Just Between You and Me: The Complete Recordings 1967-1976

Just Between You and Me: The Complete Recordings 1967-1976

by Dolly PartonDolly Parton


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They were one of the iconic pairs in country music and the most popular duo of their time, selling millions of records between 1967-1976 and yet Dolly Parton's seven-year, star-making run with Porter Wagoner is often relegated to the opening act in Dolly's story -- the dues she paid before she turned into an international superstar and a legend. Hits compilations appeared like clockwork over the ensuing decades but Bear Family's 2014 six-disc box Just Between You and Me is the first real reckoning with that legacy, offering it in its entirety along with a hardcover book by Alanna Nash that tells the tale. When Wagoner hired Parton he was searching for a replacement for Norma Jean, the singer who was his duet partner for the first half of the '60s and an important component of his stage and television shows. Jeannie Seely already had come and gone and Porter was in need of somebody stable yet tough enough to provide a credible counterpoint to his flinty country corn. Enter Dolly Parton. She had just released her first record and was in need of exposure, so they both met each other's commercial needs but, happily, they turned out to have potent natural chemistry. Unlike such contemporary pairs as George Jones & Tammy Wynette or Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn, Porter & Dolly lacked any inkling of romantic melodrama. They'd sing songs of love or cheating but it never seemed more than an act, a persona they'd adopt for the stage, which was part of their brilliance: Porter & Dolly shared a love of kitsch, realizing that beneath the pantomime there lay an emotional truth. This gave the greatest of their hit singles -- "The Last Thing on My Mind," "Holding on to Nothin'," "Just Someone I Used to Know," "Please Don't Stop Loving Me" -- a resonance, but the facility with showbiz meant they could sing any old thing and charm. Certainly, they sang their fair share of novelties and schlock, as this box makes abundantly clear, but they grounded the flights of fancy with their dose of "sugar and vinegar." At their best, which accounts for much of the music they made between 1967 and 1972, they seemed as equals and yet a close listen reveals how at the beginning Wagoner had a slight upper hand while Parton dominates during the twilight. This subtle shift gives the music itself a narrative arc -- there was a mess behind the scenes, involving lawsuits and bitter spirits, all which Nash details -- but this always absorbing box proves in all the ups and downs and everything in between there never was another duo like Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton, nor is it likely there ever will be.

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Release Date: 05/20/2014
Label: Bear Family
UPC: 5397102168895
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Disc 1

  1. Just Between You and Me
  2. Before I Met You
  3. Two Sides To Every Story
  4. Mommie, Ain't That Daddy
  5. Four O Thirty Three
  6. Love is Worth Living
  7. The Last Thing On My Mind
  8. Sorrow's Tearing Down the House (That Happiness Once Built)
  9. Home is Where the Hurt is
  10. This Time Has Gotta Be Our Last Time
  11. Put It Off Until Tomorrow
  12. Because One of Us Was Wrong
  13. Slip Away Today
  14. Holding On To Nothin'
  15. Just the Two of Us
  16. Closer By the Hour
  17. Afraid To Love Again
  18. I Washed My Face In the Morning Dew
  19. Jeannie's Afraid of the Dark
  20. The Party
  21. I Can
  22. We'll Get Ahead Someday
  23. The Dark End of the Street
  24. Somewhere Between
  25. Making Plans
  26. Malena
  27. Good As Gold
  28. One By One
  29. Good As Gold
  30. Yours Love

Disc 2

  1. Just Someone I Used To Know
  2. No Reason To Hurry Home
  3. Milwaukee, Here I Come
  4. The House Where Love Lives
  5. Why Don't You Haul Off and Love Me
  6. Mendy Never Sleeps
  7. I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby
  8. Anything's Better Than Nothing
  9. Always, Always
  10. My Hands Are Tied
  11. There Never Was a Time
  12. Forty Miles From Poplar Bluff
  13. Each Season Changes You
  14. Daddy Was an Old Time Preacher Man
  15. Tangled Vines
  16. We Can't Let This Happen To Us
  17. Tomorrow is Forever
  18. Silver Sandals
  19. No Love Left
  20. I'm Wasting Your Time and You're Wasting Mine
  21. Run That By Me One More Time
  22. It Might As Well Be Me
  23. I Know You're Married But I Love You Still
  24. Daddy Was an Old Time Preacher Man
  25. Fight and Scratch
  26. A Good Understanding

Disc 3

  1. Once More
  2. Ragged Angel
  3. Before Our Weakness Gets Too Strong
  4. Let's Live For Tonight
  5. One Day At a Time
  6. Thoughtfulness
  7. There'll Be Love
  8. Daddy Did His Best
  9. Possum Holler
  10. The Fighting Kind
  11. All I Need is You
  12. Curse of the Wild Weed Flower
  13. Today, Tomorrow and Forever
  14. The Flame
  15. Her and the Car and the Mobile Home
  16. Is It Real
  17. Two of a Kind
  18. The Pain of Loving You
  19. Better Move It On Home
  20. The Right Combination
  21. Burning the Midnight Oil
  22. Love's All Over
  23. Take Away
  24. You and Me, Her and Him
  25. How Close They Must Be
  26. On and On
  27. More Than Words Can Tell
  28. In Each Love Some Pain Must Fall

