Konglish: The Ultimate Survival Guide for Teaching English in South Korea

Konglish: The Ultimate Survival Guide for Teaching English in South Korea

by Matthew Waterhouse

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Everything you ever wanted to know about teaching English in South Korea but were afraid to ask is contained within this book.

Funny, fact filled and always informative, Konglish provides the necessary knowledge you need to make the right decisions. Jam packed with practical information, Konglish addresses all of the topics and taboos a prospective English teacher needs to know, from finding the right job and negotiating a favorable contract to individual chapters dedicated to the specific learning needs of different students.

While other books focus solely on educational concerns, Konglish explores life outside of the classroom, providing you with an in-depth and often hilarious guide to Korean culture. Food, friendship, drinking, dating, religion, health and history are just some of the subjects discussed in detail. Konglish also goes where others fear to tread, exploring the underbelly of the Hermit Kingdom.

Last but not least, Konglish looks at the embarrassing realities of life abroad, offering realistic advice on things like culture shock, social faux pas and learning the local language. As an added bonus, youll learn how to order dog soup, avoid squat toilets, and say no to lice-infested accommodation.

Written by Matthew Waterhouse, a qualified elementary teacher whos been through the belly of the beast, Konglish is an irreverent and insightful survival guide for anyone brave enough to try their hand at teaching English in incredible South Korea.

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Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 05/17/2012
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About the Author

Matthew Waterhouse was born on October the second, 1972, due to a spirited New Years Eve party in Toronto nine months earlier. Raised in a loving environment which included lots of books and animals, he went off to university where he spent most of his time daydreaming in the library and playing with his neighbors cat. After a short stint as a circus strongman, his friends got him a job teaching English in South Korea and the rest, as they say, is history.

The author now lives in the Rocky Mountains outside of Calgary, where he helps his wife manage a rehabilitation center for criminally inclined black bear cubs. He teaches elementary school and writes whenever the muse makes him. When hes not in the land of the maple-flavored munchies he can be found on his parents wombat farm in eastern Australia, where he manages to consume vast amounts of imported cheese and avoid any form of manual labor.

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