Jude's Moon

Jude's Moon


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New Moon, Full Moon and the phases in between, Jude’s Moon is a delightful story of a little boys fascination with the moon and how it mysteriously changes shape.
Jude loves how the moon and sun share the sky and turn night to day and day to night.
He loves the moon so much he thinks it’s his moon. The moon becomes his best friend.
One day he noticed the moon was not round. He thought it looked like a Croissant. His Brother laughed and corrected him and told him it was a Cresent Moon. Jude was excited to learn more about how the moon changes shapes. Jude goes on his own exploration to find the answers and unlock the secret of the Phases of the Moon.
The illustrations are appealing and whimsically illustrated by Tina Cash-Walsh. Tina’s illustration illuminate in an easy to understand way how the moon orbits earth and how the sun shine illuminates portions of the moon for us to see giving the appearance of the changing shapes. 
Kids and Parents will enjoy this story and it will inspire them to want to do additional research on the subject.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781630477257
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication date: 09/01/2015
Series: Morgan James Kids Series
Pages: 32
Product dimensions: 8.70(w) x 8.70(h) x 0.40(d)
Age Range: 4 - 7 Years

About the Author

Nancy Guettier is an emerging author and publisher of children’s books. She is also the Vice President of Visual Merchandising for PotterybarnKids and Pbteen where she has worked for 12 years creating dream rooms for her customers.
Working in the kids and baby industry for over 20 years Nancy wanted to use her creative skills and to educate kids through her whimsical stories.
Nancy is also a mother of three beautiful children who inspire her everyday to write and share her stories with kids everywhere.

Tina Cash-Walsh is an illustrator, textile designer, product designer and teacher. She works with watercolors, acyrlics, pencils, Adobe Illustrator and photoshop.
She loves to create images that reflect the lighter side of life. She treasures and is grateful what she does, and hopes that she can make peoples’ lives a bit brighter with her illustrations.
She and her wonderful husband live an adventurous life, near the ocean and mountains in California.

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Every day around noon, Jude woke from his nap and rushed from his bedroom, full of excitement.

He ran outside, spotted the moon and shouted with glee, "Mama, come see! I found the moon!"

He thought he was the only kid in the world who could see the moon during the daytime.

He loved the moon so much, he called it Jude's moon — his very own magical balloon.

Jude also loved how the moon and the sun shared the sky.

He knew that sharing was caring — something he learned from Mama.

Jude enjoyed seeing how the sun and moon changed the day to night, and night back to a new day.

It was fun to see how they played and glowed on everyone like big flashlights.

He sat and wondered and whispered to himself, "How did they get up there?"

One day Jude was playing in the yard with his big brother Julian. Julian lost his ball down the street, so Jude gave his brother his own ball.

His Mama was so proud she exclaimed, "Jude hung the moon." Jude's face lit up and his smile was so big it actually outshone the sun.

This is when his imagination started having fun.

"I hung the moon!" Jude shouted with amazement, as he ran to his bedroom to think.

"It must be the big ladder ... is that what I used to hang the big moon?" All this wonder made Jude tired and he fell into a slumber.

When he woke he felt proud of his accomplishment of hanging the moon. He ran out of his bedroom to go and greet the moon.

Jude looked up at the sky and gasped, "Who took my moon?

It doesn't look like my best friend, shaped big and round like a balloon! It looks more like a banana."

"That's not a banana," said his big brother Julian, "It's a crescent moon!"

"A what?" Jude asked.

"A croissant, like the breakfast bread?"

Jude needed to take a closer look so he ran to get the big ladder. He climbed and climbed as high as he could reach, but the big bright sun shined in his face.

He squinted hard and said, "Aha, it's the sun, it's casting a shadow on the moon, turning my big balloon into a croissant!"

Julian said, "No Jude, it's a crescent moon, not a croissant moon. But you are almost right about the sun's shadow on the moon.

We're actually seeing the sun's light on the moon. The earth and moon do a dance around the sun, while the sun shines on different portions of the moon, making new shapes for us to see.

That's what we call the phases of the moon."

Jude was bubbling with excitement to learn more about the new phrase, "Phases of the moon."

He pictured it as a dance with the earth, moon and sun.

Julian said, "Exactly, it's like the earth and the moon doing ring-a-round the rosie with the sun.

Or like a giant clock in the sky and each quarter the moon goes through new phases."

New moon and full moon first quarter then third, and waning and waxing the phases in between.

This lunar dance goes on above us magically unseen.

When it appears the moon is growing it is called waxing, and when it appears it's getting smaller it's called waning.

Gibbous is more than half, but less than fully illuminated.

It takes several days for the moon to change from one phase to the next.

The day was ending and it was getting darker, but Jude's moon illuminated him.

Jude howled with delight and glee, "Now I know why Mama's so proud of me!"

"Yes, Jude," Mama said.

"You hung the moon.

Now head upstairs and go to bed!"

Jude climbed into bed and looked out the window of his room, knowing his good friend the moon would shine a light on him like his very own nightlight.

"Good night my moon, I'll see you at noon," he whispered, and fell sound asleep.

Jude was so excited to learn what his mama meant about him hanging the moon and all the wonderful phases the moon goes through.

Jude wants all his friends to know too, so the next time you see the moon changing shapes you know why!


Excerpted from "Jude's Moon"
by .
Copyright © 2014 Nancy Guettier.
Excerpted by permission of Morgan James Publishing.
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