Keep This Quiet Too! More Adventures with Hunter S. Thompson, Milton Klonsky, Jan Mensaert

Keep This Quiet Too! More Adventures with Hunter S. Thompson, Milton Klonsky, Jan Mensaert


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"Keep THIS Quiet Too!" is “a passionately written memoir that doesn’t sit around being fit and proper and straight laced. . . . As a key to the lives of these three writers it is idiosyncratic and in age where blandness is the norm, it is a pleasure to go on her journey and find out a little about what made these men tick and what drove her to them”—Eric Jacobs, "Beat Scene" (UK). "Keep THIS Quiet Too!" takes place in Morocco, Belgium, Switzerland, and the United States as Margaret pits wits with--and learns from--Gonzo creator, Hunter S. Thompson, New York City poet-genius Milton Klonsky, and her eventual husband, Belgian poet Jan Mensaert. At one point, trying desperately to find her, Hunter writes, "Dear Margaret, Where are you and why? I've lost track completely. My last definite word was from a toilet-hole in Algiers." Hunter wants her to work on his next manuscript. This is 1971. Moving from the 1970s (Belgium/Morocco) to 1986 (Switzerland), she has a life-changing spiritual experience at the C. G. Jung Institute Zurich. The book ends up fittingly at Owl Farm. Where else could the last two chapter take place? There, Hunter is in fine form, trying to take the romance to the next level. Actually, they both are intent on it.

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ISBN-13: 9780983704539
Publisher: Saeculum University Press
Publication date: 10/24/2012
Series: Keep This Quiet! , #2
Pages: 284
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Margaret Harrell is the author of "Keep This Quiet!" and eight books in the "Love in Transition: Voyage of Ulysses-Letters to Penelope" nonfiction series, including "Toward a Philosophy of Perception." Also, "Marking Time with Faulkner." She copy edited Hunter Thompson's first book, "Hell's Angels." HST acknowledged her in "Gonzo Letters" 2. in 2011, "Keep This Quiet!" was published to highly receptive reviews. She is also an editor, cloud photographer, and light-body teacher, mentoring people who want to maximize their potential.

Table of Contents


Foreword xv
Author's Note xvi
Prologue: Clueing the Reader In xvii


One Proposal Stuck 1
Letter from Hunter 10
Hunter at Milestones 14
Back to Morocco 24
Hunter, Milton, Jan 27
Hunter's Two Manuscripts 39
Hunter: "The B/A" 48
Hole in My Manuscript 53
Celebrity Endorsement of a Sort 59
On Jan 61
Jan: "A Rembrandt in my yacht" 64
Hunter Breaks Silence 72
The Horizon 75
The Flea Essay: Chaos before Chaos 76
MacDowell, Belgium, Vietnam 80
Milton: Vampire and the Blood Donnee 87
India to Essaouira 90
Death of My Father 97
Jan, Hunter, Milton 100
"The Suicide Mozart" 110
xiv Keep This Quiet Too!
Death of Milton 120
Chow D Hunter 125
A Delicacy 128
La Maison du Diable 131


Under a Fountain Future 139
Flower Delivery from "Milt" 145
Al Miner: "Your own soul is guiding you into . . ." 152
Mariah: "A consciousness is coming toward you" 161
Charlottesville to Küsnacht 164
"White Designs" 169
The Jung Institute Zurich 171
On Initiations 181
Confrontation with the Self 182
Expectancy 185
Describing the Initiation 187
Jan: Life Lessons 201
Milton: A Bow 207
Hunter: A Bow 214
Hunter: Cont'd 223
Appended Letters 239
Afternote: Descending the Stairs 242

Notes 243
Works Cited 248

What People are Saying About This

Chris Van de Velde

Telling the story again, restory-ing and so restoring the lives of four artists. That is what Margaret A. Harrell shows in an exemplary soul-mining fashion and spirit-suited flight. It takes the reader to the kitchen where creativity is hot, also in the passions of love. A book with so many dimensions is a gift with many surprises in it. Thanks for this treat, Margaret!
—Chris Van de Velde (philosopher, writer, teacher, and therapeutic coach)

