Knitting: A Lesson Book, Volume I the Basics: Arts and Crafts Collection

Knitting: A Lesson Book, Volume I the Basics: Arts and Crafts Collection

by Atheen Marie Wilson


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The purpose of this text is to bring together some of the basic information about knitting as a craft along with some basic patterns for usable items and in such a way that the beginner can fully appreciate the process of learning how to knit.
Although there are any number of books available on the subject, most are either patterns for those who already know how to knit or are encyclopedias of stitches or intarsia designs. They can be very daunting on first glance. While some of these do have patterns for beginners-patterns are often rated as "beginning, intermediate or advanced"-this does little to actually forward the process of learning itself. Furthermore, many books showing how to knit do not really carry the student through the process; they simply show specific stitches or techniques while giving no "skills lab" for any of them.
With a view to filling this gap I have started with some very simple flat projects which will help the student visualize and master technique while creating a useful item. Towards the end of the book, the reader will have proceeded to more complex creations, designs which add a third dimension to projects and which will further elaborate on the student's base of understanding of knitting.

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Publication date: 08/21/2011
Pages: 226
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