and alleviating a number of issues, such as anxiety, insomnia, digestive problems, and back pains. The author describes the major overarching energy flows of the body and shows how, when a pathway becomes blocked, the energy ceases to flow freely and stagnates. Initially the channel is only blocked locally, though in the long run a blockage creates imbalance along the entire energy pathway and can thus affect the whole body. Using Jin Shin Jyutsu to work with the SELs allows you to quickly and easily release these energetic blockages, both acute or chronic. The polarity of the energy flow in our hands--energy flowing out on the right, flowing in on the left--functions like a starter cable that reestablishes broken energy links. At the same time, conscious breathing allows us to deepen our cosmic awareness and understanding of issues connected to the SELs on the inner level.

Whether you are facing allergies, exhaustion, pain, or inflammation, the healing touch of Jin Shin Jyutsu offers a simple self-help tool that can quickly alleviate and soothe symptoms, kickstart the healing process, and improve overall health.

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ISBN-13: 9781644110775
Publisher: Inner Traditions/Bear & Company
Publication date: 05/26/2020
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 176
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About the Author

Tina Stümpfig is a psychologist, expert in special needs education, geomantic practitioner, and Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, working with people and animals. The author of several books in German, she offers individual treatments, Jin Shin Jyutsu trainings, and workshops. She lives in Wangen, Bavaria/Germany.

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PART TWO: Common Ailments and Injuries

Chapter 3: General Harmonizers

General harmonizers are holds or flows that you can use at any time, as they have a very comprehensive effect. Hence, they are described in detail right at the beginning of this book and then repeatedly mentioned with reference to different themes and symptoms.

The Main Central Flow - the Source of Life

The main central flow, also called “main central vertical flow,” is the flow that directly connects us with the source of life, our direct line upwards, so to speak. It is the flow that first forms in humans and the energy pathway that makes life possible in the first instance. It is the breath of life or the “great breath of life,” as Jiro Murai called it.

The main central flow is our great source of energy, our supply source. It provides us with energy for all body processes and fuels all other flows. It harmonizes the immune system, hormonal system, nervous system, metabolism, cardiovascular system, blood pressure and it supports breathing. The main central flow brings new strength and energy to body, mind and soul, and releases fears, stress and depression.

The main central flow consists of seven steps. However, do not let yourself be deterred by the length of the flow. If you use it regularly, you will soon realize how powerful and stabilizing it is.

It is most relaxing to lie on your back while using the main central flow, but of course you can also use it while sitting. What matters, is that it is comfortable and effortless to use.

Hold each position for 2-5 minutes.

• STEP 1: Place your right hand on the top center of the head, where it stays until the last step, and place your left hand on the middle of the forehead between the eyebrows.

This hold harmonizes thoughts, releases fears and strengthens intuition. It stimulates memory and brain functions and facilitates the prevention of senility and Alzheimer’s. It harmonizes the pineal and pituitary glands and equalizes blood pressure.

• STEP 2: Place your left hand on the tip of your nose.

This hold cleanses the sinus cavities, frontal sinuses and maxillary sinuses. It harmonizes the upper half of the body, relieves tension in the pelvic girdle and harmonizes the reproductive organs. It aids the muscular system, supports with all hormonal fluctuations (e.g., puberty, menopause), helps to see more clearly and to gain new perspectives.

• STEP 3: Place your left hand on the pit of the throat, i.e., on the upper end of the sternum.

This hold harmonizes the thyroid and parathyroid glands, stimulates metabolism and regulates the calcium and magnesium balance. It also regulates blood pressure and is important for bone structures. It calms the mind and harmonizes feelings. It also helps to adapt to environmental situations, radiation, air pollution and other stressors (including emotional ones).

• STEP 4: Place your left hand on the center of your sternum.

This hold strengthens the thymus, invigorates the immune system, strengthens the heart, circulation and breathing. It opens the heart, helps us to live from the heart, to release feelings of guilt and not being good enough and to love yourself and others.

• STEP 5: Place your left hand on your stomach about three fingers above the belly button.

This hold strengthens the stomach, spleen, kidneys and pancreas. It stimulates digestion and supports the immune system. It also harmonizes cell structures and prevents cancer. Moreover, it strengthens the cardiovascular system and harmonizes the nervous system. It helps us to relax and release stress, to deal more easily with aggression and to develop deeper trust in life.

• STEP 6: Place your left hand on the pubic bone.

This hold releases tensions in the lower abdomen and legs, harmonizes the reproductive organs, strengthens the spine and spinal discs, and regulates digestion and the fluid balance in the body. It calms the mind, gives a deep sense of security and inner safety and stimulates creativity.

• STEP 7: Place your right hand on the coccyx, while the left hand remains on the pubic bone.

This hold supports blood circulation in the legs and feet. It harmonizes from head to toe, clears thoughts, helps to think in terms of solutions and possibilities, and gives new energy when you feel tired, exhausted and listless.

Each of these steps has its own specific effects, and you can of course use the steps that particularly appeal to you or touch on certain topics one at a time. Nevertheless, it is good to use the entire flow, as it addresses everything in one go.

If you use the main central flow in the morning, it will give you energy and momentum for the day. When used in the course of the day, it assists you to both relax and refuel, and in the evening it helps you switch off and get a good night’s rest.