Laparoscopic Assisted Anorectoplasty in Children

Laparoscopic Assisted Anorectoplasty in Children


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A prospective study conducted from Sep. 2012 to Sep. 2014 in Department of Paediatric Surgery, Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University. In present study, 16 patients with Anorectal Malformation of intermediate and high type, age >3months with Stage 1 sigmoid colostomy were included and patients with Low type, associated morbid anomaly, cloacae type were excluded.All patients were operated under general anaesthesia for LARRP followed by colostomy closure 2 months later.Out of 16 patients, 6 patients were within Age group of10-15 months (37.50%) while 5patients were in Age group of 3-9 months (31.25%) and 5 were in Age group of16-22 months (31.25%). Mean age observed was 11.2 months and among this majority were males 14 (87.50%) .Mean weight of the study group was 7.68±2.68 kgs (range 5-12kgs). Common fistulous site was Rectobulbar in 8 patients (50%) followed by Rectoprostatic fistula in 6 patients (37.50%) and Rectovaginal fistula in 2 patients (12.50%).Mean operative time of 2.75±0.35hrs (range 2-3.5) was found with mean blood loss of 24.37±13.76ml. (range 10-50). Transfusion was needed in 6 patients (37.50%) and conversion to conventional open surgery was done.

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