Journey of a Conqueror: Overcoming Abuse with Faith and Courage

Journey of a Conqueror: Overcoming Abuse with Faith and Courage

by Janice Clark Hayes




Have you ever felt trapped in your relationship? Found yourself walking on eggshells? Maneuvering through a minefield, never knowing when your next word will set off an explosion? Are you a victim of abuse and have struggled with admitting it to yourself?

Author Janice Clark Hayes survived an abusive marriage lasting more than two decades and emerged from the experience through God's strength and help. Through eloquent, emotion-filled poetry and dramatic photography, she will take you through five stages of abuse-from entering to emerging free and healthy.

Looking forward in hope, not backward in blame, and relying on God, Hayes will help you or a loved one suffering in this kind of relationship begin to heal and take the steps out of the torment and into God's love.

Don't wait-the beginning of your new life is in your hands!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781579219475
Publisher: WinePress Publishing WA
Publication date: 03/01/2008
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 7.90(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Janice Clark Hayes has worked in the corporate world, using her MBA and her organizational development experience to help both non- and for-profit organizations. She is a frequent speaker on topics ranging from change management and goal setting to personal motivation. She has three grown sons, Bobby, Tony, and Dugan, through her first marriage, and a loving daughter-in-law, Tony's wife Christy. With her husband, Glen, her second family includes a son and daughter, their spouses, and two grandchildren. Janice and Glen are active members of Trinity Chapel in Powder Springs, Georgia.

Table of Contents

Dedication     iii
Acknowledgments     vi
Introduction     ix
The Yearning
Choose Me     3
Waiting     5
Why Would Anyone?     7
Please and Peace     11
Standing Alone     13
My Journey     15
The Rejection
The Gatekeeper     19
Silence     21
The Battle Wall     24
One Last Night     26
Beaten     29
My Journey     31
The Awareness
Erosion     35
Can It End?     39
Her Path     42
Parched     45
White Water     49
My Journey     53
The Hope
Self     57
Cycle     59
Anger Storm     61
Blooms Anew     65
The Emergence     68
My Journey     73
The Fulfillment
Experiencing God     79
A Pilgrimage     81
Soul Mates     83
The Union     85
The Key     87
My Journey     89
Beginning Your Journey with Jesus Christ     93
About the Author     97
Coming Next!     98

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