Disc 4

  1. Anyplace You Want To Go
  2. Somewhere Along the Way
  3. The Fog Has Lifted
  4. Looking Down
  5. If You Go, I'll Follow You
  6. Waldo the Weirdo
  7. I've Been This Way Too Long
  8. Lost Forever In Your Kiss
  9. Sounds of Nature
  10. Through Thick and Thin
  11. We Found It
  12. Poor Folks Town
  13. Together You and I
  14. Christina
  15. Together Always
  16. Ten Four-Over and Out
  17. There's Singing On the Mountain
  18. Say Forever You'll Be Mine
  19. That's What Love Will Mean Most
  20. Love Have Mercy On Us
  21. Sweet Rachel Ann
  22. Satan's River
  23. I Am Always Waiting
  24. I've Been Married (Just As Long As You Have)
  25. Little David's Harp
  26. Between Us
  27. Love City
  28. In the Presence of You

Disc 5

  1. How Can I (Help You Forgive Me)
  2. Come To Me
  3. Laugh the Years Away
  4. There'll Always Be Music
  5. I Have No Right To Care
  6. Come To Me
  7. Beneath the Sweet Magnolia Tree
  8. Love is Out Tonight
  9. If Teardrops Were Pennies
  10. You
  11. There'll Always Be Music
  12. I Get Lonesome By Myself
  13. Sounds of Night
  14. Wasting Love
  15. All Aboard America
  16. Here Comes the Freedom Train
  17. Too Far Gone
  18. Again
  19. Something To Reach For
  20. The Fire That Keeps You Warm
  21. Without You
  22. Sixteen Years
  23. Carolina Moonshine
  24. If You Say I Can
  25. The Power of Love
  26. The Beginning
  27. Please Don't Stop Loving Me

Disc 6

  1. Life Rides the Train
  2. Two
  3. Hide Me Away
  4. We'd Have To Be Crazy
  5. Love To See Us Through
  6. If You Were Mine
  7. Our Love
  8. Is Forever Longer Than Always
  9. I Learned It Well
  10. Touching Memories
  11. In the Morning
  12. About Susanne, About Your Man
  13. A Fool Like Me
  14. Someone Just Like You
  15. Golden Streets of Glory
  16. Twin Mounds of Clay
  17. Intro By Porter
  18. Run That By Me One More Time
  19. Jeannie's Afraid of the Dark
  20. Tomorrow is Forever
  21. Two Sides To Every Story

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Dolly Parton   Primary Artist,Vocals
Johnny Gimble   Fiddle,Mandolin
Pete Drake   Steel Guitar
Lloyd Green   Steel Guitar,Tambourine
Anita Carter   Choir, Chorus
Mark Morris   Drums
Stuart Basore   Steel Guitar
Lea Jane Berinati   Choir, Chorus
Jimmy Capps   Electric Guitar
Jerry Carrigan   Drums,Leader
Danny Davis   Trumpet
Bobby Dyson   Bass,Leader
Dolores Edgin   Choir, Chorus
D.J. Fontana   Drums
Kenny Malone   Drums
Joe McGuffee   Steel Guitar
Sonja Montgomery   Choir, Chorus
Wayne Moss   Electric Guitar,Leader
Nashville Edition   Choir, Chorus
Ron Oates   Piano
Hargus "Pig" Robbins   Organ,Piano,Harpsichord
Billy Sanford   Rhythm Guitar
Jerry Shook   Electric Guitar
Jerry Stembridge   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Bobby Thompson   Banjo,Rhythm Guitar
Sharon Vaughn   Choir, Chorus
Porter Wagoner   Vocals
Don Warden   Guitar,Leader
Jerry Whitehurst   Organ,Piano
Glenn Baxter   Trumpet,Choir, Chorus
Larrie Londin   Percussion,Drums
Mack Magaha   Fiddle,Leader
George W. McCormick   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Leader
Ernest West   Choir, Chorus
James Buchanan   Fiddle
Junior Huskey   Bass
Joseph T. Babcock   Choir, Chorus
June Evelyn Page   Choir, Chorus
David Briggs   Piano
David Carroll Kirby   Electric Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Troy Jack Drake   Guitar
Bruce Osbon   Guitar
William McElhiney   Trumpet
Ronnie Drake   Choir, Chorus
Thomas R. Brannon   Choir, Chorus
James Colvard   Electric Guitar
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Jerry D. Smith   Piano
Norman Keith "Buddy" Spicher   Fiddle
Hurshel Wayne Wiginton   Choir, Chorus
Thomas Dale Sellers   Bass Guitar,Electric Guitar
Hurshel Wiginton   Choir, Chorus
Charles W. Trent   Banjo,Guitar,Leader,Electric Banjo
Jean Altshuler   Harp
Terry Blackwell   Guitar

Technical Credits

Merle Haggard   Composer
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Emmylou Harris   Introduction
Dolly Parton   Composer,Producer
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