Jump Start Your Business Brain: Scientific Ideas and Advice That Will Immediately Double Your Business Success Rate

Jump Start Your Business Brain: Scientific Ideas and Advice That Will Immediately Double Your Business Success Rate


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Your Business Brain

details data-proven methods that will make your sales, marketing and business development measurably more effective.

What makes this book unique:
The methods detailed here are backed by hard data and grounded in the statistical analysis of the success and failure of more than 4,000 new products and services, and more than 6,000 innovation teams.

The research quantifies the impact of a back-to-basics, customer-focused approach to sales, marketing and business development. It also uncovers ways to measurably increase effectiveness in today’s super competitive, time-compressed and overstressed marketplace.

“America’s #1 New Product Idea Man”
Inc. Magazine

“Hall’s book is a damn good read...because he’s a damn good storyteller. But, speaking as an engineer-business analyst, it is credible because it is supported by a ton of (VERY HARD) data. I LOVE THIS BOOK. (And I rarely—never before, truth be told—go that far.) PLEASE. P.L.E.A.S.E. Read—and ingest—this book. PLEASE.”
—Tom Peters, Co-Author, In Search of Excellence

“Eureka! Ranch’s unconventional approach has won raves from some of the biggest corporations in the country.”

”Doug Hall has a method to his madness, a rigorous, quantifiable process for inventing breakthrough ideas for clients. Unlike many creative gurus hustling ideation wares in the corporate marketplace, Doug makes it imperative that his Eureka! Inventing processes are quantified every step of the way.
—Todd Datz, Features Editor, CIO Magazine

“Doug Hall's unique and effective approach to creating ideas is stimulating, embracing, and fun—and the results explode with new possibilities. It is truly a winning experience in ideas and self-confidence.”
—Ron Nicodemus, Conference Director, Walt Disney Institute

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ISBN-13: 9781578601790
Publisher: Clerisy Press
Publication date: 04/01/2005
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Doug Hall has been named one of America’s top experts on business growth by “Inc. Magazine,” “A&E Top 10,” “CIO Magazine,” “The Wall Street Journal” and “DATELINE NBC.” Doug started his entrepreneurial career at the age of twelve developing and marketing a line of learn to juggle kits and magic tricks. After earning a degree in chemical engineering, he joined Procter and Gamble, where he rose to the rank of Master Marketing Inventor and in one twelve-month period developed and introduced a record nine new business initiatives. After ten years at P&G he retired to pursue his vision of the American dream. With three credit cards for financing and his basement as his office, he founded what is today known as the Eureka! Ranch. Doug’s focus on data-proven methods has earned the Eureka! Ranch an 88% client repeat rate since its founding in 1986. A national study found the average U.S. household uses 18 products or services that Doug and his team have helped develop. Following six years of R&D, Doug founded Merwyn Technology. Merwyn is a patent-pending computer model that helps managers make smarter marketing and business development decisions. “Fortune Small Business” magazine named Merwyn “one of the top emerging technologies in America.” Today, Doug is on a quest to share his data-proven wisdom with owners of businesses of all sizes. The Canadian TV show “Venture” had this to say about Doug: “Hall is a corporate Robin Hood. He takes from his big corporate clients and gives to small businesses. This super consultant helps entrepreneurs rebuild their businesses.” Doug and his family split their time between a 170-year-old homestead in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, and a 140-year-old farmhouse in Springbrook, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Doug can be reached at doug@doughall.com.

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First Law of Marketing Physics: Overt Benefit

  • Customers maintain established behaviors until they come in contact with an overtly appealing alternative benefit force.

Customers get excited and take notice of your product or service offering when they perceive that it offers them a benefit.

Benefits help make your customer’s life easier, more enjoyable, more exciting, more rewarding—that is better in some fashion. Benefits are the solutions to the customer’s day-to-day problems.

Customers are creatures of habit. The only way to get them to change from what they are currently purchasing is by offering an Overt Benefit that catches their interest. Ed Eggling, Director of Sales for Hot Off The Press explained it to me with this simple analogy: “People only listen to one radio station, WII-FM (What’s In It For Me).”

Analysis of thousands of new product and service concepts indicates that when an Overt Benefit is communicated, the probability of business success and the return on investment for the effort you expend will nearly triple.

This is good news! By simply enhancing and improving your benefit communication, you can realize a dramatic improvement in your business results.

These findings also indicate straight talk wins. You don’t need fancy, flowery or clever wordplay to win customers. Simply telling customers in a direct and easy-to-understand manner what you can do for them can nearly triple your chances of success.

In our journey together in this book, we will first seek to define the benefit you offer customers then to communicate it overtly. The cost to develop and implement this improvement is virtually nothing more than the cost of the book you already hold in your hands.

Table of Contents


PART I: The Three Laws of Marketing Physics

The Science Behind Marketing Physics

How to Triple Effectiveness of Salespeople, Advertising and Marketing Efforts

How to Find Your Overt Benefit

The Secret to Doubling Effectiveness at “Closing the Sale”

Proven Strategies for Real Reason to Believe

How to Design Your New Product, Service or Business for Power Profits

How to Craft a Dramatic Difference

Frequently Asked Questions About Marketing Physics

PART II: The Three Laws of Capitalist Creativity

The Science Behind Capitalist Creativity

Multiply Your Brain by Borrowing Others

Go for It! Turning Thoughts Into Reality

Frequently Asked Questions About Capitalist Creativity

I Want to Hear Your Stories

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