Katy Perry

Katy Perry

by Elise O.

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She's quirky, she's talented, she's Katy Perry! Katy Perry has dominated the pop music scene since 2008 with hit after hit from her albums, One of the Boys (2008) and Teenage Dream (2010). Katy Perry had the third highest grossing tour and was the most played artist on the radio for 2011. With her glowing white skin, dark wavy hair and bright blue eyes, it's no wonder that the world has fallen under this musical Snow White's spell.

Katy Perry hasn't always been riding high on the waves of success. In fact, she was dropped multiple times by record labels before finally finding the perfect match. Unlike some pop acts, Perry is not content to be a cog in someone else's machine. Katy is actively involved in the artistic process of her music and shows, from songwriting to conceptualizing her worldwide tours.


By the time Katy was fifteen years old, she had caught the attention of people in Nashville, Tennessee. Interested labels flew her out to Nashville to develop her songwriting skills. Perry eventually signed with a Christian music label, Red Hill. At the age of seventeen, in 2001, Perry released her first album, a collection of gospel songs titled Katy Hudson. The album was ultimately unsuccessful, and Katy was dropped from the Red Hill label.

Looking back at that time in her life, Perry says that she says she is a different person now than she was then. As Katy has seen more of the world, her ideas are not as church-driven as they were in the past. In her interview with the Scotsman she says, "When I started out in my gospel music my perspective then was a bit enclosed and very strict, and everything I had in my life at that time was very church-related. I didn't know there was another world that existed beyond that." Following her lackluster results in Nashville, Perry moved to Los Angeles.

Katy's next venture in the music industry was at Island Records. When she arrived at the record label she found her Christian background put her at a serious disadvantage. The executives at Island Records wanted to know who she wished to collaborate with, and were rather surprised when she did not know any secular artists. After working with famed songwriter-producer Glen Ballard, though, Katy quickly was schooled in the wide world of secular music. Perry cited Alanis Morisette as a particularly influential artist for her own music. Though she was supposed to release a record in 2005 with Island Records, the project was not completed and she was dropped from the label. Later some of the songs that Katie and Glen Ballard wrote together were picked up by singer Kelly Clarkson for her album All I Ever Wanted...

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