Martin Flynn

Margaret Harrell baited the hook and I bit. Boy did I bite. . . She used titillation, and a masterful way of revealing herself to build engrossment, starting with Keep This Quiet! ANY thinking, living person will be locked in from the beginning. A knowledge of the three men is not a must. She oozes sexuality, sensuality and I believe these traits go towards interweaving the three men. I believe it to be s pellbinding. A hot sweaty tango of words. The bottom line is this. Not many books fulfill my reading needs. By this I mean covering a range of emotion. Keep This Quiet Too! did it for me. I loved it
—Martin Flynn (owner of

Alice Osborne

Keep This Quiet Too! starts off as Margaret Harrell’s immersion in the art, music, and literature of Mensaert, Thompson, and Klonsky but becomes something much more
—ALICE OSBORNE (author of After the Steaming Stops and Unfinished Projects)

Frank Despriet

Margaret’s life is, as always, more amazing than any book. If I didn’t know Margaret, I wouldn’t believe her incredible life story. But I know her and I can tell you: all of it is true
—FRANK DESPRIET (author of Communication Psychology: From Reptile to Robot)

Russell D. Park

Deep and provocative . . . insightful . . . unique, for sure!
—RUSSELL D. PARK (licensed clinical psychologist, coauthor of The Power of Humility)

Bernie P. Nelson

Like a radio station with its own incomparable frequency, the inspiring book tunes readers’ receivers, sagaciously transporting them to . . . that quiet part of our psyche t hat knows no limitations or boundaries. Readers will experience new insights into the personal lives, talents, and the author’s intimate relationships with Hunter S. Thompson, t he father of Gonzo Journalism; Milton Klonsky, New York City poet with transformative word power and magnetic personality; Jan Mensaert, Belgian poet combining concepts of his music with his poetry
—BERNIE P. NELSON (publisher of The Mindquest Review)

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Keep This Quiet Too!: More Adventures with Hunter S. Thompson, Milton Klonsky, Jan Mensaert 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Nick_Storm More than 1 year ago
In Keep this quiet Too! Harrell takes readers on a transformative journey. She opens the door the reader is compelled to walk on through and discover alongside her. What a ride! Hurry up and read this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"For the Hunter Thomspon followers, this is your story. For the literary icons, Klonsky and Mensaert, this is also their story. And for the novice to all three, Harrell gives a good ride." (from the foreword) This book is part two of a serialized memoir that promises more to follow! An exciting read that never ceases to startle with new developments, curious or shocking, and a new depth which leads this volume beyond the initial story set-up in the first volume. If you haven't read the first "Keep This Quiet," you are all the more in for a treat, without having to wait for the second volume! You will definitely want to buy them both! And, as I am, anxiously await another!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Bravely told and hauntingly wise, Margaret Harrell’s KEEP THIS QUIET! books read like a Sally Rand fan dance at the top of her form. Harrell entices with promised details of her relationships with Milton Klonsky, Hunter Thompson, and Jan Mensaert, then draws readers closer with wit and wonderful honesty about how these men influence her life. The tales and their telling reveal—through glimpses—the shape and size of Ms. Harrell's heart. Every peek and flash, flourish and strut, accumulates into a grand, detailed picture of who Margaret Harrell was then and who she is now.
Buckyneal More than 1 year ago
Well written. Easy to follow. Pleasure to read, though Very Heavy at times, the continuing adventures of a life in development, Harrell's mini-biography, basically, this, book 2 of 3, we find out even more about Jan, her husband, Milton Klonsky, and Hunter Thompson, two "possibles" on the road of life. Hear tell there's a 'book 3', INITIATIONS, which is hinted at here. A great read for learning about a life, learning about all 4 of these interesting people. Very helpful in my own life trip. Get It, NOW!!